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Koi No Yokan

Deftones : Koi No Yokan

Deftones : Koi No Yokan
August 30, 2012 – Grammy-winning alternative rock band Deftones have announced the November 13th release of their seventh studio album, entitled KOI NO YOKAN KOI NO YOKAN was recorded in Los Angeles, CA with Nick Raskulinecz (Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Rush) who also produced Diamond Eyes. Front man Chino Moreno summed up Deftones‘ sound in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, saying “Obviously we’re an aggressive band – not the heaviest, but there’s a lot of attack. He continues, “But there’s also this lush beauty that flows within everything that we do, and that’s my favorite part of the band. To me, it’s the epitome of what the Deftones do.” *Credit Official Press Release

On August 30, 2012 – Grammy-winning alternative rock band Deftones announced the November 13th release of their seventh studio album, entitled KOI NO YOKAN.

KOI NO YOKAN was recorded in Los Angeles, CA with Nick Raskulinecz (Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Rush) who also produced Diamond Eyes. Front man Chino Moreno summed up Deftones‘ sound in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly,


“Obviously we’re an aggressive band – not the heaviest, but there’s a lot of attack. But there’s also this lush beauty that flows within everything that we do, and that’s my favorite part of the band. To me, it’s the epitome of what the Deftones do.” -Chino Moreno


The first official single from Koi No Yokan, titled “Tempest”, was released on October 19 and you can hear the song in full below. Although it’s the first single, it’s not the the first song from the album shared to the public. Only a day before the release of “Tempest” fans got to download “Leathers” for free.

The album has already been getting a lot of attention, especially from MetalSucks, who gave the album an impressive 5 out of 5 review.


“[Koi No Yokan] wins big on all the breathtaking, awe-striking song craft and performance that accompanies daring studz who play pop music, and reiterates their rank among the singular American titans” – From the album review by MetalSucks


It’s one of the most anticipated albums at Has it Leaked, and has been getting reported as being leaked a few times without any real evidence. However, there are copies out there, so expect a leak before the official release date. Update: It’s now been confirmed by several members that the album has in fact leaked.

Read our exclusive review of Koi No Yokan, written by Matt Doyle.


Artist : Deftones Title : Koi No Yokan Release date : 11/13/2012 Genre : Metal

Track listing

1. Poltergeist 2. Romantic Dreams 3. Leathers 4. Swerve City 5. Entombed 6. Graphic Nature 7. Tempest 8. Gauze 9. Rosemary 10. Goon Squad 11. What Happened To You?



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Koi No Yokan Leak Updates

On 11/07/2012, Koi No Yokan was reported as leaked by 3 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

mirrorsimage (A Level 1 user with 24 points) reported an album download leak at Mediaboom.

fnatt (A Level 1 user with 64 points) reported an album download leak at GetMetal.

berserkrpt (A Level 0 user with 17 points) reported an album download leak at GetMetal.

No track list has been released. Two songs said by the band to be on the upcoming album, "Rosemary" and "Roller Derby", have been played live. [/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Album Verdict: 9.3

Deftones : Koi No Yokan, 9.3 out of 10 based on 115 ratings


  1. Avatar of Nii

    didn’t know they were still around

  2. Avatar of Matty

    so excited for this. hope chi gets better.

  3. Avatar of JAY TWO

    Not ONE album has disappointed…I’m sure this will be bangin’ as well.

  4. Avatar of jayofdajungle

    Poltergeist (Roller Derby)
    Romantic Dreams
    Swerve City
    Entomb (Dazzle)
    Graphic Nature
    Goon Squad
    What Happened To You? (Flashback)

    *track list that has been circulating around the internet, may not be entirely correct.

    I tried to update the album info since I created but it’s not letting me, it says entry already exists. Not to mention it makes you fill it out completely instead of editing,

  5. Please tell me your kidding when you said you didn’t think they were still around!!!! Diamond Eyes was iTunes rock album of the year a year ago

  6. Avatar of Ace

    Official track listing for KOI NO YOKAN is:
    1. Poltergeist
    2. Romantic Dreams
    3. Leathers
    4. Swerve City
    5. Entombed
    6. Graphic Nature
    7. Tempest
    8. Gauze
    9. Rosemary
    10. Goon Squad
    11. What Happened To You?
    ^ straight off their official facebook, where you can also get a free download for “Leathers”

  7. Avatar of jayofdajungle

    YouTube link to “Leathers”


  8. Avatar of Bret

    Here’s the cover:

  9. Avatar of mark

    new single “tempest” is out today..f**king marvelous..together with leather…can’t wait for it

  10. Avatar of elliot

    Super pumped for this!!

  11. Avatar of Colin


  12. Avatar of

    I think the official tracklist has tracks 1 and 4 switched. (‘Poltergeist and Swerve City, respectively’.)

  13. Avatar of juan hernandez

    Leak already :/

  14. Avatar of Matty

    come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  15. Avatar of Colin

    THIS IS SO ANNOYING. THIS NEEDS TO LEAK RIGHT NOW!! Or at least another track…

  16. Avatar of Colin

    Can’t live off of only Tempest and Leathers until the release.

  17. Avatar of Mena

    Come on, leak already! And I`m going to buy it afterwards ofc! Its nothing without booklet and real CD, so `90s, roflmao.

  18. Avatar of Marcus Benevides

    Here’s the track ‘Rosemary’, low quality, but, we can tell this is another beaufitul song from Deftones hahahah

    Can’t wait for this album, best band nowadays, I guess =P

  19. Here’s another ‘Rosemary’ with better quality

  20. Oh come on! LEAK ALREADY! I’m dyin ova heyah!

  21. Avatar of Kev Dickinson

    Got an excellent review on MetalSucks. Really looking forward to this.

  22. Surely if there are reviews it should be any day now right?

  23. Considering how fantastic Diamond Eyes was, I can only expect good things from Koi No Yokan.

    Leathers (free download) and Tempest (single) are brilliant snippets from the album, and I can’t wait!! :D

  24. Avatar of

    Fuck yeah! Best night ever!

  25. Avatar of Jonson

    2 jokers claiming its leaked

  26. who ever said it has leaked is full of shit.

  27. Whoever is finding these leaks drop us a clue please…. I’m seeing the meter rise, so someone is finding it.

  28. Avatar of Nicholas Hume

    I wish the 2 users that reported the leak would report to me as to where I can find it :|

  29. Avatar of

    Studio version of ‘Rosemary’. Enjoy.

    • Avatar of Colin

      thank you sir. this shall hold me over until the full album leaks!! :)

  30. What does it mean when the Dial has been turned more than half way to being leaked?

    • It says right under Report Details you moron

  31. Avatar of William Lim

    ^It means that it has not been confirmed as leak but people are saying that it are.

  32. I’ve search 20 pages, 6 writing “Deftones KNY leak” and 14 “Deftones KNY Download”. But nothing. The album hasn’t leaked yet.

  33. Avatar of Nii

    All of these are fake! OMG, please reset this.

  34. Avatar of Marius

    Ain’t no leak out.

  35. Avatar of juan hernandez

    Its fake please take it off, its very misleading and a bitch move of them to do.

  36. Avatar of

    It’s not a fake! I have the album and just because all you other retarded fucks don’t know how to find stuff doesn’t make me a bitch……oh, well, go ahead a cry out while I’m enjoying one of the best albums of 2012 =P=P=P

    • No shit man? Hmmm, I’ve been hunting for a lil bit. No success, but if you say it’s out there than Ill keep looking for it. But I didn’t find it on Torrentz.

    • Avatar of Nii

      nice joke mate, we know you DON’T have

      • Avatar of Kyle Sams

        Frustrating when people pull that kind of shit. What’s the point to it? I woke up at five am to see if it leaked and it said it was, now I’m just some dick sitting at computer WITHOUT Koi No Yokan…it’s a dark fucking period.

      • Avatar of

        big words for a tiny little man ;)

        • Avatar of Jarett

          I believe you. Want to pm me and help out one of your believers?

    • Yeah, it def hasn’t leaked. you’re an asshole, you should be banned

    • If you indeed have it(really doubt it)Why don’t start spreading that shit in places where it could be found?

    • Could you please give us a hint? doesn’t have it… :(

    • You’re a fuckhead

    • You’re IDIOT !!!

  37. Avatar of

    Best day ever! Listening to Swerve City now. Might just be my favorite Deftones song of all time! Just in time for Halloween!

    • Avatar of

      sweet…finally someone who knows how to use their brain ;) …. everyone else here are such retards

  38. Avatar of

    jesus… on Torrentz once again for “Deftones – Koi No Yokan” and you’ll see at least 3 results appear…then the rest is up to you……..

    • nobody believes you because all of the “real” torrents out there are varying in size between 60MB to 90MB. also, ALL of the files are password protected, so even if someone found a working password without going through a survey, there’s a good chance someone just took random-length songs and renamed them to the Koi No Yokan tracks.

      since you claim to have it already, put your money where your mouth is.

  39. This dude is just trolling

  40. This hasn’t leaked. Thanks for wasting everybodys time redneck!

  41. Avatar of Mena

    Ban chrillian! Moderators, please ban this bored kid!

  42. Avatar of Jarett

    Oh Chrillian you mean those torrents that give you the “Full Album” only to see that once you download it it requires a password and in order to get the password you have to fill out some survey that is never ending and never gives you a password? Oh those torrents? Ya we have all seen those before so we know those torrents are fake and have been up for about a month already. I am guessing maybe they are yours and you are the one profiting off the fake torrents.

    • Bingo we have a winner !

      and i agree i bet this douche is cashing in his pennies on luring people into fake torrents that require a password by completing a survey. i hope you feel like a “tiny little man” by tricking people out of pennies rather than climbing up out of mom’s basement and getting a job.
      Bottom line is these survey downloads / torrents etc are a never ending river of deceit from sad pathetic losers and most importantly they are ALWAYS created / released far in advance of any real release being available to anyone anywhere, sometimes even before the content is even created. so there is NO debate as to whether they are real or not.. they can NOT be real it’s not possible !

      If anyone out there see’s a download that requires a password then delete and walk away.. don’t waste your time.

  43. This hasn’t leak. Torrentz. three results that chrillian mentioned are just spam. thanks fuckface

  44. Avatar of Jarett

    Hey Modz if you want people to keep coming back to the site then you need to ban people like Chrillian you post a fake leak. He is pushing people to go download fake password protected torrents where it leads to a never ending survey to unlock the password. He gets paid for people filling out the survey. I am somewhat new to the site and this is first CD I have followed for a leak, but if this is how the site is run then I doubt I will be back since the people who are responsible still seem to be active and not banned on the site.

  45. Avatar of Mojib

    Update: Leak status has been reset due to lack of proof. The user “chrillian” has been banned due to his behavior in the comment section.

    Easy with the language, that goes for everyone.

  46. Avatar of Jarett

    Good job modz. You took action and now I will keep using the site to know it is actively managed correctly.

  47. Thank you for the promt response

  48. Avatar of Kyle Sams

    Am I supposed to believe it’s actually leaked this time?

  49. Avatar of Kyle Sams

    And I thought that idiot Chrillian was banned for the false leak.

  50. Avatar of Marius

    Is there any reason I keep getting the same email about this album being leaked every 5 minutes? I have gotten 10 emails the last 2 hours. Bug?

    • Avatar of Kyle Sams

      No clue, this is the first time I’ve followed this site for a leak and most definitely the last. This is straight bullshit.

      • you shouldn’t blame the site for notifying you with false information. they look at anything users submit, so blame the trolls who keep insisting those fake torrents with password-locked rar files are the real thing.

    • me too


    • Avatar of Kyle Sams

      I know, this site is a piece of shit! Fucking useless twats. That same idiot was able to unseal it again after he was supposed to be banned. Suck a dick modz.

  52. Christian Johansson aka Chrillian is just getting a kick out of wasting peoples time… such a sad waste of life.

  53. i’m not seeing it.

  54. seriously, stop this bull**it. ban all these idiots…

  55. Avatar of

    Anyone who’s reported a leak should have their rights removed, this is bullshit.

  56. Avatar of Kyle Sams

    Anyone know how you can get your email of the mailing list for when this shit apparently “leaks” I dont want to get another twenty fucking emails proclaiming that it’s available, fucking ridiculous.

  57. it hasnt leaked, theyre all full of shit just trolling a nd crap, nan them please i am so disgraced with these people .. cant believe they even call themselves deftones fans … im never coming to this website again .. its all lies and bullshit …hope this website dies off.

  58. This shit isis on point,late sometimes,but accurite.a big release like this brings out the trolls guys should ban the ips,not just the user.

    • Avatar of Kyle Sams

      If that’s true why isn’t this shit sealed again? Ppl seem to keep rating it too. I’m a confused fool!

  59. Avatar of Mamaev Tataev

    Yes, please ban everyone that falsely reported this as leaked. seriously…

  60. Avatar of Jarett

    This site is a joke

  61. You’d think considering everyone here wants the same thing no one would be a dick.

  62. BT Junkie isn’t even a site anymore you clownshoes.

  63. Avatar of Brent

    I can’t believe I just wasted an entire seven minutes reading these comments. I’m sure everyone can wait another week or so for an album.

    You all are hilarious.

  64. Avatar of

    I just listend to it all the way through. So far, Goon Squad and Swerve City are my favs. Gotta put this album up there with White Pony. Classic!

    • Where’d you locate it? (no link, just name)

    • Are for real?you said you found it on btjunkie,but that site is dead.I don’t see it anywhere.where did you find it.what’s the file called exactlly??
      If this is a joke,noones laughing.

      • Avatar of

        Dead serious. It’s out there. Am I allowed to post it here?

        • Not the link, but yes you can tell us how to acquire the album for sure. Why do you think this site exists brotha?

        • You can’t post a link directly to the file.but you can say the site you found it you found it,etc.
          I really wanna beleve you have it.

  65. Avatar of Colin

    the leak doesn’t exist yet. fakes

  66. Avatar of Jarett

    No NNJ he is not for real. This is either just some people with nothing to do but troll this site and make people think the album has leaked, or they are the ones who put up the fake torrents you find when you google “Deftones Koi No Tokan Torrent” that are password protected and require you to fill out a never ending survey in order to get the password, but yet you never get it. So in conclusion they are either just messing with everyone or they are stirring up the pot so people will go through the survey process and they can make a buck or two off everyone who does. Just ignore them and go on with your life. Until you see others besides Chrillixan, MoshPitMax, and Korntones315 reporting that it has leaked then just ignore it completely.

  67. Avatar of jayofdajungle

    I suspect this will go back to being sealed within a few hours. I’ve checked every channel. This is not out there

  68. fake crap

  69. Avatar of NonApplicable

    I have gotten 12 emails in the past day! People reporting false leaks need to have the ban hammer.

    • Avatar of Mojib

      The ban hammer has been sent out. We’re working on banning IPs.

  70. Avatar of Nii

    It’s still fake omg

  71. This is ridiculous. BTJunkie is shut down and requires a membership. Pretty sure this album isn’t leaked yet.

  72. Avatar of

    Thank you so much Max!!! I feel like I just got some for the first time! lol. you da man!

  73. Avatar of Mojib

    Update 2 Sorry for the problems we’ve had today. We’re working really, really hard on getting this fixed.

    And yes, it has as of now, not leaked. A good rule of thumb, check and see if a power user has reported the leak.

    • Avatar of Nii

      That’s right! But there should be some rule to report leak also… Like making 5 comments around the forum. This to prevent people from register email to do a fake leak…

  74. Uh oh … here we go again.

  75. Avatar of

    People shouldn’t blame the website on this false leak. Since this is a community run website, there’s always going to be some jerk who just likes screwing around. The mods take care of them.

  76. Good Work, Mods….

    There is NO leak. As of yet.

    • Avatar of expassion [Moderator]

      Oh, I feel appreciated :D

    • Avatar of Mojib

      Appreciated, we’re doing the best we can. This is actually the first time someone has trolled our leak feature this aggressively but we are taking notice and will do better to increase security in our next update.

  77. Haha you all are such ignorant fucks!!! I’ve had the album since almost 3 weeks and couldn’t be more in love with it……

    So go ahead waiting for it to leak…..laughing my ass off reading your pathetic posts!!!!!!

  78. Avatar of Samuel J Dillinger

    You really do have to give praise where it’s due. The fact that the advanced copies of this album shows the complete dedication to their true fan base. I cannot wait to listen to this and the longer I have to wait the better it will be when I finally get to listen to it.

    You people who brag about being able to listen to it first have some serious small person issues to deal with. In two months time when everybody is listening to it, you’re going to boast about hearing it before everybody else and everybody else is going to think you’re a fuckwit and forget about what you have to say in seconds, just as they do now.

    • I don’t get the ones that realy have a problem that it didn’t leak already, but for me ( and i think many others) its not, like you think, that we wana brag about it. We are just excitet to hear it. Not one person did state that they want to be the first to listen to it, so why did you have the urge to call this out?

      For me there are some Bands where i want to wait untill i have the copy in my hands. Deftones isn’t one of these bands for me. Around the Fur, White Pony and Saturday Night Wrist are all here as CDs. s/t and Diamond eyes, even if not bad, just dont cut it for me. So im curious if this record is more my taste

      • Avatar of Samuel J Dillinger

        “Name / October 27, 2012
        Haha you all are such ignorant fucks!!! I’ve had the album since almost 3 weeks and couldn’t be more in love with it……
        So go ahead waiting for it to leak…..laughing my ass off reading your pathetic posts!!!!!!”

        That doesn’t sound like bragging to you?

        • You can only begg if you are “better” oder have something. Beggers want to feel better than others. It has something with the mather ( in this case the record) to do.
          I this case it is just trolling. Having fun in annoying the f. out of people here. so dont give them the attention. ;)

          (At least thats what i see here, sorry if my last response sounded agressiv)

  79. I don’t believe any of these braggers heard it.there are no advance copies.warner had listening parties.a handful probably got handed to some press a few days ago.any nitwit who comes claiming they have it full of it.

  80. The meter is moving again. I know it is probably fake, but I am so pumped for this album! It is really hard to not get my hopes up. Please don’t be trolling :(

  81. Avatar of JordanTw2

    i seen it on mp3face. i didnt download it because it asks you to pay or some shit like that. there are 5 comments of people saying that they have it. check it out

  82. Oh no my friends it’s not a fake!!

    MP3Faces is the real deal…I have an account there and for a trial-period of 3 days, you pay 2 bucks and get full access to everything, including Koi No Yokan.

    A shame people always claiming they’re right when they’re really full of it!

    Anyhow….give MP3Faces a try and see for yourself….KNY is available ther there and trust me when I say it’s Deftones finest hour alongside Around The Fur!!!

  83. Nice salesman job on the mp3face bud! Pretty obvious it’s fake when your post is more about giving mp3face a try and paying only 2 bucks for a trial for 3 days than actually speaking of the album. I’m surprised you didn’t post the terms and conditions in fine print underneath your post, which goes on to say they automatically charge 70 bucks after the 3 days unless you cancel, which most people forget to do.

    If its legit, tell us something about the album that we can’t find out from reading reviews online.

  84. Avatar of Jarett

    Everyone please ignore the post above where the guy claims the album is on MP3Faces. This is a affiliate site linking to a bullshit download of the album. He is just trying to get you to signup and become a member just to find out that the album is not really on the site. It will appear it is until you pay to be a member, then you will see it is not. He also posted the “songs” to the album on YouTube but when you go and listen to them he claims that YouTube muted the sound lol and that you have to go to the site and pay to be a member to get the album. Please be smarter and don’t fall for this guys BS.

  85. Avatar of Jarett

    Just to confirm is full of crap I signed up for a trial and was not surprised when they do not have the album. DO NOT BE FOOLED! I have already called and had my trial cancelled.

  86. Avatar of JordanTw2

    dont waste ur money on a bootleg.

  87. Avatar of Samuel J Dillinger

    I check this site before bed and after I wake up to see if this album has leaked. If we get one more false claim from some moronic keyboard commando, I’m pooling my resources to find them and kill them.

    The only people who have listened to the album are the lucky folks who were able to review the album. One of my friends was able to review it, however he refuses to share the link and will not rip the songs at risk of Warner taking a fat shit on his head. Can’t blame the guy for not trying.

    Gah! I am going on a road trip tomorrow and want this album to leak before I leave!

  88. Avatar of Dakota Latusek

    Excited for the actual leak!

  89. Obviously the guy’s lying. Sounds like Around the Fur?!? Pssht – Everyone knows Deftones don’t make the same album twice.

    • I said it was as good as Around the Fur….learn how to read fuckin’ imbecile!!!….

      • STFU! It’s not like you have the album anyways, so stop trollin’.

  90. Avatar of Lance Stokes

    Well, obviously some people have it. Let’s hope for a leak by tomorrow..


    Would it piss you off if the new album leaked tomorrow?

    Moreno: Yeah, it would definitely upset me. I can understand the excitement of people wanting to hear it, but I don’t think people understand what they’re really taking for free. The album is six months of my life, and I put a lot of hard work into creating it. I was at the studio every single day, singing parts 15 or more times to make sure it’s correct, you know? It does piss me off. And it’s not so much about the money, but it’s like “Who the fuck is this motherfucker giving away my shit for free?” It’s like somebody going into your house, stealing something, and then giving it to someone else.

    Vega: People try to act like it’s taking some sort of political stance against the opulence of the music industry, but that’s bullshit.

    Moreno: But once it’s out, it’s out, and people are gonna share it. Our music is meant to be shared, so I don’t really mind. I want people to buy it, of course. But it’s that one motherfucker who leaks it that’s ripping us off. Fuck that shit!

    Vega: Yeah, fuck that shit!

  92. More of the interview I found fascinating…..

    I haven’t heard the full album yet, just the two songs you’ve released online, “Leathers” and “Tempest.”

    Moreno: The label didn’t get you a copy?

    No, they didn’t want to share it with me. They must not think I’m cool enough.

    Moreno: They’ve been really tight about it, but you know what? It hasn’t fucking leaked yet. Two weeks out, and no leak. That’s crazy. It bugs me out, because even albums I really like, I find them online months before they come out. Every morning I wake up to see if our album has leaked. There are a bunch false leads, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m impressed.

    • Avatar of Kyle Sams

      Reading that and bitching about false leaks makes me feel like a lame jack ass. I buy everything the ‘tones put out and go to any shows they play around here…but that made me feel like bitch. Lol. I hear what the mans saying. It’s true.

      • Well, it also confirms that these people making claims about hearing the record are just boasting bogus claims. There is no leak yet, and even the Deftones themselves have now stated it. Just understand, when it has leaked… everyone and their mother will know, not just a few dumb toolbags trying to troll a site. Furthermore, if you do get the leak, purchase the record because this is their livelihood. And they deserve to be paid for their hard work and efforts.

        Long live Deftones!!

  93. i just want the leak so i can jam to it now , and use it at the gym ive had my pre-order paid off , and most my friends do the same , we buy their albums and dont open them , i have every album sealed since 2000 …

    its just too exciting considering theyre one of the few bands left that are top tier class of music.

    either way i cant wait.

  94. Heck, I’d settle for iTunes 30 second preview snippets …

  95. Avatar of Daven

    I don’t change my feelings about music just because one of my idols has a standpoint on leaked albums. I do agree that it sucks, because as a musician myself, I have put my studio time into an album. At the same time, if people still come out to shows, buy the album, hell if we only sell 1 album out of the 500 we get pressed, I’m stoked. If people want to steal something and they get it and share it with the world, obviously they need it. In one way it’s kind of pathetic that we have no patients to be able to wait for the shit to at least be released, but in another I think it’s a bit flattering (in a weird way) that someone wants the shit that bad. Personally though, after reading this, I will do what I can to resist the urge to snag the album WHEN it leaks before the 10th. But I am going to buy the fuck outta this shit and bump it till next Christmas. I do what I can to respect the wishes of artists who speak out against downloading and leaks.

    Mad love for Chino and the rest of the Tones. One love for Chi.

    • I pre-ordered it. I just view a leak as an advance copy FMW.

    • I’ve been a metal guitarist for a decade (stopped years ago) and i have a ton of family members who are in bands etc. one of them who gave me my first burned cd with mp3′s over 10 years ago just recently released a cd with his band and you know what ? EVERY single one of us always and always will download music. ANd what bugs me the most is i grew up recording music off the radio or copying tapes and cd’s etc. and it was no big deal then like its some horrific crime now where people should do jail time lol And the people / sites that index content like Sharereactor or Megaupload etc deserve to be in jail as much as any company that every manufactured BLANK cassette tapes and EVERY single store that ever sold them (including cd’s)
      Its a big deal now and i think because of $$$ and that’s it.

    • Avatar of Kyle Sams

      Who is this mother? Talking like he owns his opinions and the rest just don’t matter? Give THIS man $10,000! Before he breaks these fucks and drives them out of the land. You best be coloring fool!

  96. Soooo I just wanna hear this album.

    People turning this into a controversy are fucking stupid.

    Deftones por vida.



    Yet another person with Koi No Yokan freakin 12 days early.
    Leak for crying out loud!!

    • Avatar of JAY TWO

      That guy is not right for posting that w/o leaking it. Just ain’t right…

      • Yeah, I know right?! Lil bastard.. just adding insult to injury. I’m freakin dying over this album! I gotta hear it ASAP!

        • Avatar of JAY TWO

          That’s 2 people (journalists) within the last two days, have posted a pic of it. This is 2012. They KNEW what was going to happen when they posted it. Deftones isn’t a garage band. Everyone and their mother who likes rock music is looking for this leak. Those dudes are aware of that…

  98. I’ll trade my Deftones Covers record store day vinyl that’s sealed for someone to leak this thing already.

  99. Avatar of NonApplicable

    At least now we know the album will leak soon!

  100. Avatar of Kyle Sams

    Kinda’ surprised and impressed it hasn’t leaked. Crazy in this music climate.

    • Avatar of JAY TWO

      Surprised…yes. Impressed…no.

      • Avatar of Kyle Sams

        In this day and age keeping an album this anticipated sealed up is impressive no matter the circumstances.

        • Not sure how impressive it is, because other albums released on that same date ie “Soundgarden” have not leaked either.

        • Avatar of JAY TWO

          Impressive is not being leaked AT ALL. A lot of newer albums have not been leaked until a ‘day(s)’ before release date. THAT’s impressive. This album will be leaked by weekend…NOT impressed.

          • Avatar of Kyle Sams

            Nah, it’s impressive. Don’t have a mini stroke over it bud. You’ll miss the leak that way hombre.

  101. The wait for this album is causing a serious strain on my life. i can not focus at work and for the most part I ignore my kids and wife while I sit here and refresh websites for hours on end while I am home. If you are reading this and you have the album, please anonymously leak it. My wife totally understands my conviction to this band, but she wants the real me back. Fucking leak already!!!!

    • Very funny. Feeling the same way.

  102. Avatar of NonApplicable


    I agree. It’s pretty impressive considering the caliber of this release. Diamond Eyes leaked two months early to put it in perspective.

  103. Well, it would need to leak during the shipping, which should start in the coming days due to the pre-order guaranteeing it will be delivered on or before release..

  104. There’s a podcast coming out possibly today by Metal Hammer, they will review the album…google it.

  105. Avatar of NonApplicable

    What is Japanese for endlessly waiting for an album to leak?

    Koi No Yokan

  106. Avatar of

    I go away for a week on the 8th. I hope this leaks before then so I can listen to it while I’m away.

  107. Review is up now!!!!!

  108. The tracklist changed. Swerve ciry is the opener track.

    • ^ Posted by the same guy who posted the earlier pic. Found it via who is also boasting a free early listen for people who live in the Toronto area …

      • Avatar of Kyle Sams

        That’s cool, it’d be tremendous if someone decided to actually leak it though (as long as fools purchase the disc when released). Taking it to work today would be sick.

  109. Avatar of JordanTw2

    a studio quality of rosemary (no cassette rip) was just posted on youtube

    • It has come out weeks ago in studio quality.

    • wrong. same rip…………

    • Avatar of Jonson

      False. It’s the cassette rip.

      • Avatar of JordanTw2

        no its real studio version. u can tell cuz u can hear a lot of texture and the song is very loud clear

  110. Avatar of Kyle Sams

    I can’t help but laugh, this is pretty funny. So many copies floating around but everyone seems to be staying loyal. That’s awesome, in a really sick, sadistic, mental way. I applaud the fact it hasn’t leaked yet, almost forgot what it was like to want an album from your favorite band and NOT being able to simply DL it. This is tight, when it does leak, i will get DL knowing that the physical copy is only dozens of days away. *Raises beer* F cking eh.

  111. Ya i agree guys with how many people have it i’m shocked it hasn’t leaked. shows the band has some special loyalty i think. And no i am not bothered it hasn’t leaked. If the band reads this message i wanna remind them not much has changed in time. People copy albums and they always have and they still buy albums because people want the official product and in this day in age we now also want the highest bit-rate and verified quality just like what we wanted in the 80/90′s etc ..nothing has changed if you make a quality product you should alright.. the money will come. i don’t see how anything is really different than the 80′s and 90′s when i might have copied an album but have bought it also.. some bands i have bought the same release far too many times to count. such as Deftones “Around The Fur” i honestly I can’t remember how many times i bought the cd. but some Metallica releases i think i have owned close to dozens of Puppets and Kill em All or Justice etc. Bands need to remember its the fans that love them that “steal” their work. look out on stage and imagine how many concert ticket buyers prob have pirated mp3′s on their machines yet are going home with concert T’s and many of whom probably ALSO own official licensed cd etc too

  112. They’re shit fans not to leak.

  113. Avatar of Will

    The fans arent being loyal, they are being selfish pricks. People are going to download the album regardless. What’s the difference if it’s now or in 6 months? FYI, most the people that DL the album support the band by going to shows and buying merch. I have pre-ordered the CD, I just want to hear it now. So if anyone has the CD right now, stop being a self righteous douchebag and upload it to a torrent site already!

    • The difference is you will just have to wait lol. And no one cares how pissed you are for having to. Good day to you And god bless the Deftones!

    • I will download it for sure. I’ve also seen them 9 times live, and bought a few shirts and about a grand worth of drinks at each show. I wonder who the better fan is, the guy who spends 10 bucks on a cd, or the guy who buys the tickets?

      Keep judging.

  114. Tips to survive the impatience of not hearing KOI NO YOKAN until Nov. 13th or ’til it leaks:

    1. Grow a pair
    2. 6 previous records to rock the f&*$% out to.
    3. Listen to B-Sides and Rarities
    4. Listen to a record a day, and there will be 3 days left of wait.
    5. Gain patience and prepare for the eargasm that is KOI NO YOKAN.

    • Sorry, forgot to post my name to this lol. But seriously, it’ll be worth the wait.

    • Thank you, I needed anything at this point to tide me over…. although, I think it made my anxiety worse!!

  115. Avatar of JordanTw2

    wow sounds amazing. its kind of weird but its awesome tho. diamond eyes is more heavier.

  116. My reproductive organ is extremely metaphorically hard after hearing these previews. Sufficiently prepped for audible sex with koi no yokan

  117. Avatar of Will

    Swerve city sounds so amazing!

  118. how in the world has this not leaked yet? its always the albums i want to leak hat never do

    • I think a lot of it has to do with how early Diamond Eyes leaked a couple years ago. Warner believes they lost out on a ton of money with that, and they obviously are succeeding in preventing a similar situation. But, it comes out in 6 days overseas. We all get the point. You win Warner. Only 6 days left. A leak now is only going to help week one sales from here on out due to the hype and buzz surrounding this amazing piece of art. Sooooooo….GIVE US KOI NO YOKAN PLEASE??? :D

  119. I have googled (past hour) deftones koi no yokan and found two different legit torrent sites that had a link. As soon as I clicked on it it said that the torrent was taken down due to US Government policies.

    I think it may very well have been the real deal because the fake KNY torrents are still up. Why did those particular ones get taken down?

    I think it’s bound to leak any minute/hour/day now

  120. Avatar of Kyle

    The album leak has been delayed by an hour due to daylight saving time.

  121. Thanks for the clips! That was kool to hear those for now! I can’t wait to buy the new album!

  122. Wow. Sounds great…can’t wait :)

  123. Keep an eye on realm of metal, alot of requests coming up in their chat feed

  124. wonder how many times im going to loop 30 seconds of entombed

  125. Avatar of Will

    The legit album was leaked on kickass torrents this morning. I downloaded it the minute I saw it and I’m glad I did because when I went back to comment on the torrent about 10 minutes later, it was gone!! I’m going to upload the copy I have now to pirate bay and kickass torrents right now. Hopefully it wont get taken down again. BTW, the album is so amazing. I’m also going to upload it to youtube. Just be patient and give me time to upload. I’m working on it as we speak.

  126. Avatar of Jordan

    Partial leak at Realm of Metal

    • Avatar of Kyle Sams

      Those two songs were already released. Other than that I didn’t see anything new.

    • Just Leathers and Tempest.Nothing new.

  127. BobKat ‏@robertisgreen
    about to do some bitchass yardwork…. but its A-okay because i just leaked the new Deftones album! #KoiNoYokan #FuckYeah

  128. Avatar of NonApplicable

    Lets make a pact. If anybody finds a leak, re-upload it like a MOFO. Surely the label will take it down in a matter of hours. WE CAN BEAT THE SYSTEM!

  129. you guys should update the track list for this, by the way…

  130. Avatar of Jonson

    It’s being said that swerve city has leaked. If anyone finds it. Link it.

  131. A random guy on SharingLungs swears he has uploaded it to a few private torrent tracker sites. If you have an account at ANY, please check ;)

  132. Avatar of Kevin James

    ^ Don’t get your hopes up,19750.8500.html

    Go to page 426 (but read onwards because it’s hilarious) this supposed leaker dude is blatantly fucking with everyone

  133. Sorry for the duplicate post, the page popped up saying it didn’t go through

  134. It’s not released. Another lie.

  135. Avatar of NonApplicable

    The posters on SharingLungs are all morons. It’s hilarious when they all desperately beg only to be trolled for the fourth time in a row.

  136. I just noticed that Last.FM lists the album…and people were listening to swerve city as i was looking…i tagged the track but i mean what are the odds its gonna play it when i want it to…

  137. goddammit…it leaked on SeedPeer half an hour ago and now it’s gone….FUCK!!!

  138. i can’t wait any longer

  139. Avatar of Rambo

    Damnit! It was on, but it was taken down. :(

  140. Avatar of steve tap

    Sorry, meant to leave this as a comment in the thread, not as a reply to one comment.

    There are 30 second clips for every song at Amazon France.

    • Avatar of Colin

      omg I’m so fucking sick of you idiots posting the same exact shit. WE ALL KNOW THERE ARE 30 SECOND CLIPS!! EVERY PERSON WHO’S CHECKED THIS THREAD HAS PROBABLY LISTENED TO THEM.

      just stop and don’t post unless it’s something new

      • Avatar of Will

        Dude mellow out. You cant make the assumption that everyone has heard the clips. What may not be new information to you might be new information to someone else. Granted there are a lot of comments about the clips on this thread, but maybe that person didnt realize it.

        • Avatar of Colin

          if it’s new information to them, they don’t check up on things very well. Take some time, scroll through this page because this is what it’s here for, and then add your 2¢. It’s annoying and should not be restated as “new” a million times. that’s all.

        • Avatar of Colin


      • Avatar of steve tap

        Dude, you can at least be civil. I check this page every day, and I didn’t see the link that was a few posts above my post. You can’t tell me you’ve never missed reading something in a page. There’s no harm in attempting to be helpful.

  141. blaise365: They were NEVER at core uploads in the first place.

  142. It hasn’t leaked at all. The shit that’s been taken down are all fake rar torrents. I swear to christ the ppl here and sharinglungs are some gullible morons. When it leaks it’ll be all over the fucking place and it won’t be a rar file

    • if realm of metal leaks it it will be a rar file

    • If this hasn’t been leaked yet, why is Warner issuing cease and desists like crazy on google?

  143. i want to hear this fuckin thing RIGHT NOW!!

  144. Is it true it leaked on

    • That would be a negative my good man.

    • Avatar of NonApplicable

      No. That rumor was spread by a troll on the SharingLungs website.

      • not on waffles either, if any troll pops up saying that

        • and i doubt the leak (if any) will drop either on waffles or what. not unless it’s flac or at least 320kbps, since the above-mentioned trackers care much for their quality. anyway, the wait sucks donkey cock

  145. It hasn’t leaked.

  146. Most rar files are fakes. I don’t trust rar files.

    b: If Warner is doing that, how about some links to proof?

  147. When you search google for albums some of the results are removed by the acts that prevent copyright. Last night when I made my comment, There had been a total of 12 Cease and Desist notices put out. All these were awaiting approval, but a few of them, when clicked on, read that it was sent by Warner Music Group. Withing 30 mins of my post the notices no longer showed in google. this is curious to me. No proof tho, but this happens all the time!

  148. This is odd seeing as Green Day are on the same label. Maybe Chino knows how to do this shit.

    • I don’t think it’s Chino “knowing how to do this shit” seeing as Diamond Eyes leaked 2 months in advance causing the release date to be bumped forward 2 weeks. WB is probably just deciding to keep deftones albums under a tighter lock seeing as deftones was victim of a 2 month leak instead of whatever green day, who isn’t really known for ridiculous leaks.

  149. I commend Warner Bros on their ability to keep this sealed. It won’t last much longer, however.

  150. It won’t last much longer? No shit! It will in stores in less than a week.

  151. This is literally driving me insane. I’m stuck to my computer all day hoping and waiting for this leak. I’m a Deftones zealot, I’m def buying the album, I just want to hear new tones!

  152. Chill, “me”. All things in due time.

  153. I know this has been posted before…and people have complained…so let me just state that this is nothing new…just an hd version of the 30 second samples…without having to skip around…i am just itching for new shit and tend to replay this video at least 5 times a day…it can’t be must longer…right?

  154. Avatar of Jesse

    With all the physical copies we know are out there this has got to be the most guarded leak of the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if every copy out there came with a a leak notice stating that WB records will end you, Deathklok style, if they find that you’ve leaked it.

    It’s infuriating and hilarious at once.

  155. ALBUM LEAKS IN A WEEK’S TIME… in stores and online to buy you impatient thieving bums.

  156. Avatar of JAY TWO

    Good news! It will leak this month!

  157. Well it’s been fun folks. If it was going to leak they would have done it already.

  158. Avatar of Craig

    Going to be released in AUS/NZ on Friday so there will probably be a leak within the next day or 2.

  159. My guess would be Thursday or Friday at the latest seeing as Australians get this on the 9th.

  160. It gets released here in Australia on Friday and it’s Wednesday afternoon now. Probably end up getting the physical album before it leaks. I saw the local store was already selling the new Green Day which has the same release date.

  161. I’m gonna assume it will leak the day before or day of release if it hasn’t leaked a week out. The only other BIG release I can remember not leaking until the day of or before was Slipknots last album. Thankfully the Deftones are a shitload more talented with most likely the same amount of fans.

    • There are copies floating around out there. A leak is very close. I know a few people who have it. Expect it within the next 24 hours.

      • It’s released within the next 24 hours so there will likely be a leak before then. It’s 4 in the morning in Aus at the moment but I assume most stores will have copies once they open and it only takes one to bring it home and shove it online.

  162. I think it will leak in the next 2 days also being a fan of both slipknot and deftones i wouldnt say the deftones are wayyy more talented if at all i enjoy them both but corey taylor is a genius

    • Einstein was a genius, Corey Taylor is just some hack with no neck and a microphone.

    • Avatar of Kyle Sams

      Ha ha, Corey Taylor being referred to as a genius. The man himself would call you an idiot, but I’ll happily do it for him…you idiot.

    • Joker living up to his name? Mike Patton – genius, maynard – genius, devin townsend – genius….. corey taylor is NO where near these demi god’s.

  163. It’s officially out in Australia on Friday

    • Also bear in mind that they are 11 hours ahead of Uk time in Australia so technically, it’s released in Australia at 1pm Thursday on UK time. People will get it through Itunes etc so it’ll definitely be online in 24 hours time.

  164. Corey Taylor is not a genius :)

  165. Avatar of JordanTw2

    Poltergeist studio version [Link Removed]

  166. Avatar of Will

    Dont even bother trying to upload the track to youtube, it automatically gets taken down. I tried doing it 3 times.

    • If it is taken down you can refute the claim and itll be put back up.

  167. Hey, this guy on is supposedly listening to Koi No Yokan right now…

  168. upload it to tumblr then lol it seems like no one has taken that down

  169. It’s out there, people. Search tumblr “deftones”.

  170. It has finally leaked. Not going to listen to it, though. Waiting for the real deal…

  171. Avatar of Will

    Ive uploaded Poltergeist to kickasstorrents if anyone is interested. Its studio quality.

  172. This very well could be leaked, the torrent is on, but I’m at work so I can’t verify whether it’s legit or not. Good chance it is, but I don’t want to stake my rep on it. is an invite only site, if anyone else is a member check it out and confirm

  173. Ooo I just grabbed a mediafire leak that’s comp legit. go search tumblr for it.

  174. Avatar of Nii

    on Realm of Metal

  175. also on GetMetal

  176. Avatar of Nick

    I think it’s happened… stand by for confirmation..

  177. Avatar of Si

    Its out, its GOOD.

  178. Avatar of Nick

    Aw yeah

  179. Avatar of Bryce


  180. Finally! Woo Hoo! It’s SLOW, bc a million people are downloading it, but it’s working….

    So far, so good!

  181. I’m on realm of metal. I don’t know how to download it. Do I suffer from retard?

  182. Saw it on Realm of Metal. Was downloading 2 different 160kbps copies before visiting there. Now I’m downloading that one, and my internet speed SUUUUUUUUCKS! Ah well. Better than none at all.

  183. Avatar of


  184. Avatar of Firebird

    I hope this isn’t another troll session because I can’t find it anywhere!

  185. Avatar of michael

    it’s dang good.

  186. OH god….it’s out….it’s fucking out….so beautiful, charming, repeat all month, tks for waiting….but i really need to buy the original cd….

  187. Avatar of Jarett

    Yup it is the real deal on Real of Metal. Loving it!

  188. I extract the files from Realm of Metal and it says Gauze is corrupt so can’t get the last 3 tracks.

  189. Any non rar leaks yet?

  190. I can’t convert rar files at work :(

    • WinRaR is the thing you need to open .rar files and after the 40 days runs out it wants you to buy it, just hit close and it’s “free” forever because they just really don’t care.

  191. Avatar of Sebastian

    finally, i can listen to some magic

  192. Avatar of Firebird

    I’ll believe it when it’s not in rar format or requires additional software to download.
    By the way… I’ve registered, so why do I have to wait for my posts to be moderated? Is this site a nazi affiliated site or something?
    My earlier posts lie awaiting moderation while others appear after mine?

  193. This is ace. Totally amazing from start to finish. One of the best of 2012, prolly the best.

  194. Avatar of Firebird

    Well Pirate Bay and KAT don’t have this, and since they are the only 2 torrent sites I trust (now that Demonoid has gone down), I’ll assume this is completely fake! It would be nice to discuss this with other site members, but since everytime you fart it has to be supervised and approved by some mighty, superior being, I’ll just wait for the album to be released. I heard this site was a load of shit, censored bollox… while trolls who report fake leaks get immediate approval, as this thread has shown… count me out of this college project site!
    I bet this doesn’t get shown… in a free speech society.

  195. Avatar of Jennimandy

    Excellent album. Finally!

  196. Avatar of Antanas

    also in ThePirateBay

  197. Avatar of Will

    My god this album is sooooo good.

  198. First off happy the album leaked can’t wait to hear it but my comment about corey taylor was my opinion i respect all those so called demi gods you speak and love most of their music so i just wanted to say my opinion is in fact opinion and i you feel you need to take your time to call me an idiot that is your waste of time

  199. Avatar of mark

    finally..for real

  200. Avatar of Colin

    This album is beyond amazing!

  201. Im not sure if its the best album of them (tied with Saturday Night Wrist, imo)… all i know that this stallion have all necessary to be considerated a top release from Deftones. So far the best album i´ve heard this year.

    • You obviously didn’t bother to listen to the Neurosis album then.

  202. This album’s awesome, the guys are in good form lately. Refreshed, happy in life appreciative of what they do. Chi’s accident shock them up as i’m sure it would anyone in that situation. I get the feeling it opened their eyes to how short life is & how lucky they are to be who they are & it’s showing in their music.
    I hope people support the band & purchase the album once it’s out & not just stick with the leak.

  203. Great Album !!!!!!!!!!

  204. Avatar of Mojib

    Read our exclusive review of Koi No Yokan, written by Matt Doyle.

  205. Avatar of andrew james

    Ill never know why so many people enjoy this band. My ex Gf lived them and I could never figure out why. Nu metal sucked when the genre began and it’s only gotten worse. I was hoping the guy from the band who’s in a coma meant this band would finally throw in the towel for god sakes.

    • Bit harsh, mate.

      Got nothing to nice to say, then don’t say anything.

      Your Ex. Reason why she’s your ex, probably. :)

    • Shallow people that aren’t very creative would never get Deftones. Well, I guess if you are a girly man and don’t like loud stuff, you probably wouldn’t like them either.

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