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From Death To Destiny

Asking Alexandria : From Death To Destiny

Asking Alexandria  : From Death To Destiny
the long awaited third studio album of the British metal band, Asking Alexandria. (I got the tracklist from Danny's Instagram.) -3/3/13

the long awaited third studio album of the British metal band, Asking Alexandria.

(I got the tracklist from Danny’s Instagram.) -3/3/13



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From Death To Destiny Leak Updates

On 07/29/2013, From Death To Destiny was reported as leaked by 2 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

eliemjs94 (A Level 1 user with 23 points) reported an album download leak at yourleaks blogspot com & zippyshare.

getmetal (A Level 4 user with 3111 points) reported an album download leak at GetMetal.

1) Sick And tired (3:24) 2) Am I Insane? (4:25) 3) White Line Fever (3:38) 4) All You Got To Do (3:23) 5) Dead (3:45) 6) Creature (3:14) 7) The Road (3:27) 8) Burn It To The Ground (3:28) 9) Killing Me (3:14) 10) Run Free (4:14) 11 Moving On (4:01) 12 Don't Pray For Me (3:05) 13 Six (3:03) 14 Am I Insane? (Radio Edit) (3:37)[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Anticipation: +86

Album Verdict: 8.4

Asking Alexandria : From Death To Destiny, 8.4 out of 10 based on 35 ratings


  1. Avatar of Hector Casey

    I can’t wait for this album

    • Avatar of Colton Musselman

      i’m pretty excited about it too, but it still makes me mad that they have only released one single in like 6 months.

      • Avatar of Hector Casey

        Check out Danny’s YouTube. It has a video of him in the studio. His channel is Danny Worsnop.

  2. Avatar of seth

    look at these faggots

  3. Avatar of Zion Hodgkin

    They’ve released another couple of songs, including “Life on the Edge”, and “Don’t Pray for Me”.

    • Avatar of Daniel

      No they did not it’s just fake.

    • Avatar of Michael

      Nope, the YouTube videos of it are of a band called “SKARLETT” and sometimes they use a song by “SKARLETT” and “Set on Famous”, the song is called “You Only Live Once, So You Can’t Die Twice” (Still an amazing song and I love SKARLETT)

      Although Danny did release a 35 second clip of “Don’t Pray for Me” which can be found here:

  4. Avatar of Colton Musselman

    does anyone know about Danny’s project, Harlot? i follow him on twitter and everything and he says it’s a rock and roll band, but he says the same about Asking Alexandria. He recently said he got his scream on, on one of the songs, so i am pretty optimistic about it. your guys’s opinions, or info?

    • Harlot is Danny’s side project, its good but its nothing like Asking Alexandria, its like country rock blues stuff, its more of a clean project thing, they are worth checking out, they have like 2 songs…

      • Avatar of Colton Musselman

        i am anticipating it being like motley crue and hairbands from the 80′s because it seems that, that is what he is into!

  5. Danny said at one of their live shows before they played Run Free that the albums name is “Don’t Pray For Me” :)

    Video is here:

  6. Avatar of ossie

    i cant wait anymore! :( :( :(

  7. Avatar of Colton Musselman

    i predict that this album will be out around august, so a year later than they said. fuck them. It is really getting to piss me off. they have been frugal on any details on the album, we’re the fans. We make them.

  8. Avatar of Eric

    Has anyone heard the new song? It’s not bad, it’s called The Death Of Me.

    • Avatar of Colton Musselman

      it’s alright, maybe i just have to listen to is more or something but i just wasn’t that into it the very first time i heard it.

  9. Avatar of Sam Long

    Heard The Death of Me earlier, I really liked it! :-D

  10. Avatar of ossie

    …. that new song is not that good.. i cant dance to it…. i miss the old electro asking alexandria :( but well.. everything happens for a reason

  11. Avatar of Nicholas 7903

    I like their new sound, they have kind of grown up a little, and no matter what, I will always love anything they release but I think this album will be the thing that makes them really big, they are heavy now, they have put alot of effort into this and I am very excited, I’m not a big fan of Danny’s voice these days but hopefully the songs will sound better in the finished versions, very keen for this album, I check here everyday and a lot of downloading sites claim to have the album already and you download what they say is the album but none of the songs are legit, its on all the sites, fake versions.

  12. Avatar of Brad

    Hoping this sounds better than the last album, wasnt a fan of it…

  13. Avatar of

    SO Stoked For This Album, They Are Just getting Better And Better

  14. Avatar of Dayton

    Really wish they’d slap a release date on this. I can’t wait.

  15. Avatar of Jozef Marinov

    YAY <3 :3 AWESOME :)

  16. Avatar of Peter Pan

    source seemingly album is recorded, but they choose the date of release after playing the big summer-festivals in europe this year…gonna be awesome…of course! :-D

  17. Avatar of Matthew

    According to this video: albums coming out in July this year.

  18. According to their Facebook page, the streetdate of the album will be announced within the next 48 hours.

  19. Hopefully the album will make early July. That’d be nice.!

  20. 8th JUNE 2013! Remember that day!

  21. facebook page says 8.6.13 which i hope means june 6th :D but if its august i swear to god -.-

  22. 8/6/13 official release date

  23. So is it the 8th of June or the 6th of August? D;

  24. Is 8/6/13 realy the realse date because their is an interview that they put saying its set for realse in August

    • that is august…. -_-

      • Here in NZ our date format goes day/month/year he obviously hasnt taken into account this is an american release date month/day/year so don’t be a twat about it other countries do exist you know

  25. August 6, 2013. Can we fix the release date up at the top please??

  26. Why is the release date still not fixed?

  27. Looking forward to this album :D

  28. they really should update the realese date :L but i dont know what i need to expect from this album :L

  29. The date’s August 6th.

  30. LOL! The second song’s name is The Death Of Me, not Am I Insane?

  31. come on leak pls :) i am wating!!!!!

  32. Come On Leak!!!!!!!! I NEEEED THIS ALBUM!!!!!

  33. I have a feeling this album is going to leak far ahead of its release date.

    • where has it leaked cause i don’t see it

  34. The tracklist is wrong, go to Asking Alexandria`s official online store, the album pre-order is there and the official tracklist

  35. Hope this leaks soon!

  36. you can preview every track on their youtube now

  37. swear it leaked

  38. apparenltley this person has it already. they said their store had it so he bought it but not sure if its true. Telling them to upload it to see if it is real or not!

    • well did it leak?

      • still don’t know. The track “Killing You” is on New Zealands iTunes though to buy but can’t find it online anywhere!!

        • same and im broke till saturday .-.

  39. has it heck

    • that so called leak is a Like Moths To Flames album NOT Asking Alexandria…

  40. does anyone here know if its leaked someone said it has but i highly doubt it

    • dude i tried it its the LMTF album this guy lies

  41. FAKE!!! stop posting such links!

  42. The track “Killing You” is available for purchase on iTunes in New Zealand


  44. A new song has leaked. It’s called “Killing you”, search it on youtube.

  45. Can anyone please tell me what’s so special about Asking Alexandria? By no means do I try to troll, I’m just wondering what you find so attractive about them. The vocalist?

    • their Music

      • As metal core acts they are incredibly shallow and unimaginative always sticking to the same boring formula(one-sided riffs/breakdowns with sections of clean vocals -> repeat to infinity. Not to forget the lyrics full of overestimation and stupidity). But hey, retarded bands for retarded people!

        Conclusion: Rather go listen to Misery Signals or Poison the Well instead of this insult to humanity.

  46. Apparently it already leaked, but Ben’s been working on taking all the links down. He’s doing a damn fine job too, I can’t find any legitimate downloads xD

    • Once it leaked nobody can’t take links down, if you don’t find any downloads is because it doesn’t leaked yet. I think maybe next week for leaked ;)

    • Yea, if it had leaked I doubt anyone could stop it from being shared out all over the internet.

    • You can’t just take things down off the internet haha, when will people learn.

    • The disc is leaked and I’ve downloaded it. The album is so fuckin good.

      • why dont you wait and buy it like any real fan would. show your support for bands and buy not download

        • I downloaded the leak and I’m still gonna go Tuesday and buy the album. It’s an amazing album!

    • It got leaked a day or two ago. It’s all over torrent websites and music websites.

  47. Tracklist from itunes:
    1. Don’t Pray for Me
    2. Killing You
    3. The Death of Me
    4. Run Free
    5. Break Down the Walls
    6. Poison
    7. Believe
    8. Creature
    9. White Line Fever
    10. Moving On
    11. The Road
    12. Until the End
    13. The Death of Me (Bonus Track)
    14. Dead (Bonus Track)
    15. Someone, Somewhere (Bonus Track)

    • According to Wikipedia, Someone, Somewhere is an acoustic version sung by Ben.

  48. any news on a leak? im dying to hear this album

  49. Even if it’s leaked I’ll wait the fourteen days till it is officially released. I am just going to wait, extremely patiently, will listening to the album preview on repeat. XD

  50. Wow, I used to hate this band but there new stuff sounds a lot better

  51. im dyyyyiiiiiinnnnggggggg

  52. New artwork on New Zealand iTunes (censorship…)

    • Wow, they sure toned down the song for the video… The preview sounds way better than this….

      • ok so i wasnt insane about that

      • It’s the “rock mix” which they released a while ago (also in the end of the album preview).. Feels like a sell-out-ish move to put it in the music video instead of the original version.

  53. they just released the music video for “The Death of Me”

    • i failed to noticed it below my comment -_-

  54. new AA song just leaked

  55. This is my most anticipated album of the year. Pre ordered the bundle too. I can not fkin wait to come… I know it’s gonna leak sooner, but it’s gonna be a hard time to wait my own copy..

    • Have you seen the page on this site for the new ffdp album?

      • I have, we’re in over 2k comments xD

        • That page got ridiculous! It was full of so much Brad! Lol! Can’t wait to do it all over again for Volume 2

        • Hopefully this leaks earlyer but it was so fucking worth the wait!!

  56. Well, I guess this is the album I’m waiting for since Death Punch leaked already! WOOO! Let the wait begin!

    • I wonder how far we can get this one up to xD

    • And looks like some people were served with C&D orders as well due to leaking it. From what I hear, a few people do have legitimate copies but must be dont have the balls enough to just say fuck it and leak it for all, but then again, I am not sure if I would have the balls enough to do it either lol. And if anyone comes in here stating they do have it (ahem, musicking182 as he is know on other forums…he has been proven not to have it) and if he was indeed a producer or engineer as he says he is, wouldnt he have more than 7 followers on Twitter lol

      • Wow…

        • So, yeah…He claims that the record company called him and told him to delete the files and tear up the disc. So, I really do not know to be quite honest

          • They wouldn’t really tell him to tear up the disc would they?

          • Search for him on Twitter – musicking182 – then click on the pick and you tell me if you think he really works for something like that…………..i dont think so

          • Lmao nope xD

          • So, if you use other boards/blogs, thats his name on the chat panel

    • I bet it leaks either over the weekend or on Monday

      • God I fucking wish and none of the Brad or Charlie charlie either!

  57. This isn’t relating to this album, but I can’t seem to find a download of the ACTUAL remastered version of “Infamous” by Motionless In White. All I can find is the bonus tracks with the songs from the original “Infamous” album released in 2012.

    Any help would be appreciated. :)

  58. lol, asking alexandria.
    * flushes these hot topic posers and their retard fans down lars ulrich’s toilet*


  59. I got the album from

    • Don’t even go for it, friends. Link is false.

    • Brad, enough is enough already.

    • Oh sweet….really? You mean you got nothing from there because, you dumb fuck, its first-class downloads you dumb ass and its fake….So step the fuck off and let the big boys that know how to do this get them for all of you and remember that Jesus loves you

  60. mp3zer claims to have it, anyone check? I feel like its false

    • Downloaded it, requires a password download from a survey site, don’t think it’s real.

    • I checked it, its fake, I even got the password from doing the survey and all the files wouldnt even play -_-

  61. I have 5 songs from the album I have Don’t Pray For Me, Killing You, The Death Of Me, Run Free and The Death Of Me (Rock Mix)

    CORRECTION I now have Sick And Tired, Killing You And All These Years.

    • Where did you get Don’t Pray For Me?

    • where did you get dont pray for me

      • I cannot post links but it was 4 shared the folder had all 5 of the tracks in a rar folder it claimed to be the whole album but those were the tracks that worked try to simplify your search like “Asking Alexandria – From Death To Destiny” to “AA DTD” happy hunting.

        • How big was the rar file? I may have found it

        • Found it. Killing You, The Death of Me, Run Free (Not the album version, just the original from last year) and The Death of Me (Rock Mix) are there but Don’t Pray for Me isn’t… Not worth the download…

          • Give me a few, you just want that track? I’ll find a link

          • That’s cute… Skarlett is a poser AA… People! It hasn’t leaked.

          • What do you mean?

          • That’s not Asking Alexandria… It’s this band:

          • He doesn’t have don’t pray for me

          • well fuck

    • I don’t see anything of these songs, you can post but you can’t put the domain like “hasitleaked DOT com” and people can get those songs unless you’re full of brad and being a charlie

      • www dot 4shared dot com / rar / 6Tq-Ep9 _ / AA _ FDTD dot htm and then you can apologize! put the spaces together there you will find 5 songs

    • Fuck off brad

      • I am not brad bro… My name is Tim and I am not a fucking Charlie or a Brad!

        • Then show some proof

          • OK for one bro the Mod blocked Charlie/Brad’s ip address number 2 I have an Avatar picture and you guys are so quick to call somebody Charlie or Brad it’s fucking retarded, We are NO LONGER in Kindergarten now I posted the link in pieces and your mission if you choose to accept is put the motherfucker together unless you want me to do that for you too, I am not gonna fight I am just telling you what I have found and trying to share. It’s 5 songs it’s the best I can do. Enjoy.

            PS I’m not out to fuck ANYBODY over I want this album as much as you do and even after you download those songs and you still don’t believe me well I am sorry bro but I’m here just like the rest of you waiting for a leak.

          • He isnt Brad. His name is Tim and he is one of my friends and we upload stuff, legit stuff, to sites when people ask for stuff. We both thought we had legit copies but when I compared what we both had, well, it wasnt legit. I only have 6 leaked songs right now and am still looking, so yeah, Tim is cool and he isnt a fraud when it comes to posting leaks. Hell, I leaked for all Twiztid – A New Nightmare and the site still hasnt reported it as leaked. I cannot do it because I only have 15 points, so yeah, Tim is a legit upper like me and remember folks Jesus fucking loves you

    • Sick and Tired is not even on the FUCKING album…so I dont know whose song you have but its not AA

  62. There have been several leaks of the album online, although Ben Bruce has been working hard to take all of the leak links down. – So basically, keep looking everyone. I think I have The Road but am not sure and now just need – Poison, Creatures, Moving On, Until The End, and Believe

    • can you link them or no?

    • I have these now… Sick And tired, White Line Fever, All You Got To Do, Burn It To The Ground, Killing Me, Run Free, Don’t Pray For Me, The Death Of Me (Rock Mix), All These Years

      • proof?

        • Proof!

          • Well, make sure that you compare them to the official album preview because I thought I had – Creature, The Road, White Line Fever, and Dont Pray For Me – but they were not legit

    • Well, I can mark off The Road and Moving On. Now only 4 more to go

    • Moving On leaked ages ago but I haven’t seen any of the others that you’re saying you have. Any help with that? Haha

      • I gave you the link for Don’t Pray For Me

        • You gave me the link to a poser band called Skarlett

          • For Real? I thought it was legit… My bad. I’m trying to help.

          • Yeah, Skarlett is like a copy of the old sound + an incredibly annoying vocalist because he’s shit and can’t accept people who aren’t Christian… It’s allgood though :) I reckon the official album leak should be out in about 2 or 3 days.

          • I hope so and I am not trying to lead anybody on I honestly thought I had found pieces of the album *sigh* hopefully tomorrow it will leak or monday at the latest.

          • Well I’m in New Zealand so I’m a day ahead, hopefully that means I’ll get it first haha but I’ll be sure to share it if I find it :)

          • Again apologies see ya back here for Vol 2 leak of 5FDP and A7X Hail to the King

          • I’ll definitely be checking those albums out! Not sure if you’ve seen it but here’s the full From Death to Destiny album preview:

          • So, there are only 6 leaked tracks – Moving On, Killing You, The Death Of Me, Run Free, The Death Of Me (Radio Mix), and one of the bonus tracks – Someone, Somewhere (Acoustic). Moving On is a really good song. Kinda reminds me of a ballad that Avenged Sevenfold would write and sing, but I am still looking for everyone and comparing them to the official album preview. Ill keep everyone posted

          • I would say seeing how 5FDP leaked 6 days early (always seems to be our Russian brothers and sisters who leak it early), that it would leak Sunday around 5:00 – 7:00pm for us and that be early Monday for them…but who knows, I have seen an album that was supposed to come out in January of this year, 2013, actually leak November 2012 – Love and Death’s album, so you never know when leaks are going to happen these days

      • Because I am not sharing them at the moment on here. I dont have them upped to a site but they are just on my external hard-drive. Someone, Somewhere (Ben Bruce Acoustic) is one of the bonus tracks from the UK edition. Other than that, that is all I got for now. I am still searching for everyone and comparing what I find to the official album preview

    • Is there a way you can link those songs that you have

      • I just updated my comment to say that I only have the ones that have been leaked already plus 1 of the bonus tracks, so, when I get the legit ones, I will see what I can do

        • You can listen to most of the songs on Mp3Squid

          • If you compare those to what is on the album preview, then they are not close to one another. Also, some of them on there have been modified to have the legit track and then a rap or dance song playing over the top of the legit song because the band is trying to get all links removed ASAP

          • I went through every track under ‘Asking Alexandria’ on mp3Squid and none of the tracks were legit

      • moving on and killing you both songs are on alterportal

    • when do you think you can help us out with the leaks you already have?

  63. I need thisssss

  64. this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i mean “this sucks” as in i cant fucking wait for the album to leaakkkkkkk

      • i get ya man xD i preorderd it and they ship out on the 30th so i hope i could get it like the day after or couple days

      • Were you there for the ffdp album?

        • what do u mean?

          • The wait for that was THE WORST

          • did u like the album?

          • Yes its amazing

  65. I wish this album would leak already! I’m having a hard time finding a legit torrent.

  66. There has been rumors all night that it has leaked as of today, but finding a link for it is impossible because as soon as it goes up its taken down. Good luck!

  67. Gonna be a sick album. I think it has leaked.

    • It probably has, im searching for a proper leak for days now though x.x

      • It certainly has leaked but they are being diligent in removing the downloads.

        • on Realm of Metal now

  68. this leaked..

  69. This has leaked. But I don’t have enough points to report it.

  70. links already down! I wasnt quick enough!

  71. the album did leak i’m listening to it right now its a change but a great one!

  72. Leaked on Realm of Metal / All Leaks and Alterportal.

  73. anyone know where i can ACTUALLY find it

    • Same problem here

      • yeah and of course pirate bay is down so i cant check there

        • Google Realm of Metal, it’s on the 2nd row.

          • Kickasstorrent

        • found it on all leaks seems to still be up

    • Kickass Torrents has it.

    • try kingdomleaks they have it and many others

  74. just need bonus tracks now :)

  75. such an amazing album

  76. Wakes up to the leak and bonus track previews… EPIC/PERFECT DAY!!! Thanks everybody for joining me in waiting for this masterpiece! :D

  77. its on KAT

  78. I got mine from Realm Of Metal I like the zippyshare they use it downloads fast.

  79. this album is horrible! album of the year? lol…not even close! Try Defeater or letlive.

    • What did you expect lead singer Danny said the lyrics will be more uplifting and happier and different than previous albums that were about drugs/alcohol problems. Usually when a band is good when the lyrics are written drunk and high. Ya it sounds bad to say but most part its true LOL

      • Eh, I didn’t even listen to the lyrics and I feel the same way. The unique things of this band are gone and the vocals just sound like A7X now.

        • What’s wrong with A7X here?? I didn’t listen to the AA’s album for now, but M. Shadows has a f*cking amazing voice. Well, as far as I’m concerned…

          • Nothing wrong with A7X at all, however AA is NOT A7X…

  80. Album sounds like retarded shit. Looks like another band has pulled an A7X and gone hard rock. Soon we will all here AA on radios and I will have to explain how I only like the first 2 albums just like A7X…so sad to see them sell out and go to shit.

  81. This album sucks. Looks like another band pulled an A7x and went Hard Rock on us. Such a same to see them go to crap. Soon we will all hear AA on the radios and old fans will change the station in shame for ever listening to them. They will all have to explain that they liked up to the second album and the rest sucked. Just like A7X

    • they allways sucked

    • AAs new direction is great. Danny even said that stand up and scream was a joke album. They have matured and have created a great album

  82. It has officially leaked and it’s perfection.

  83. it sucks…. all the songs sounds the same, the best one is run free..

  84. I’m in love with The Death of Me, but am not too sure about the rest of the album.
    It’s a shame. FFDP’s new album has it beat.

  85. perfection my ass. the drumming bores the shit out of me. the riffs
    could of been done from 12 year old emo kids raving over bullet for my
    valentine. singing is without any passion. lyrics are full of
    douchebaggery and stupidity. i couldnt believe AA is so hated all over serious metalcore acts so i listened to this. big waste of time.

  86. use a torrent duh. Thats how i get all music, including this album. type in google: “from death to destiny tpb” and the pirate bay should be the first two links. get the 320 version and badaboom.

  87. I uploaded the whole album in youtube, here you have one song
    You are welcome :)

  88. The song is not called “Am I Insane?”. It is actually called the Death of Me and was the second single released.

  89. Going off of the Album Preview released by Sumerian Records, I believe the track listing is
    1:Don’t Pray for Me
    2:Killing You
    3:The Death of Me
    4: Run Free
    5: Break Down The Walls
    6: Poison
    7: Believe
    8: Creature
    9: White Line Fever
    10: Moving On
    11: The Road
    12: Until The End
    13: The Death of Me(Radio Edit)
    14: Dead
    15: Someone, Somewhere (Ben Bruce acoustic)

  90. i have it already, such a suck album…

    it’s great.. :D

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