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Knock Madness

Hopsin : Knock Madness

Hopsin : Knock Madness
Hopsin's 3rd studio album expected for a late 2013 release. "Hop Madness" was released as the first single from the album in March 2012 but Hopsin has since said the song will not appear on Knock Madness. July 18th will mark the release of "Ill Mind of Hopsin 6" which will begin promotion for the project. A bonus CD will be packaged with the album containing mastered versions of the "Ill Mind" songs.

Hopsin’s 3rd studio album expected for a late 2013 release. “Hop Madness” was released as the first single from the album in March 2012 but Hopsin has since said the song will not appear on Knock Madness. July 18th will mark the release of “Ill Mind of Hopsin 6″ which will begin promotion for the project. A bonus CD will be packaged with the album containing mastered versions of the “Ill Mind” songs.



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Knock Madness Leak Updates

On 11/23/2013, Knock Madness was reported as leaked by 2 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

techn9nestrange1 (A Level 1 user with 34 points) reported an album download leak at mediafire.

creative (A Level 4 user with 1181 points) reported an album download leak at Funkvolumeforum.

Confirmed Tracks: "Hop is Back", "Rip Your Heart Out", "Tears to Snow", "Moving to Australia".[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Anticipation: +34

Album Verdict: 8.0

Hopsin : Knock Madness, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


  1. Man… This is the only Album i’m waiting for this year.

  2. Damn this needs to drop already! His style is the shit! N knowing that he is done dissing Ruthless I can’t wait to see what he has in store!


  4. HOPSIN! Y U NO release yet :[

  5. He is taking way to long to release this…

    • hey go search on youtube “be my friend hopsin” and there is a leaked km song!

      • Avatar of 8MileSoldier

        That song was made before “Ill Mind of Hopsin 4″ it wasn’t a KM leak. The person just labeled it as one.

  6. Wouldnt it be hiillaurious if rock,paper,SwizZors came out before knock madness? im looking for this album to be good,when it drops i wouldnt be expecting a new hopsin album in a long time maybe ever..

  7. I hope he disses lil wayne and 2 chainz in this album

    • he isnt dissing anyone anymore he said in his last interview his new album is about bettering the youth

      • he said he aint dissing ruthless anymore

        • Maybe he finally got over the attention seeking.

      • too bad he dissed Kanye and Kendrick on the single

      • You obviously haven’t heard Hop Is Back yet…

  8. Avatar of 8MileSoldier

    This album is actually now set for a September 2013 release.

  9. His album is now set to drop november 26, 2013 it says that in the description on ill mind of hopsin 6 on youtube

  10. The album is set to release November 26th

  11. can’t wait for this to drop

  12. in this age of complete waterd down BS rap, and rock for the matter…hopsin and funk volume stand alone as the last of a dying breed of actual talent and originallity, theres too much to say bout this dude im sure knock madness is gon be all we hoped it would

    • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahsa are you seriously saying that hopsin and funk volume are the only two people now days that are talented and original his whole in your face style is taken from early eminem so i wouldn’t even call it original heres a list of other truly talented people that are mid/beggining their career that i can get off the top of my head:

      -Earl sweatshirt

      -kendrick lamar


      -joey bada$$

      -flatbush zombies

      -jay rock

      -kid cudi

      -mac miller (since WMWTSO)

      -Tyler the creator


      don’t get me wrong hopsin has a talent for rap but he’s no where near original with his I hate everyone but me style and stand next to many other talented artists

      • I got you there are many..many other artists in there own genre/generation of music that are observed as “top artists” the point i was really tryin to make is the hope i have of hop and FV is that it’ll one day turn the music industry to reach for his level so we dont hear the same old tired ass shit today…all the artists u listed are the top of the ladder the statement is lil wayne drake 2 chains still exsist and the animosity i hold towards them reflects onto the anger that hop and fv and all the true talented arent reconized as they should be….


          • eh half of strange is complete n9ne is way over rted i lovem but personally i like ces mayday and rittz much more. krizz is just a hype man and stone and scoob are assss

        • Kendrick Lamar is already changing the music industry so its not all poppy hits on the radio. Hopsin is just a 30 some year old teenager

          • Hopsin is better then kendrick… kendricks a beast but he doesnt touch most underground mcs hes a good bridge though. like a good poltically correct savior of hip hop haha but still i prefer macklemore of kendrick bar for bar.

          • you dnt know shit about hip hop if u think macklemore is any good

          • You dont know shit abouy hip hop if you think he isnt a beast do your research the kid is a one man atmosphere. losers on here i swear

      • You also seem to forget that Eminem did not create that style tho. If you listened to old 80′s and early 90′s rap you would see where Em got his style.

        • em stole his style from cage completely

          • from cage?!? lmao of all people…im pretty sure he started rapping before cage bro.. i could be wrong but…lol

      • So freaking true.

      • first off take tyler off that list you must be friggin crazy. Second hopsin is more lyrical and well rounded then 3/4ths of that list. And third your only mentioning mainstrem and popular indie artists. When you hear my friend Passions verse on lunchtime cypher itll change the way you see lyrical [LR]

  13. This dude needs to hurry up and release this shit before people forget about this nigga.

  14. He’s releasing another song today,probably at midnight. Its gonna be Rip Your Heart Out feat Tech N9ne

  15. Looks like some people got their copy of knock madness in the mail today! Confirmed by Hopsin via facebook! Leak hunting time!

  16. it alrleady leaked

  17. listening now

  18. It’s out there. Try funkvolumeforums ;)

  19. mediafire link is .wma and missing a couple songs

  20. can someone please help me to get this leak cause i cant find it

  21. I got the album off of Atrilli

  22. Its on Soundcloud too

  23. So much for Hop not dissing/name dropping

  24. It’s on itunes now. He also has it on his youtube channel

  25. pretty good album

  26. Same old Hopsin.. Cringeworthy production layered with preachy lyrics and an unoriginal flow. He needs to step it up.

  27. hop my nigga doe

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