A$AP Rocky Beauty and the Beast: Slowed Down Sessions, Chapter 1

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Beauty and the Beast is going to be a free album download by A$AP Rocky. An instrumental record which is to showcast A$APs production skills. Speaking to MTV, he revealed he was ready to show off his production skills on this record. "I think people are gonna be intrigued by it because it's actually good," he said. "I wouldn't do nothing that I didn't feel confident or comfortable about. I think people gonna like this shit." Asked about what the new material sounds like, he replied: "It's really druggy, ambient shit…The name of it is 'Beauty and the Beast: Slowed Down Sessions, Chapter 1'. And it's because everything is like classical beautiful music and boom-bap Wu-Tang shit mixed together. It's slowed down and it's real vibey, with no lyrics. I feel like it's gonna get people through the summer." He added: "I'm not looking to put it out, I'm just gonna drop it for free online and I'ma have visuals to it. It's gonna be like a real album, but it's gonna be free." No official release date has been announced, as the album is expected "before Autumn".

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