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Tyler, The Creator : Wolf

Tyler, The Creator : Wolf
The third album from Tyler, the creator. Announced in 2010 and was set for a May release in 2012. I'm patiently waiting for a Wolf leak cause Goblin was such a great album. And after reading this I really want to know what he's up to: "In August 2011, Tyler said that the album will be more focused on beats and have less rapping. He has said that on the album he will try to make music similar to his current interests, which he has said do not contain rapping." The album now has a date, April 2nd, and below you can watch and listen to the first track released Dom 23.

The third album from Tyler, the creator. Announced in 2010 and was set for a May release in 2012. I’m patiently waiting for a Wolf leak cause Goblin was such a great album.

And after reading this I really want to know what he’s up to: “In August 2011, Tyler said that the album will be more focused on beats and have less rapping. He has said that on the album he will try to make music similar to his current interests, which he has said do not contain rapping.”

The album now has a date, April 2nd, and below you can watch and listen to the first track released Dom 23.



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Wolf Leak Updates

On 03/27/2013, Wolf was reported as leaked by 5 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

frontcyde (A Level 1 user with 22 points) reported an album download leak at zippyshare.

0hm4n (A Level 2 user with 153 points) reported an album download leak at /mu/.

illegalmusicfuckyes (A Level 1 user with 20 points) reported an album download leak at Mediafire.

sexyunclesam (A Level 1 user with 22 points) reported an album download leak at 4chan.

dopedick13 (A Level 1 user with 38 points) reported an album download leak at mediafire.

01. Wolf 02. Jamba (ft. Hodgy Beats) 03. Cowboy 04. Awkward 05. Domo23 06. Answer 07. Escape-Ism (ft. Frank Ocean and Dave Matthews) 08. 48 09. The Bridge Of Love 10. Bimmer (ft. Laetitia Sadier And Frank Ocean 11. Ifhy (ft. Pharrell) 12. Pigs 13. Parking Lot (ft. Casey Veggies And Mike G) 14. Rusty (ft. Domo Genesis And Earl Sweatshirt) 15. Trashwang (ft. Na’kel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco, Left Brain, And Lee Spielman) 16. Treehome95 (ft. Coco O And Erykah Badu) 17. Tamale (ft. Tallulah) 18. Jornada[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Anticipation: +75

Album Verdict: 9.1

Tyler, The Creator : Wolf, 9.1 out of 10 based on 75 ratings


  1. Avatar of Austin

    A handful of songs are already out. No one really knows what specifically will be on the album or if Tyler will add different mixes.,_The_Creator_album) for more info.

    • Where did you find the handful of already released songs?

      • Avatar of Matt

        There’s only a trashwang radio rip out, as well as domo23 obviously. There’s also some 30 second snippets of a few others

  2. Avatar of Austin tentative track list. Pharrell and Chaz of Toro Y Moi! All of those tracks could change but from reading his formspring and twitter posts those tracks are for sure. Should be nice to see the progression from ‘Goblin’ and hear something that long mainly beat oriented from him.

    Thinking it’ll sound a lot like this: at least I hope.

    • Avatar of Nick Alfaro

      i think he was bein smart and sayin the tracklist wasnt even close to real…i luv this guy…no homo…he trolled that dude so bad and made him feel extra dumb!!

  3. Avatar of Oleg

    Update on supposedly known tracks to be on Wolf:
    [The following are available on YouTube]
    Analog 2/ Wheels 2 (ft. Frank Ocean and Syd Tha Kid) (from OF Tape Vol. 2)
    Awkward (ft. Frank Ocean) (pitched down snippet from Summer Camp Mix 2)
    Samuel’s Song (unfinished song after the Sam (Is Dead) video from OF Tape Vol.2)
    [The following are only confirmed by a reliable source on Odd Future Talk]
    Slater (ft. Frank Ocean) [Tyler also tweeted this before]
    Good Morning (ft. Domo Genesis)
    PARTYISNTOVER [Tyler included this in multiple Formspring responses]

  4. According to a few tweets from Pharell, BBNG and guys from Odd Future, album is may be finished. Out soon?

  5. The release was announced for april 2,but that could easily be a complex troll from annual Troll of the Year.

    • Definitely not a troll, although I definitely agree with you that I would expect nothing less from him. Release date (4.02) and new music video tonight (2/14). Preorders for the album are up, and a tour is underway. See


  7. Avatar of christian

    You remind me of my Bimmer…

  8. Avatar of Giuly Lenny

    …A lot of trunk space the perfect two seater

  9. the tracklist is out on amazon

  10. offical tracklist is out on amazon

  11. Avatar of Wolf Haley

    Official Tracklist:
    party isnt over
    parking lot

  12. Avatar of Gabe

    WOLF Tracklist
    01. Wolf
    02. Jamba – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Hodgy Beats
    03. Cowboy
    04. Awkward
    05. Domo23
    06. Answer
    07. Escape-Ism – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Frank Ocean / Matthews, Dave
    08. 48
    09. The Bridge Of Love
    10. Bimmer – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Laetitia Sadier And Frank Ocean
    11. Ifhy – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Pharrell
    12. Pigs
    13. Parking Lot – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Casey Veggies And Mike G
    14. Rusty – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Domo Genesis And Earl Sweatshirt
    15. Trashwang – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Na’kel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco, Left Brain, And Lee Spielman
    16. Treehome95 – Tyler, The Creator Featuring Coco O And Erykah Badu
    17. Tamale – Tyler, The Creator / Tallulah
    18. Jornada

    • They just announced the track listing with Dave Matthews on it is fake

  13. Should be getting the leak soon. Physical copies were delivered to them yesterday.

    • Avatar of Noah Swope

      Too bad I didn’t preorder or I could be one of the first with it, lol. Oh well, at least it’s coming soon…. thansk for telling us.

      • Avatar of Jackson

        I ment Tyler and Jasper have their copies. Still should be soon. Probably a week or so out.

  14. theres a torrent on thepiratebay that claims to be a leak but not sure if its real or not. it was just uploaded..

    • Avatar of Connor

      Fake yea. the .rar
      some losers trying to get their music out

  15. Theres a guy on 4chan who says hes uploading it. Its 4chan so most likely not, but Ill reply back here if its legit.

    • Any news on the 4chan man?

      • He made everyone wait until midnight and then the download was just Domo Genesis- Under The Influence with all of the songs renamed.

  16. Avatar of Connor

    any news on this? we got trashwang snippet today have you guys heard it, its pretty good if not

  17. Avatar of Mike

    Sounds pretty good. I’m kinda pumped.

  18. when is this gonna leak i cant wait no more

  19. Does anyone know how long it may be until this leaks?

  20. It’s possible Tyler’s keepin this under wraps as much as possible that we might not get a leak. Doesn’t matter to me, I pre/ordered the deluxe edition and the iTunes version haha

  21. Leak today possibly?

  22. Goblin didn’t leak until the Thursday before it was due to come out. It may be another week…


  24. Avatar of Merz

    There is a lot of buzz right now, should leak any minute.

  25. If it gets leaked anywhere first, I reckon it’ll be on here. The page has got new comments every few seconds and they’ve been the first to know about everything (Bryanhume, 4Chan fake leaks etc)

  26. How the hell did that guy his copies?

  27. Avatar of nick rojo


  28. Some kid on twitter has physical copies of It

  29. Avatar of great_waves

    Dope Drops tweeted “Stay Tuned. #WOLF” 15 minutes ago

  30. Bryan Hume is an intern at Sony. He’s not gonna leak the album. Wait for 4chan, you faggots.

  31. Avatar of nick rojo

    Dope drops is a liar he said its a giveaway so basically he isn’t leaking it

  32. Avatar of nick rojo

    You know what fuck it i gotta say something Bryan Hume is a terrible person, he had 3 copies of WOLF and he won’t leak the album

    • I’m not losing my job over your obsession with people you don’t know. Get over yourself.

      • You’re just an A-hole that’s all.

  33. seriously? how has this not leaked yet? dog rape

  34. It leaked !!!!!!!!
    So dope

  35. Avatar of Merz

    1. wolf (1:50)
    2. jamba feat hodgy beats (3:32)
    3. cowboy (3:15)
    4. awkward (3:47)
    5. Domo23 (3:11)
    6. answer (3:51)
    7. slater feat frank (3:53)
    8. 48 feat nas and frank ocean (4:07)
    9. colossus feat hodgy beats (3:33)
    10. partyisntover/campfire/bimmer feat frank ocean (on bimmer) and laetetea sadier (on campfire) (7:18)
    11. IFHY feat pharrell (5:20)
    12. pigs (4:13)
    13. parking lot feat casey veggies and mike g (3:54)
    14. rusty feat domo genesis and earl sweatshirt (5:10)
    15. trashwang feat nakel, jasper, lucas, taco, L-boy, left brain, lee spielman and jason dill (4:41)
    16. treehome 95 feat coco owino and erykah badu (3:01)
    17. tamale feat tallulah willis (2:46)
    18. lone feat frank ocean(3:56)

    • Domo23 is 2:41 on iTunes so this list is wrong

      • Avatar of Merz

        there is an extended version… probably DR tc talking over the audio intro of the video, without doms or sagan.

    • This has got to be the real track list. Comment came from the future!

    • Avatar of ryan

      how do you know


    • Dude i know what you talking about and you you spoke to soon that not a leak someone just replaced the music smh

  37. Avatar of Tim


    • u better prove it because i don’t even believe u

  38. Avatar of Tim


  39. Avatar of Eric

    It’s weird that the intro tack isn’t like six minutes like the past ones intro songs from bastard and goblin.


  40. Avatar of Taylor

    some clown on /mu/ says he’s about to upload it, probably a troll but i’m reporting for duty

  41. Avatar of Jaxon



  42. TIM where is leak

  43. Avatar of Tri Nguyen

    Where did it leak? D:

  44. Avatar of nick rojo

    I hope it officially leaks soon

  45. Avatar of nick rojo

    Everyone should look for the leak EVERYWHERE! this leak is important

  46. It’s supposedly on Piratebay, I downloaded, but it’s password protected. Doubt it’s leaked.

  47. Tyler mentioned it was very different musically from his other albums. Taking into consideration that the intro is unusually short and the only track on itunes not marked explicit, I think the song “Wolf” is probably an instrumental. Probably a damn good one too cant wait for this album

  48. OK, can we assume at this point it hasn’t actually leaked yet?

    Everyone claiming to have it so far seems to be all mouth

  49. I’m waiting for this to leak. I already pre ordered the album on itunes and i also plan on buying the Deluxe edition in stores, but i wanna hear this album already. I’m hoping it’ll leak before tomorrow

  50. i really can’t wait for this. I am checking every 30 mins or so. A single would do me till april 2nd. :((((((((

    • Avatar of Slade

      You do know there’s snippets and already released singles off the album.

  51. Avatar of TURTLE

    just fake leak.
    Think we’ll have to wait for the official release.

  52. Avatar of terrel

    Clam down its going to leak in about 2 or 3 days.

  53. Avatar of musicking182

    wish this would leak already, damn!

  54. Avatar of Tristan

    People on KTT saying it should leak Wednesday. No latter than Friday.

  55. Avatar of nick rojo

    I was on formspring and some guy said his friend was going to leak the album today or tomorrow! Hopefully that nigga isn’t lying! Plus he told tyler!

    • Avatar of Tristan

      Yeah I saw that too. I hope it’s true, can’t wait for this album.

  56. Avatar of Merz
  57. Avatar of nick rojo

    When this leaks people are going to be saying the album is rare very hard to find

  58. Avatar of Landyn


    • Avatar of Mike

      you better or i’m gonna track you via your ip address and if your a dude, i’m gonna put my dick in your butt, and if you’re a chick, i’m gonna put my dick in your butt and punch you in the tits.

    • Avatar of Tristan

      When and where

    • Avatar of Mike

      forreal doe, why u gotta play wit ma feels

    • Avatar of Slade

      Alright, idk what “soon” is in your book, but it’s now or never to show you’re not a fake.

    • Avatar of nick rojo

      Where’s the leak

  59. Avatar of brenden

    it probably wont leak, tylers pretty smart.

  60. Avatar of James

    Leeeeeeeeeeak this shit…..i cant take it anymore!

  61. Avatar of Eric

    Has that one leak report always been there?

  62. Avatar of nick rojo

    Some kid said he had it but tyler dm him on twitter saying not to leak it

  63. Avatar of Cole

    The guy on Twitter says he will leak for 100 followers

  64. Avatar of Troy

    Dude, I’ve been searching online for hours at a time like a god damn fanboy from hell looking for this album. Haha, is WOLF really gonna be the first hip-hop album to not leak before drop date?! JUST GIMME IT, TYLER! I promise I’ll still buy it next Tuesday, haha.

  65. Avatar of Conner

    What’s his twitter @?

  66. Avatar of Austin

    Will you guys stop posting things like “Can’t wait for leak” and shit like that. Also when you post something, can you post a link with it? I come here for the updates, not how excited you are.

    • Avatar of Slade

      You can’t post links to download if that’s what you need.

  67. Avatar of TURTLE

    still no real leak

  68. Avatar of Matt

    This wont Leak until at Least Tomorrow Afternoon

  69. Avatar of Beartrapz

    More people on /mu/ claiming to have it… There’s a post like that every half hour so I’m not going to bother to continue to waste my time.

  70. Avatar of Noah Swope

    I’m expecting it to leak before the end of tomorrow. Also, the track listing is fake, he even said so on his Twitter… there won’t be a legitimate track list until it leaks or releases… I wonder where in the world Amazon got that track listing. LOL

  71. Avatar of Noah Swope

    The track list was incorrect… but you are right Slater is the second single. I guess you were listening to the BBC broadcast like the rest of us… LOL

    • Avatar of Noah Swope

      Plus multiple people already predicted that would be the second single.

    • Avatar of Mike

      you must’ve had a different tracklist than me, i hadthe one that itunes had

    • Avatar of Mike

      someone actually mentioned it earlier in this thread

      • Avatar of Noah Swope

        Yeah I was going off the Amazon one that Tyler was laughing at the fake names for “Love Bridge”.

  72. Avatar of Diego Bell

    Leaking at 6pm

  73. Avatar of john

    anyone know if bimmer will be a full song?

    • Avatar of Dave

      When I saw him play it live last week he played the full song it basicly loops and his voice gets deeper near the end till it cuts out.

      • Avatar of Mike


      • Avatar of DeSante

        I doubt thats all the song really is, I too saw it live in Ohio. (I was too hyped and so was everyone else when the beat dropped but then he just did that gay loop and people were like wtf??). He probably didnt want to do the whole song before the album drops. Thats my best guess, if not then that song is a bust.

    • Avatar of Mike


  74. Avatar of Noah Swope
    Hard copies at target. Ima cop it after I eat.

  75. Avatar of Jerome

    Can’t wait for this album man!

  76. Avatar of eddie


  77. Avatar of Adam Baum

    It leaked, by the way.

  78. Avatar of Jean

    It has leaked.

  79. Avatar of Mike

    This leaked on mediafire.

  80. Avatar of Lazer

    It leaked. There’s a mediafire link.
    Also, his twitter, he seems pissed.

  81. Avatar of Jared

    has this leaked

  82. Avatar of Travis

    Leaked. KTT has the leak on their forums, go there for proof.

  83. Avatar of jon

    shits leaked

  84. Avatar of brian

    Still in the process of downloading but I think I might have found a link :)

  85. Avatar of Dude

    Link on pirate bay. currently dl

  86. Avatar of Carlos Diaz

    Do y’all have it? Just lookin out

  87. Avatar of ben

    its on piratebay

  88. Avatar of Andre

    I have a download if anyone wants it, Just message me great album i will buy the deluxe edition when its out

  89. Avatar of Pedro Flores


  90. Avatar of Mike

    Listen to Tamale when you get it, they’re all great tracks and it’s hard to pick a favorite but right now that’s mine.

  91. Avatar of Chaywie


  92. Avatar of TURTLE

    Official tracklist, anyone?
    I dont know if i have the REAL version of it.

  93. Avatar of itsjustddustin


  94. Avatar of TURTLE

    ” the album will be more focused on beats ”
    used the same drum kit for many songs..

  95. Avatar of D

    Early favourites Jamba & Domo23. Sounds very similar to Bastard & Goblin. Some bangers and hilarious lines. Classic Tyler 8/10.

  96. Avatar of Sharrick Flutey

    Answer is a sick song. <3

  97. Avatar of Daniel

    I really love IFHY, I download it and it’s so sick!!!

  98. Avatar of Trey


  99. Avatar of Emma

    Diggin the shit out of this album

  100. Avatar of Chris J

    Of course Wolf would be a nasty album

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