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Bring Me The Horizon : Sempiternal

Bring Me The Horizon : Sempiternal
One of the most anticipated metal album leaks in 2013. Sempiternal is the upcoming fourth studio album by British metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon. It is planned to be released in "early 2013" Through Sony Music Entertainment subsidiary label RCA. Written and recorded throughout 2012, Sempiternal showed the band pool diverse influences from ambient music, electronic music and pop. Sempiternal is an archaic English word denoting the concept of 'everlasting' time that can never actually come to pass.

One of the most anticipated metal album leaks in 2013.

Sempiternal is the upcoming fourth studio album by British metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon. It is planned to be released in “early 2013″ Through Sony Music Entertainment subsidiary label RCA.

Written and recorded throughout 2012, Sempiternal showed the band pool diverse influences from ambient music, electronic music and pop. Sempiternal is an archaic English word denoting the concept of ‘everlasting’ time that can never actually come to pass.



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Sempiternal Leak Updates

On 02/24/2013, Sempiternal was reported as leaked by 1 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

goncaloshred (A Level 4 user with 10127 points) reported an album download leak at Realm Of Metal.

01. Can You Feel My Heart 02. The House Of Wolves 03. Empire (Let Them Sing) 04. Sleepwalking 05. Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake 06. Shadow Moses 07. And The Snakes Start To Sing 08. Seen It All Before 09. Anti-vist 10. Crooked Young 11. Hospitals For Souls[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Anticipation: +43

Album Verdict: 9.2

Bring Me The Horizon : Sempiternal, 9.2 out of 10 based on 96 ratings


  1. Avatar of expassion [Moderator]

    Can’t wait!

    • you can get the single trough torrents so that one has leaked.. its called shadow moses

  2. Avatar of Al

    absolute highlite!

  3. I’m so unbelievably excited for this.

  4. Avatar of Eric

    Why do we have to wait so long for this !

  5. im dying having to wait for this album

  6. The name of that song is actually Shadow Moses. It was nicknamed We’re Going Nowhere by the people who shared it once they released it.

    • Avatar of Justin

      they made the hashtag on twitter #weregoingnowhere and typogical images of it so that’s why the confusion but yeah it 100% is Shadow Moses as confirmed by Tom Sykes. Fuck, I want it to bad, the preview is so much of a tease and the live videos aren’t good enough quality but is sounds fucking amazing

  7. Avatar of Justin

    can they release the album art and release date… at least!

  8. Still no new news on this album? Damn I’ve been patient…

  9. Avatar of Matthew

    Ive just found a tracklist, dont know if its legit:
    3.Eyes Ahead of 4.Lives
    5.Trinity (ft. Lucy Conroy)
    7.We’re Going 8.Nowhere
    9.Close to Death (ft. Wade MacNeil)
    11.The Labyrinth
    12.Live or Life (ft. Beau Bokan)
    14.The Renaissance

    • Avatar of Justin

      not legit, this is the one from wikipedia. Jorda Fish confirmed none of these titles are correct. Also track 7/8, that song is called ‘Shadow Moses’ not “We’re Going Nowhere”

      • Avatar of Justin


        • Avatar of Matthew

          already thought that, because i found it on a justin bieber forum when i searched google for ”bring me the horizon sempiternal” so i was already rather anxious that it was fake :p

  10. Avatar of Justin

    “It’s official! Shadow Moses gets released as a single worldwide next week and Dan P Carter will be playing it for the first time ANYWHERE on his BBC Radio 1 show on Fri between 1-4pm. Tune in..” from BMTH’s Facebook :)

  11. Avatar of Matthew

    New single ”Shadow Moses”:

  12. According to RockSounds Facebook page, they have received a copy of Sempiternal, which means that the album may be close to leaking!

    • Oli and Tom Sykes have commented on it, so that seems pretty legit. Let’s just hope it leaks.

    • Avatar of expassion [Moderator]

      But the release date is April 2013, isn’t that too early for a leak?

      • Avatar of Mojib

        Never say never, we’ve seen four months ahead of release leaks before. Although, the first promo batch is likely to be watermarked.

      • Not necessarily, but it is a bit edgy. At least we know someone has it, so that’s a step towards getting the leak.

      • Avatar of Nii

        I do think it’s early. It will be released maybe late summer.

      • Avatar of Justin

        how do you know? According to Soundwave the album will be out in time for Soundwave this year which is late feb. They did however go back into the studio to work on B-sides though

  13. Avatar of Collin Shepherd

    Shadow Moses is leaked, got it yesterday at

  14. shadow moses is on itunes guys :)

  15. Leaked: 29/04/2013

    • That’s the release date… it’s not “leaked”.

  16. Avatar of expassion [Moderator]

    Oh shoot, tour dates were released too. I’ll go buy ticket asap. I’m so fucking exicited!

  17. Hey, BMTH announced on their Facebook page that the album is dropping on April 30th! They also posted the album artwork!

  18. Avatar of fs.carvajal


    01. Can You Feel My Heart
    02. The House Of Wolves
    03. Empire (Let Them Sing)
    04. Sleepwalking
    05. Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake
    06. Shadow Moses
    07. And The Snakes Start To Sing
    08. Seen It All Before
    09. Anti-vist
    10. Crooked Young
    11. Hospitals For Souls

  19. Avatar of fs.carvajal

    Album Cover:

    Release Date: April 29th/30th

    • Avatar of Justin

      just updated it all with the full info and that’s not the album art but i am fairly positive that will be the art for the ‘deluxe edition’ that you can pre-order and jordan fish said he was going into the studio to work on b-sides the other day so they’ll probs be on there

      • Avatar of Justin

        now i’m not sure which one is the actual album cover or not

  20. Jona left the band. There goes a majority of the talent in BMTH. Hopefully he goes back to IKTPQ. Momento Vevire sounded very promising.

    • Avatar of Justin

      hahahaha no chance, they were good before Jona they will be good without Jona, Apparently he got kicked out cause they didn’t like the stuff he contributed to the band… IKTPQ since the re-union are fucking shit, he obviously got kicked out cause why the fuck would you leave a massive and very successful band for a shitty break-up band

    • He was still with I killed the prom queen while he was in Bring Me the Horizon

  21. Is there any chance of “Sempiternal” leaking months before the release?

  22. Avatar of S. DooK

    Tonight the official video for Shadow Moses will be out !!
    “Scuzz will be playing Bring Me The Horizon’s awesome video for Shadow Moses for the first time at 5pm. Spread the word.” @ScuzzTv (Matt Kean retweeted it)

    • Avatar of Justin

      Jona isn’t in it, they must’ve kept jona’s departure under wraps for quite a while :\

  23. Avatar of Justin here’s a video of the shadow moses video (it’s a recording or a TV but it still looks so fucking amazing!

  24. Just as a pro-tip: Sometimes this site doesn’t get the songs or album till someone comes together and actually publishes it, but what you can do is periodically check youtube by searching for distinct song and change the filter to “In the past month/week” The last band I did this with was Capture the Crown and I had the whole album 2 weeks before it was announced here. Just thought I’d give a helpful tip.

    • I should also mention that the reason this happens is because people will create a Youtube account just to upload the songs then delete it after the release date or someone from another country will have it and upload it. Happy trails.

      • Wow thank you so much for that tip man. I just found BFMV’s new album and now I’m checking for Sempiternal. Thanks!

  25. Avatar of Matthew

    I’ve just been looking the web for the leak, and found this preview, saying that it’s ”Anti-vist”. It does sound like BMTH, even though it’s got some kind of guest vocalist. Dont know if it’s legit, can anyone say if it’s real or not?

    • Pretty sure the vocalist is the guy from Helia

  26. Avatar of Matthew

    Correction: its says ”Go to hell, for heaven’s sake”.

    • Avatar of Justin

      1. you can tell it’s not bmth just by listening to it!
      2. it was uploaded over 3 years ago, it’s clearly not a song on sempiternal.

      • Avatar of Matthew

        not sure, it does sound like oli, and it was uploaded on the 17th of january 2013. And even if it’s fake, i want to know what song it really is, cause it’s aswesome :)

        • Nope. This is Memento Mori by Helia.

  27. Avatar of Justin

    Not sure if it’s true but Lights is apparently going to be on Sempiternal aswell, i loved her in don’t go and she was good in cruicify me, but do they need to use her agian..? really

    • Beau Bokan is on it, so maybe she was there with him haha.

  28. still not leaked

  29. To the guy giving Jona shit for “going back to a shitty break-up band” – he’s australian, and if you had ever been to an australian show (i have been to both bmth and prom queen) let me tell you, prom queen are ALOT more popular in australia than bmth, mona doesn’t give a fuck about money if that was going to be your come-back, he’s a true musician, hence why he is on the list of australias top 50 greatest guitar players in history and has contributed MORE than he should of to the bands he’s played in. Example, Bleeding through had a dead similar sound for years till Jona came through, the album he contributed to was fucking amazing, bmth again another bland plain death/metal whatever core group you wanna call them, then Jona comes along and they make an amazing album. Not saying their new album won’t be good, just don’t give shit to people who deserve your respect. (FYI – the IKTPQ farewell tour, BMTH played with them and Oli was such a cunt to everyone there that people rushed the stage and he got bottled, then they had a cry and “Left” only to be forced back on stage 5 minutes later. Music isn’t about how many fuckin fangirls you have.

    • Avatar of Justin

      hahahahahahahaha your arguments are completely irrelevant, i never mentioned anything about money and for your information I’m from Australia. Number 1, I didn’t give Jona any shit. What I said was, since Prom Queen got back together they’ve become shit, Jamie is a terrible singer, he ruined Red Shore for me and has ruined IKTPQ as well. Aussies mostly like Prom Queen purely because they are Aussie, it’s like a pride thing, I love Jona and support him in whatever he does I just didn’t want him to leave/don’t know why he would because the last time I heard him talking about BMTH he said “everyone better get used to it becuase we’re here to stay”. What the actual Fuck, BMTH are a decent bunch of dudes, I’ve met them twice and seen them five times and they’ve never acted anything like that in Melbourne! I never said it was about “fangirls” it’s about the quality of music and BMTH produce, in my opinion, a much better quality of music. Get off your high horse and actually read what I said because you’re defence wasn’t very solid and quite unnecessary mate.

      • Avatar of Justin

        and BMTH being more popular than Prom Queen is extremely debatable!

    • One guy can’t change the whole band. Jona played rythem dude. And Lee writes all the parts and the lead.

  30. Avatar of Richelle

    It’s great that they’ve changed so much, yet still sound like classic BMTH, unlike what happens to a lot of bands. Anyway can’t wait to hear the rest of this album!

  31. since when did There is a Hell believe me I’ve seen it, there is a Heaven lets keep it a secret become anywhere near as good as what Bring Me The Horizon use to be? How can you justify going from Pray for Plagues to crusify me making them better? they clearly had more skill before Jona Joined so shut the fuck up.

    • yes simple generic chugging guitar,over use of breakdowns, and constant blastbeats are clearly why pray for plagues is superior to the newer more mature music they’re producing.

    • Avatar of Justin

      that is utterly your opinion. I still love Count your Blessing but I like Suicide Season & There is a Hell, way more. They have so much more meaning and you can tell just how much they have grown as musicians just by listening to it.

      • I was being sarcastic…..cyb is shit compared to there is a hell, and I respect suicide season because thats where i think they found their “sound”…

  32. Maybe you prefer them before but we’re not all like you !

    Just think a second before attack people.

    I loved them before and i love them nowadays.

    You can’t say that song like don’t go or crucify me are not awesome. I mean, in the research. Much more than before. They just changed the style not the quality.

    So have a good day ;)

    • Agreed, I love Crucify Me and Shadow Moses. I really like their new sound and I’m stoked for this album.

    • Avatar of Justin

      they progressed to what they are today, if they made 4 albums that sounded like Count your blessings you’d be whinging for them to change, it’s lose lose

  33. Avatar of Matthew

    According to wikipedia, there are two bonus tracks in the ”normal” deluxe edition, ”Join the Club” and ”Deathbeds”, the UK Physical deluxe edition (aka. the Deathbeds EP) has ”Join the Club”, ”Chasing Rainbows” and ”Deathbeds”, and the US Physical deluxe edition has ”Join the Club”, ”Skank” and ”Deathbats”. So that would be 4 new bonus tracks for Sempiternal!

    • Avatar of Justin

      I saw that, how exciting! Australia has a Deluxe edition too, not sure what bonus tracks that has yet though

  34. Avatar of Mark

    Oh god, I don’t like BMTH BUT After listening to Shadow Moses I’m looking forward to this album, hope it’s all like shadow moses! :D

    • sorry to burst your bubble but metalhammer have lisented to it and said the rest of the album is nothing like it……sorry, don’t shoot the messenger

      • They didn’t exactly say that.

        • oli even said so himself on a “track by track guide” to sempiternal
          thats been posted on youtube

      • Avatar of Mark

        To that I say You’re a cunt! :P listening to Antivist I fucking love Their new song. Gonna be sickkkkk By the way I do hope you didn’t take the cunt bit offensive! <3

  35. Avatar of Colton Musselman

    words cannot really explain how excited i am for this album. I literally check this everyday to see if it has leaked.

    • Avatar of Justin

      same ahhaa and search google for leaks Fuckkk

      • Avatar of Colton Musselman

        like, everyday when i come home from school and notice that it hasn’t leaked, i think, “How difficult is it to leak an album?!”

  36. Well if you look at their interview with Metalhammer, Oli said their 2nd single will be “Sleepwalking”

  37. Avatar of Justin

    reviews, reviews everywhere, getting me too excited!

  38. Antivist will up today bring me said

  39. They haven’t said it will be released today. They hinted that it will be out soon :) I’m keen!

  40. Avatar of Matthew

    This is confirmed so far: Sleepwalking is going to be the 2nd single as confirmed by Oli and they’re posting some cryptic messages on twitter about when you pre-order Sempiternal from their website that there ”may be a chance that you can hear Anti-vist” so I think they’re releasing it in an hour or three.

    • so unfair i cant afford to preorder the album yet but if you do right now you will get an email with a preview of the new song anti-vist thats what they are saying on twitter. hate when i’m broke :-(

      • UPDATE: i think the preview is tomorrow for pre orders then full song general release at the end of the week


    BMTH? sounds like Oli on some parts, but the rest doesn’t, if it is, then Jordan did a great job of conducting the gang vocals at the end…

  42. Anti-Vist has leaked

  43. Anti-vist is out search it on YouTube. Its bad ass

  44. Avatar of Colton Musselman

    you can get both new singles, ‘Shadow Moses’ and ‘Antivist’ on the pirate bay. Both, i think, are 320kbps.

  45. The full album has leaked, I have the entire album

    • Is this for real? If so where did you find it?

    • where’d you get it? send me that waaay.

    • Where from?

    • go on

    • where did i leak then?

    • Avatar of Matthew

      he’s a troll. if he’s so tough to tell us this, at least he should’ve told us some more. get off these forums if you don’t have anything useful to say asshole!

  46. Hopefully it will NEVER be released. I’ve been a BMTH fan since count Your Blessings and have liked every cd but I am going to burn all of my BMTH gear this summer if this is as bad as i think….SHADOW MOSES i didn’t mind too much i could take that mainstream sound for a song or two but ANTI VIST is just garbage. Drums, Guitar, Vocals are all sub-par for their standard in that song. not to mention the horrible lyrics that sound like an angry puberty-ridden teenager would write. i should of known signing to RCA was a message in itself about the direction of their sound. Its a Damn Shame. i really hope i am wrong about the album….

    • I agree, but they do this on every album. suicide season had football season is over, and there is a hell had black list, it’s these stupid party songs that are always near the end of the album. These type of songs just sound like they’re written by some 16 year old scene chick that just discovered partying. I predict this will be like all their other albums with the best songs at the beginning and then one or two gems towards the end.

      • that’s very true, I am just skeptical because of their label and producer on the album. I guess i’ll have to save my opinion till the whole cd is out.

    • Avatar of

      Don’t worry, Anti-vist is easily the worst track on the album. The record as a whole is quite impressive. And that’s coming from someone who’s not a BMTH fan.

      • the album is not impressive at all to me. i am a musician, i could shit better guitar riffs in pretty much every song, and i wouldn’t consider myself great by any means. i get they’re trying a new sound but the combination of whiny singing and electronic melodies is just an example of them trying to go mainstream. I wouldn’t even consider this metal anymore, except for HOUSE OF WOLVES which is still kinda weak. Happens to every band over time i guess.

  47. So apparently someone has the album and posted lyrics to the introduction track and it goes like this “…the higher I get the lower I stand, I can’t drown my demons they know how to swim. Can you hear the silence?, can you see the dark?, can you fix the broken?, can you feel, can you feel my heart?” Not really big news but maybe it’s SOME hope to a leak soon.

  48. someone supposably leaked it and im downloading it . i shall let you all know

  49. It was real . IT LEAKED

  50. NO DOWNLOAD LINKS! it’s the best album so far.

  51. Link is legit, it’s leaked

  52. Avatar of

    Leaked on Realm Of Metal.

    • i’m listening to it now, it’s soo good!

  53. how do I download this sempiternal album? please help me :(

    • Google “realm of metal” and go to the website. You should eventually see the download.

  54. Avatar of Michael

    I have it, it sounds amazing! :D

  55. Comment

  56. Awe sick album aye, Just downloaded it, it is Bmth’s best work to date, its got beautful vocals, the lyrics actually follow the name of the songs, having a keyboardist has made them so much better, its a really good album, if no one believes that its leaked then you’re more than welcom to go find and download it yourself, I will not be accused of being a liar.

  57. amazing album. made me decide to go to the concert :)

  58. omg this has actually happened i cant believe it and im not past track 1 yet sounds soooo goooood

  59. copy is Out!but 320 kbps (transcode)!!!
    btw nothing special about this album…

    • Avatar of NonApplicable

      Is the transcode from Flac or CD files to 320? Is the album ripped from a internet stream?

      Bottom line is, how is the quality?

  60. Avatar of Marcin

    if anyone has lyrics to any of the songs except anti-visit and shadow moses, it’d be appreciated to share.

  61. Horrible, fucking sell outs.

    • Avatar of Justin

      sell outs..? are you fucking serious dude? How is this even remotely radio friendly? fuckhead

    • haha kid, chill. if you live in America, Midwest. this is exactly the type of music that is mainstream here. Signing to RCA plus working with a producer that has worked with “radio-friendly bands” look it up. I’m not getting on here to bitch anymore i was just disappointed because i really thought BMTH had a unique style of metal but now they did what i fear’d would happen, riding Oli’s vocals for a whole cd. making money is important but when u cross that line from art to entertainment you loose my interest. of course they probably did that a long time ago…

  62. I feel sorry for BMTH having this album leaked, they deserve so much better… its an awesome album… @Cloudwalker, how are they sell outs? this album is pretty much a mixture of suicide Season and There is a Hell believe me I’ve seen it, There Is a Heaven lets keep it a secret, and yet they have also improved on it, just because you don’t like their new stuff, you don’t have to bad mouth them, they never sold out, people like you sold out when it came to change, they’ve been changing incredibly throughout the years and they have gotten so much better.

    • I felt really bad that this album leaked, but if it’s any consolation it’s amazing lol….

    • ignorance must be bliss.

  63. Avatar of Colton Musselman

    it is similar to the transition of Suicide Season to There Is A Hell… it’s going to take time, but i think i’ll like it.

  64. awesome tracks,just downloaded the album. . .

  65. honestly their best album so far in my opinion. it sucks that Jona left though. I know he wasn’t a founding member, but I was just starting to get used to him, he shall be missed.

  66. The bonus tracks haven’t leaked yet have they?

  67. Any clean vocals? If yes awesome. If not shame because Oli has a beautiful voice beside the screaming. :/

    • A good portion of the album has Oli singing cleans.

      • I’m just listening to the live stream, so great Oli is finally using clean vocals :D

  68. Utter shit. Downloaded. Listened. Deleted.

    Best album they’ve done? Sort yourselves out.

    • Avatar of Justin

      sort YOUR self out

      • Musically and lyrically it’s horrifically weak. Nowhere near as good as their last effort.

        • Avatar of NonApplicable

          WHAT? Sempiternal is definitely better lyrically.

          Musicality is subjective. Most people feel that this album is more interesting with the variety of instrumentation and stylings.

  69. Soooo good! I got mine from Pirate Bay and it’s such an amazing album!

  70. Lolololol all these keyboard cowboys saying “they could shit better guitar riffs’ etc, …um ya, I guess your riffs are so good you tour the globe while millions of people are dying to listen to these riffs and the reason you’re on has it leaked is purely due to your “non sellout” ego refusing to accept a cent of money these millions of people are paying to hear your amazing riffs…..lololol GTFO kid you bother me……

    • good, and i never said my riffs were amazing just stating how weak their guitar is now, and drums, and everything. just my opinion i’m entitled to it just like you. but you obviously are not a musician or u would recognize the simplicity of the album.

      • Avatar of NonApplicable

        I would have liked to see a couple stand out riffs on this album, but to be fair that isn’t the vibe the band are going for. The guitars majorly implement a post rock styling. Typically that type of playing is simple, repetitive, and effect heavy. It’s more about accentuating atmosphere than raw skill. In that sense the guitars are done very well.

        I think the album would have most benefited from technical drumming.

        • Yes drums would of been a nice addition, especially because i don’t think BMTH has ever had amazing drums or anything that ever really stood out. I’m just butt hurt about the direction they went lol in the end i think this will work very well for them, but i’m just disappointed in the lack of brutality.

          • Bring me always said they weren’t gonna go back to that heavy music they were making before. Honestly because it was so boring to them. Yeah, the guitar licks were really technical but I mean, this is a band progressing musically in a different direction. There are all these stupid “brutal” bands but they all sound the same. They’re just trying to break away from the whole metalCORE scene and be a metal band, like Deftones. If by technical you guys mean faster, I don’t know, like, it’s a bit hard to stay a metal band if you do post rock drumming because the drumming just sets the mood and feel, you know what I’m sayin? They’re tryin’ to have a post rock and metal crossover. I haven’t heard the album yet, but if the drumming is similar to Deftones, they pretty much win

  71. Actually, Jona had contributed absolutely nothing on this album as Oli has stated, Lee did all the guitar on this album, and all the parts that needed filling were filled by Jordan on keyboard.

    • If he didn’t have anything to do with it, why throughout the entire recording process was he posting pictures of them in the recording studio on Twitter…?

      • They either got rid of Jona’s parts and put keyboard to fill it in, or Lee wrote everything and Jona was just going to do whatever Lee wrote, Oli said himself that Jona isn’t on the album, and he didn’t have any part in writting it.

  72. Its also on mp3boo just gotta look for not posting the link :D

  73. Avatar of Colton Musselman

    what is the news that they are releasing soon? Are they pushing the album up or what?

  74. Avatar of .Anarchy

    This has been leaked on The Pirate Bay. I’m not allowed to tell you that all you have to do is type in bring me the horizon and it’s on the top. ;)

  75. Well, after listening to this album about 20 times, I have to lay down my honest opinion: disappointment. I have been talking about how this album was going to be THE album of 2013, hands down— how it was going to be even more cutting edge than There Is A Hell, which is tremendous. I expected this one to be that album, pushed a progressed a bit further— which would be godlike. When I heard “Shadow Moses” the first time, I about shat; my prediction that it was going to be destructive was only reinforced. And more weeks passed, I wore that song and badass video out. If that was an indication of the rest of the album, I was in for a treat. Waiting… patience. Days are slow, time crawls…

    Fast forward to the first listen through… Shadow Moses— definitely NOT representative of that album as a whole. I understand why that one was chosen as the 1st single— it’s probably the best on there. As I heard each track, I got a little more let down. Don’t get me wrong… there are no “bad” songs on there— but there are no mind-blowing ones, either. So going into this I had high hopes; it wasn’t a self-fulfilling prophecy of I expected it to be a disappointment… just the opposite.

    Did I have TOO GREAT of an expectation of it? No, I don’t think so, as I was thoroughly stoked with Shadow Moses upon hearing it. Had the rest of the CD lived up to that song, it would have been untouchable.

    I did give it a fair chance thus far. I already have the lyrics memorized, I’ve repeated it so many times. Btw, me and another person have been posting the album lyrics as we get time, as of now about half the songs are up. I’ll add the rest tomorrow probably. Some songs are obviously tougher than others to transcribe, but I don’t post garbage. I rehash the words until I’m sure of them (or at least 99%, best I can decipher). So that takes time. I posted them to (and I ONLY use/post to) lyrics . wikia . com, because they’re peer reviewed and open to edit if you know something is wrong. Example: I edited the line in The House of Wolves to correct it. I changed it to “What you call faith, I call a sorry excuse” from what was there— “Why you call faith, a cold sorry excuse”.

    See, peer review is a good thing! ;)

    And same song, I corrected “I bowed for your king when he chose himself”… to the real line, which is “I’ll bow for your king when he shows himself”…

    Point is, I don’t edit lines unless I know they’re wrong and what I have is legit. If nobody else has posted a song, I’ll put up a 99% version, my best, again— and if anyone KNOWS a line is wrong, then they should do as I did in those examples and fix it up. But I can’t stand when people replace CORRECT lyrics with wrong ones… Ridiculous. But— there is redemption in that one of the people looking at them can fix or revert them and it quickly corrects itself. ;)

    I say that to say this: the lyrics are there, or will be fully by tomorrow… if you’re looking for them— that’s the only place to go. These other sites just steal incorrect garbage lyrics from all of the others— propagating horrendous, identical transcriptions across every major lyrics site out there. It’s sickening. And that’s why I don’t use about other site— there’s no quality control. I’m not affiliated with lyrics wikia at all, I just contribute there very regularly and support it because of its higher integrity of content.

    Or you can go to the other 100 sites and get “THIS IS SEMI-ETERNAL! Can you see into your eyes you’re live like you’re going to die! Again and again, over and over! You can run but you can’t hide!”

    Sht’s absurd. Sometimes I wonder if the people who wrote these things up even speak English, or if they’re a student in English 102 in some far away country. Or I wonder if they were even listening to the same song I was. I’m not claiming I’m perfect, but I have self-imposed standards and a duty to at least TRY PRETTY HARD. LOL. Fkn A.

    So returning from a very long and out of place rant/tangent (rantangent?), I’ll say that I really, honestly wanna dig the hell out of SEMPITERNAL. I wanted it to destroy the mundane and unremarkable stuff being released every week. I just— I only came once, and that was upon seeing the leak was legit. I expected to be going into orgasmic shock/uncontrollable seizures from popping off nut after nut as I listened to this album. It just fell a bit short. I still think it’s good and will probably still be the best thing out this year— too bad it wasn’t what *I* had envisioned. But maybe it’s yet to grow on me some more. I’m definitely still buying the deluxe! No doubts there. Well worth my money.

    In closing— I can’t help but ask… what happened to all those news stories saying “Lights” would be back again on this one? I don’t recall hearing any female vocals in general… I really enjoyed her parts on the last one… she gave the songs an even better groove— definitely an asset to TIAH… anyone know what happened? I was looking forward to at least 1-2 songs with her collaborating.

    All in all, remember… this is all just personal opinion, and not objective reality. Just laying my feelings down about it as well. We all have a right to our own opinion. No need to flame me about my perspective. Obviously I’m not trashing the band and I hope they have great success with the album, clearly they worked hard— and BMTH’s absolute worst still ranks high above a lot of others’ absolute best. That’s saying a great deal.

    So constructive replies if any, and get your arses over to the lyrics site and help out if you can decipher some tough lines… 200 ears are better than 2. Or if you just need a decent version of them. Either way, I hope everyone enjoys the CD and make sure you do the right thing and buy the album when it comes out if you dig it, so the band members can get their 3-4¢ cut out of the sale, LOL. Still, ¢ add up to $— (true story, learned it in college… economics.) Ah, college… Economics, heavy metal, and sexually curious coeds. Of those, only metal stuck around for the long haul. Music— the greatest love most of us will ever find in life… I feel bad for deaf people. What would your life be like without (good) music?!

    That would suck an industrial-sized can of Vienna sausages… maybe even two or three!

    • Avatar of NonApplicable

      While I do think this album is by far BMTH best, I understand how you feel about the disappointment. I know what it’s like to seemingly be the only person to disliked an album that everyone fell in love with.

      I so badly wanted to love the most recent Deftones release. I remember listening to the first single(leathers) and thinking it was one of the best songs the band had ever written. My anticipation was so high, I looked for album leaks every couple hours. When the leak finally arrived, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

      Months later, I realized that I was being too critical. It turned out the album(Koi No Yokan), had actually been the record I had listened to most that year. While I do believe I permanently hurt my perception of the album, I have grown to accept that had unrealistic expectations and become jaded.

      My advice is to get your fill of the album and then stash it away for awhile. Comeback in time with a fresh perspective and I know you’ll enjoy the record more.

      • Avatar of NonApplicable

        I made a couple spelling errors. Sucks that editing comments is impossible.

        * and that I had become jaded.

    • Hey PenisBreath, Lights wasn’t featured on the album as Bring Me stated they didn’t want anyone else on it. They wanted this album to be remembered so they wanted none of the songs to have guests on it. You could call it pure Horizon. I understand it, it’s like a personal thing for them

    • The only thing I find myself comparing this album too is Linkin Park, like older Linkin Park, but i can’t get it out of my head. It’s a Regression from There is a Hell…

    • gettin’ called penis breath isn’t a good thing bro.

  76. Avatar of Colton Musselman

    their album is actually being pushed up to April 1st, for anyone who actually wants to buy it! I would’ve had it not been semi-trash, but oh well, i’m still gonna see them on warped tour. I hope they play old stuff.

    • Avatar of Evan Criswell

      I think they will continue to play their old stuff. I’ve seen them four times already and they always play Pray For Plagues and at least a few songs from every other album… so stoked for Warped!

  77. I feel bad for Oli because the FULL album was leaked ALL of YouTube. Although, they keep getting deleted for copyright, they keep posting it all over so.. They may not be making much money off this album. But, even though I’ve heard most of it already, I’ve heard enough to still want to buy the album. Woo!

  78. hands down, Sempiternal is the best Linkin Park album to date.

    • Avatar of Evan Criswell

      I did notice that Oli sounded a lot like Chester in some of the songs… especially in Sleepwalking. :)

  79. I have the album… It is freaking AWESOME.

  80. Mp3 Crank… That’s all I’m saying ;)

  81. I felt this album is the best they’ve done since Suicide Season (sorry for my opinion.) Seriously. I didn’t have to hear breakdowns every single song. I also heard no high screams. it’s an actual legit album and even crazier, it’s BMTH.

    • Avatar of Justin

      There is a Hell doesn’t have “breakdowns every single song” are you retarded…. and it didn’t have any high screams either, dafuq is wrong with you? There is a Hell is an “actual legit album”!

  82. Avatar of Daniel

    Best BMTH CD yet!

  83. Avatar of Evan Criswell

    This album is so good. Took a little bit to grow on me because it’s quite a change from their last album. Love it though, Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake has been stuck in my head for days…

  84. Sempiternal is the best Linkin Park album to date.+1

  85. Avatar of TenTonHammer

    It’s alright, i prefer “There is a hell..” though

  86. Avatar of Dayton

    My album of the year thus far.

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