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Hail To The King

Avenged Sevenfold : Hail To The King

Avenged Sevenfold : Hail To The King
Avenged Sevenfold have revealed the album cover, title, and release date for their highly anticipated sixth studio album. Titled Hail to the King, the record will be released on August 27. All the details were uncovered via an online scavenger hunt that led fans to different websites, including, that were hosting puzzle pieces. Avenged Sevenfold will also be playing a free show at the Hollywood Palladium on August 26 to celebrate the album release.

Avenged Sevenfold have revealed the album cover, title, and release date for their highly anticipated sixth studio album. Titled Hail to the King, the record will be released on August 27. All the details were uncovered via an online scavenger hunt that led fans to different websites, including, that were hosting puzzle pieces. Avenged Sevenfold will also be playing a free show at the Hollywood Palladium on August 26 to celebrate the album release.



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Hail To The King Leak Updates

On 08/19/2013, Hail To The King was reported as leaked by 6 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

bfmvwill (A Level 1 user with 37 points) reported an album download leak at kingdomleaks.

matthijs1997 (A Level 2 user with 303 points) reported an album download leak at KingdomLeaks.

slade (A Level 4 user with 6177 points) reported an album download leak at kingdomleaks.

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cody (A Level 1 user with 23 points) reported an album download leak at GetMetal.

01. Shepherds of Fire 02. Hail to the King 03. Doing Time 04. This Means War 05. Requiem 06. Crimson Day 07. Heretic 08. Coming Home 09. Planets 10. Acid Rain 11. St James (bonus track)[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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  1. This is so awesome, finally the name! have been waiting a long time for it! :D

  2. Weren’t they in hiatus or something? Anyways glad to hear A7X is back in the game. Hype it up so it explodes folks!

    • Yeah because of the rev dying. They wanted time to mourn and they didn’t get it while trying to write nightmare.

      • yes, and no it wasn’t exactly time for mourning, They had nightmare finished, it was pretty much all done being written by the time he passed away. They decided to finish it to keep all of that emotion they were feeling into the songs, you can tell in most of them what Matt was feeling when recording those songs. and to keep Jimmy’s legacy alive, they moved on as he would have wanted. It was really to just take a break on top of that, Matt had a kid etc things like that.

    • no they just took summer of 2012 off

  3. Let’s hear a single.

    • We’ll probably get one in the next couple weeks. Now that the details of the release and the free show the day before it drops is publicly known, they can’t hold off on that much longer.

    • Theres one coming monday
      heres a preview

  4. If this album goes down well, A7X will certainly be headliner material for big festivals in 2014. Can’t wait for this one :)

  5. little sneak peak of the sound of the album:

  6. There’s rumours saying a new single will be released on July 7th. Can’t f*cking wait!!

    • As much as I’d like to see that happen, I don’t see that happening on a Sunday. I hope I’m wrong though…

      • Well that’s good because tomorrow (15th) is a Monday. Dear God, can people not read?

        • Apparently you can’t. You don’t know your math either. Dear god.

    • July 15th they’re releasing the single ‘Hail To The King’

  7. God i wanna pre order this shit as soon as it’s possible!

  8. Clip of the song Hail To The King can be found on their webpage. Change the dial to channel 13 and you can listen to it.

  9. Here it is. Its so amazing, i cant wait.

  10. I’ll be seeing them @ soaring eagle on 7/19. Hopefully we hear something new!

  11. “Avenged Sevenfold is said to drop their new single “Hail to the King” on
    Monday, July 15th. This was reported by Roxy of Hard Drive Radio.”

  12. Monday, July 15th they are dropping the title track “Hail to the King” as the first single.

  13. I can’t wait for this album!

  14. im so stoked for this album!!!

  15. I’m so keen for this album, hoping for a return to a more City of Evil feel, and the preview hints to that IMO :D

  16. 15th July. Finally. I was waiting for you.

  17. can you belive this? IT’S TODAY! the glorious monday :3

    • Im stoked as well! i keep checking DBN and the Sevenfold website, although it probably wont be up till a reasonable hour :[

  18. Not bad. Not bad at all.

  19. Tracklist(From iTunes):
    Shepard Of Fire
    Hail To The King
    Doing Time
    This Means War
    Crimson Day
    Coming Home

    Acid Rain

    St.James(Bonus Track)

    • Updated, thanks for the info.

    • well that seems like a short comeback album

      • This is about the length of every Avenged Sevenfold album. And usually they have one or two songs on the record that are 7+ minutes long. Comeback? I think so! A7x FOR LIFE

  20. Hail To The King single is out :D

  21. First Single…

    Cannot wait for this album!!!

  22. the album artwork has since changed, and the tracklist goes as followed:

    01. Shepherds of Fire
    02. Hail to the King
    03. Doing Time
    04. This Means War
    05. Requiem
    06. Crimson Day
    07. Heretic
    08. Coming Home
    09. Planets
    10. Acid Rain
    11. St James (bonus track)

    • That’s the deluxe edition artwork, according to iTunes

  23. Now featured on the front page.

  24. come on hasitleaked, stop hyping such atrocious wannabe black sabbath music. are u guys 13 or what? or did avenged faggotfold sucked your dicks too hard? this site is getting more and more ridicoulous. so are the narrow minded users here. cheers that was it for me on this site for teens.

    • You come in here with “avenged faggotfold” and say WE are 13? Gtfo

      • Lol a troll is a troll cant get around that.

    • For some reason you’re on here checking when it’s released so you must have some interest or you wouldn’t even bother clicking the link

      • that would be like me going into a justin beiber or nikki minaj column and trashing them for no reason, other than prejudice against their popularity and music style. trolls have no life. or reason to be alive.

    • Someone escort this peasant out of here. HAIL TO THE KING bitch.

    • ay do me a favor dickwad u dont like sevenfold dont post shit on a sevenfold related page common fucking sense dumbass u dont see me going on fucking stupid ass music of todays pages and talking shit so shut your god damn mouth

  25. So, I have found the album but the only problem is it requires a fee to use the website! Comments show that the album is in fact legit

    • No it is completly fake they did the same thing with five finger death punch!

    • Never use anything if it says MP3face or a sign up for that album and also if it has a password dont even try to find it.

  26. New single is killer! Can’t wait for the rest of the album.


  28. I’m not trying to troll by any means, but can anybody tell me why they like Avenged Sevenfold? I am a huge metal/rock fan, yet I can’t stand them. Can you tell me why you like them ? I am just curious… I can’t figure out why people like them

    • If you are not a troll then why are you checking to see if a cd has leaked from a band you don’t like? I don’t go around and check various rap artists for leaks…
      Just saying.

    • Every member of the band is extremely talented, and each album has such great diversity while still maintaining a signature sound. M Shadows has one of the most unique voices in today’s music era, and he sounds fantastic live. They stray away from the normal 3 minute 30 second song designed for radio play, and aren’t afraid to make tracks 6, 7, or even 10 minutes long. I’ve been a fan since Waking the Fallen, and they have yet to release anything that I don’t at least like a little bit, with most of their tracks being phenomenal and definitely extremely re-playable.

      • Well said. They are literally the ONLY band ive ever listened to where i liked 100% of the songs they made. I’ve also been a fan since Waking the Fallen =D.

    • It’s the same reason why people like shit music like Nickleback or Daft Punk; to each their own. Like Stephen said, if you don’t like them then why are you browsing through here asking people why they DO like them? I cannot stand Daft Punk yet you don’t see me asking their fans why they like them. I just dont listen to their music or try to make myself like them. Side note: I have always enjoyed A7X, still do with their new stuff.

  29. So, the Amazon deluxe version only mentions that it contains the 10 standard tracks, should it be safe to assume that it’ll come with the 11th track as well or do you guys think there might be a DVD or something? Here’s the amazon link:

  30. I hope the cover will be the upper one in the description… Im a little bit afraid of this album. Cuz it sounds no A7X anymore… But I’m crossing my fingers..

    • Don’t worry it was only one song that didn’t really sound like them. I just hope that their album is heavier then there single.

  31. Really hoping this album gets leaked earlier than FFDP did. I dont think i can handle waiting til August 23.

    • That would be a bunch of charlie

    • Omg that was torture. I blame Brad.

    • That wait literally made me go insane. If the 2nd album is that bad I am definitely going to need a straight jacket

      • And a padded cell?

        • I see the FFDP reference there. My Own Hell

          • Ha some one got it!

  32. Can’t wait!

  33. Exactly 1 month i am pumped! :)

  34. This album will be so much easier to look for on google because it’s not such a long ass name for the album, like FFDP was. Lol

  35. Is it just me or does just the album cover give you sooo much hope? Going back to the deathbat!

    • Well the other album cover that they originally had i didnt mind that much but i’m also glad that they went back to it.

  36. Wow this album has alot more hype then FFDP had damn.

    • Hopefully its a lot better too!

  37. Deathbat returns, and I simply cannot wait. The single is absolutely splendid.

  38. This album is going to leak faster then FFDP i have my faith and if im wrong you can spam the hell out of me. :)

  39. I have listened to the single now way to many times need the album to leak really early please

  40. this song feels very laid back very boring, sounds like a Metallica black album song course sounds like a maiden song but not as good as any of there songs. we dont need another black album

  41. Hope this monster leaks soon. The new single makes this album seem promising.

  42. I’m still loving the single. :)

  43. This album is going to be played way to many times by me and my roommate once it leaks xD

  44. avenged faggotfold is for faggots and faggot demigods bunch of fuckin twatwaffles

    • hmmm, maybe you should suck justin bieber’s dick,
      ohh wait … he doesn’t have a dick

    • :)

    • you are a faggot

  45. 16 more days till leak! AHHHH!!!

    • How do you know that?

      • Every album leaks a week before it comes out, well almost every week. If its going to be something like FFDP then its 4 days before it comes out.

        • or, even though there’s a very low chance, it could not leak at all

          let’s hope this is not the case

        • Yeah my mate got 5fdp cd 4 days before release.

    • Sadly there is a good chance it wont leak until the 23rd (when it releases in germany).

  46. I cant wait to hear the snippets and the iTunes previews. :)

  47. can’t wait for that leak..

  48. with roughly 3 weeks to go until release, i think we need some snippets or promos or something…. anything… i just can’t wait any longer

  49. can’t wait for this ! been checking here for weeks . slowly going insane :| haha :)

  50. Im going to keep this tab open on my browser till this god forsaken album is leaked!! That’s how determined I am. :)

    • Hopefully this week … Can’t wait to hear some new stuff live aswell . Hail to the king sounds amazing live

      • This album is not likely to leak until the last few days sadly.

  51. Playing the single over and over..

  52. Might have found something, I’m sceptical but have had success on the site in the past… keep ya posted… fingers crossed!

    • Fingers are definitely crossed!

    • Sorry guys, managed to get the zip downloaded but just a bunch of corrupt files, damn, I actually got excited! :(

      • Too bad… Let’s hope they at least release snippets ASAP

  53. Everything huge don’t leak really far in advance lately its usually days before actual release before anything is leaked.

  54. Some dev at Treyarch for CoD BO2 leaked ”Shepherds of Fire” (that song is in the new expansion for that game) on youtube, but it was taken down before i could download it…

  55. 111 hype, great this album will never leak… :(

  56. oh come on, I need something! ONE SONG MORE, or at least previews :C

    • I’m glad there are no previews… That way there isn’t a bunch of shitty extended fakes out there.

  57. while we wait for the last 2 weeks or so for this to leak, what’s everyone’s favourite song and album from a7x?

    • Waking The Fallen.. But I can’t choose one song :-) What’s yours?

      • it’s hard to pick just one haha

        but if I had to pick three they would be save me, i won’t see you tonight (both parts consecutively) and sidewinder

        favourite albums would go city of evil > waking the fallen > nightmare > diamonds in the rough > self-titled > sounding the seventh trumpet

        • It is very hard to pick one lol

          I’d pick Sidewinder, Desecrate Through Reverance, and Trashed & Scattered

          Albums in order of favorite to least would be: Waking the Fallen, City of Evil, NIghtmare, Diamonds in the Rough, Avenged Sevenfold, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

    • nightmare, but song “a little piece of heaven” is the best for me

    • The password is “t”. And there’s a bunch of rap songs inside it.

  58. 2 weeks and 2 days remaining release date, and possibly 14 more days till leaked. :)

    • it’s released in 12 days in australia, nz and europe so expect it to leak earlier than that. so keen!

    • maybe we’ll get it until friday.. :D

  59. Anybody else really excited to hear Requiem? That song sounds like its gonna be so awesome!! :D

    • i’m looking forward to a very strong way to begin the album with ‘shepherds of fire’, planets (from what most of us have gathered, the youtube video that they released called ‘allhailandronikos’ is entitled planets, which sounds epic) and acid rain, a strong end to the album.

      • Yeah, I cant wait to hear Shepherd Of Fire, especially cuz of how M. Shadows described it :D and Planets just sounds like its gonna be soo freaking sick, I hope its gonna be a long song like Strength Of The World or Save Me :) and Acid Rain sounds like its gonna be the perfect way to finish the album

        • ooh if planets ended up being similar to save me, i’d be so happy

          • Yeah me too, but i think its gonna be more like And All Things Will End with a little bit of Save Me cuz how M. Shadows says its a song about the planets colliding, and you and your loved one are cast off into space to die and thats a pretty dark subject matter, but it still sounds freaking awesome

          • Or I could be completely wrong and it could be like A Little Piece Of Heaven cuz based on the video, we could see trumpets and stuff, and we see Syn doing background vocals :D

          • it definitely sounds like alpoh, that’s for sure. and syn on vocals? count me in

  60. The single is great! Hope the rest of the album is as good as it.

  61. Black ops 2 new dlc with shepherd of fire :D that means its the next song to be released

    • I read that comes after the album retails…

      • You are correct, the dlc will not be available until the 27th along with the album

  62. Thought for sure that the album was on freealbumdownload but when I played shepherd of fire it was nightmare >.<

    • ALWAYS CHECK FOR THIS SITE! (sorry for the yelling) but those sites are always wrong!!!! :p

  63. Not long now :) anyone going to see them live ? I’m travelling down from scotland to see them in manchester . Can’t wait ! Gonna be awesome :)

    • awww Scotland, my favourite place on the earth! When i’m rich i’m going to move to the isle of skye. The most perfect place to grow old!
      About concert. I have to travel from east edge of Poland to Wienna (450miles), but i’m sure it’s worth it, and i’ll be there for sure!

    • they never play in my country. i await the day when they announce a live show here in nz, where i’ll proceed to go absolutely nuts

    • Seeing them in London :)

    • Seeing them at Wembley in December :D Paid for premium seating (Uber expensive) as all the best tickets were taken. Can’t wait though :D

      • How much was premium seating?

      • How much was premium seating?

        • *Pulls disgusted face* … £150 :/ LOL. I had literally just sold a gold bracelet I inherited for £800.. so didn’t mind :P

          • welllllllllll f**k i just got standing tickets for £107 from get me in and i thought that was pricey

          • Id of rather of had standing tickets, but my fiancé is one of these people who won’t go to a festival unless she Glamps it. She’s not overly people friendly either.. so standing was out of the question.. she’d probably end up killing someone if they touched her LOL

  64. Going to Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones, Ghost B.C. in October.

    • lucky. not only would a7x be awesome to see live, but deftones are very good live too.

      • Wasn’t going to go, but a buddy talked me into purchasing some tickets. So figured I would go since 3 bands I have never actually seen live.

    • Avenged Sevenfold, Device and Five Finger Death Punch in November for me :)

  65. Can’t.. take it.. anymore.. Need leak!

  66. This is how we’re all feeling.


    • This album should’ve leaked 2 weeks ago. God damn it.

      • It has leaked now…

        “For all you A7X fans that has not found the leaked songs, here they are:

        That is one of ten songs. Feel free to find the rest on my channel.

        All videos are in HD, so please check them out in 1080p.

        Thank you!”


  67. Falling asleep very late actually helps the wait :)

  68. Anyone else read the review in classic rock magazine on dbn ? Bit more info on the songs . Sounds like its gonna be amazing !

    • i don’t take it seriously dude.. srsly, he said a7x are emo.. and also said that crimson FIRE(it’s fucking crimson day..) is a pop metal song..

      • yeah he got alot of facts wrong, but he did mention that they change their sound alot and are talented enough to make any sound their own. and he provided some lyrics to shepherd of fire so thats cool. 8/10 isnt bad either

      • In all seriousness, Avenged Sevenfold ARE a pop metal band and that’s not meant as a slight in any way. Also, review did not say the band are emo, but that they cherry pick from various genres, emo included. As emo is actually relatively poorly defined as a genre and is classified largely based off of imagery, I’m not sure you get to say his view is wrong. If I have a point, it’s that you need to stop hating on reviews just because you don’t like what they say.

    • after reading that incredibly described passage about planets in his review, i don’t think i could possibly wait any longer for this album to arrive

  69. 9 more days! :D

  70. Going travelling for a month and NEED this to leak before I go.

  71. This HAS to leak soon…considering its released in Germany on 23rd August, it shouldn’t be much longer :)

    • in germany and in australia. it has to get there somehow, right? i think it’ll leak this monday/tuesday/wednesday.

      • but new zealand first. gonna get me a copy as soon as the store opens!

      • Ye, I reckon it will probably leak on Monday

  72. I live in New York, New Zealand is 16 hours ahead of NY and the album launches there on the 23rd so that means in NY at 8am on Thursday the 22nd the album will officially be out… and it will probably take no more than an hour for some songs to start showing up on YouTube… so even if it doesn’t leak, we have to wait less than a week now :]

  73. Can’t wait!

  74. Cannot wait!

  75. Everyone from Germany/Australia should go to a local non-franchise owned record store and ask if they got it in! My local record shop sells cd’s early all the time!

  76. 11 days till release and still not leaked? WTF

    • Nightmare didnt leak until 1-2 days before release. Probably will be the same for this sadly =(

      • nightmare leaked a week before it was release :o

  77. a review giving the album an amazing 8/10 has just recently confirmed that there are only two tracks under five minutes


  78. “I hear them crying at night, outside when the planets are falling.” Holy shit guys, doesn’t this lyric from Eternal Rest sound like its foreshadowing Planets :O

    • xDDDD do you think they planned that for 13 years ? :P

  79. music video for hail to the king is out in youtube :)

    also synyster described each song, it goes like:

    1. Shepherd Of Fire – “We intentionally wrote it as an intro track. The idea was that the arrangement would evoke a sense of imagery with the tribal yet primordial drums. It seemed to resonate from Hell almost. It’s something of an apocalyptic call to arms.

    “I love the arrangement. We wanted to set up the album and foreshadow what was to come, being that it’s a groove-based, riff-oriented record. We haven’t really done Zeppelin-style or Sabbath-like riffs before, so this is our version of an album that’s along those lines.”

    2. Hail To The King – “I’ve been playing a lot of gypsy jazz guitar – Django Reinhardt and a few others – so for the intro, I kind of take that technique and apply it to metal. It added a pretty cool new dimension that I haven’t really heard in rock music before.

    “The whole solo is based on minor blues changes. I like it when it transfers to that regal feel, which aligns with the lyrics. A lot of people get confused and think that it’s neo-classical, but it’s really gypsy jazz.”

    3. Doing Time – “This was a Mike Elizondo suggestion. He was hearing a kind of low vocal, swagger-based rock song, sort of a quintessential ‘80s or ‘90s vibe but with a very modern approach. It’s a bad freight train that never stops.

    “For this solo – and for all of them, actually – I tried to just jam with the songs instead of being overly analytical about what I was doing. I sat with Mike and the rest of the guys, and I would play until everybody was on board with the way it was going. The main thing was that I wanted the songs to influence my playing rather than me imposing a signature style on the music.”

    4. This Means War – “We wanted a really impactful, riff-based intro but one that would also feature our dual lead harmony approach. It’s pretty cool how it fits into the slow groove of the track and just hammers through.

    “This song is becoming one of my favorites. I’ve been really enjoying watching people listen to it because it so fits the vibe of the album. When they hear it, they start moving, and they don’t stop. Sometimes, with more progressive songs, you lose that fee somewhere along the line, but This Means War never quits – the energy is always there.

    “All of my solos were improvised initially – I would go in and get my bearings and see what I came up with. I was hearing something chaotic in the intro, a machine-gun spray that would build into something more melodic.”

    5. Requiem – “The choir in the beginning is great. I’m very excited about how this song turned out. We wanted the foundation to be a metal band’s approach to classical orchestration.

    “Matt’s vocal is more like a lead violin part, and when my guitar chugs underneath the riff, it’s almost like what low brass would do. We layered each element very carefully, and the result is one of the more cinematic tracks on the record.

    “The solo was a fun one. I don’t do a lot of wah stuff, so I had a great time playing around with that. The wah gave it an added dimension and colors, some new life.”

    6. Crimson Day – “That’s a clean-sounding electric guitar on the opening, not an acoustic – there were no mics on the guitar involved, just on the amps. It’s one of my favorite clean tones I’ve ever fucking heard.

    “We stumbled onto it by accident, actually. There were a few secrets in getting it, mainly that it’s a baritone guitar with a capo on it so I could play it in open E standard tuning. It has a really sick, rich, sparkly sound. Seriously, I’m so proud of how it turned out.

    “We wanted the song to have huge drums and be an epic rock ballad. It has a somber vibe, but it doesn’t make you fucking sad all the way through. We were listening to a lot of Elton John, some Ozzy ballads and some Zeppelin. Actually, the lyrics are inspired by my nephew, so the song has a very personal meaning to me.”

    7. Heretic – “This was probably the first song that we wrote for the album, so there’s a bit of a throwback to the old, traditional Avenged stuff. It’s a little progressive, but we wanted to maintain some space in the arrangement so the drums could shine and the riffs and vocals could breathe.

    “That’s a pretty important point, really, because we tend to fill things to the brim with guitar harmonies, vocal harmonies, lead things going in and out. Leaving a feeling of air made a big difference in how all of the parts stood out.

    “This is a lot of guitar, though, some big moments. If you’re not the biggest groove fan – and it you’re not, you should be – there’s still a progressive element. So it’s a mix, this song, and it worked out really well.”

    8. Coming Home – “Another Mike suggestion. He wanted us to do something upbeat, but we wanted to make sure that it didn’t get hokey – we’ve done upbeat before, and sometimes things can get a little too cutesy and sugary. Our goal was to have a darker, more serious tone, which can get lost when you increase the tempo.

    “It’s very adventurous, but it maintains that upbeat vibe. There’s some great drumming on it, and I’m really excited about the guitar work. The solo is big. Instead of doing a vocal bridge, we decided to do one with the guitar and have it takes you places. I think it fits with the imagery of the lyrics, which are very personal but still presented in a way that people can relate to it. The words are very ‘storyteller-y,’ concerning travel and endeavors, but they’re not necessarily concerned with present time. The guitar stuff goes hand-in-hand with all of that.”

    9. Planets – “To me, the last two songs, in addition to being my favorites, make up the best ending to a record we’ve ever had. Lyrically, Planets is the precursor to Acid Rain; it’s about a meteoric, intergalactic war that results in an apocalypse and the human species aligning together to go fight something much better than us, our individual trials and tribulations.

    “Musically, the song was incredibly difficult to write and pull off – the elements of dissonance, tension and resolution. We wanted to have that friction throughout, but it still had to be palatable; it couldn’t be like listening to Penderecki or Stockhausen. There had to be a relatability and connectability to it.

    “We really toiled over the track, but it turned out great. I’m so fucking excited about it.”

    10. Acid Rain – “It’s a cool way to end the record – not a typical ballad, but it’s not soft or sugary, either. The song takes you to an emotional place, especially if you pay attention to the lyrics, which are some of the best Matt has ever written.

    “The song is about coming to the realization that you’ve lost the battle, but at least you’re with that one special person who matters. It’s something of an apocalyptic love story, which is pretty unique for us.”

    • Well, from now i’m going to look for a leak every 15 minutes instead of every 30 minutes!

    • this just makes me extra excited for ‘planets’ and ‘acid rain’

      • for me it’s Acid Rain, This Means War and (sentimentally) Heretic

  80. I’m surprised this hasn’t leaked yet.

    • I’m not. They are keeping this stuff now days locked up tight.

      • It used to be so easy back then.

  81. Need this album now ! :| gonna go crazy !

    • Would be nice to have it on Friday night!

      • Would be amazing . I saw larry jacobson posted a pic of the new album .. Hopefully get a leak soon

        • Maybe we’ll get a leak this sunday or monday :D

        • by this do you mean he has the album like he bought it or he just posted a photo if he has is post a link of the picture then

          • To JW : I think this guy is just a music critic unfortunately i maybe be wrong but i hope it will leak as i want to hear it but he never put “Look what i have” so i doubt its his to keep

          • Dude Larry Jacobson is A7X’s manager

  82. another review giving the album a stunning 8/10

  83. Still hasn’t leaked…on the bright side this time next week, we will all have this album :)

  84. I think this is the most hype album I’ve seen.

    • A Day to Remember’s has a higher rating

      • Oh really damn. I dont listen to them so i wouldnt know :P but there an ok band.

        • Yeah, it’s only by 10 points though haha

          • Daft Punk had like over 400!!

    • Doris by Earl Sweatshirt had over 300 haha

  85. Track lengths!

    1.”Shepherd of Fire”  5:22
    2.”Hail to the King”  5:04
    3.”Doing Time”  3:27
    4.”This Means War”  6:09
    5.”Requiem”  4:23
    6.”Crimson Day”  4:57
    7.”Heretic”  4:55
    8.”Coming Home”  6:26
    9.”Planets”  5:56
    10.”Acid Rain”  6:38

    Total length:53:17

    • Where did you get this? :O

      • Wikipedia, im pretty sure its right because zacky said in an interview that the album length was only about 53 minutes:p

      • it’s on itunes

        • i found it already yeah… :D
          but thanks mate ;)

    • I don’t think this is real because a magazine that reviewed the album said that there are only two tracks under 5 minutes.

      • Well i mean crimson day and heretic are technically 5 minutes but we’ll find out soon

    • 3:27 for Doing Time, you don’t find this a little bit short for an A7x song?

  86. After 6 happy years my GF left me for no reason…

  87. Some people on Instagram got the album early, it’s gotta leak reeeaal soon now :D

    • ..

    • Got a link ?

      • I gave u the link, but its awaiting moderator approval or something

        • link please =)

          • I gave u it to but its awaiting moderator approval again

          • PM me with it if you still have it please

          • dude it was just a pic of someone with the album

    • God I hope you’re right:)

    • You still handin that out brother?

    • Could I get that link too, if you don’t mind?

    • can i get that link please

  88. Just leak! please I’m dying! Bought my hail to the king tour ticket so you guys can suck it :P

  89. Sorry guys I keep trying to post the link, but it keeps saying awaiting moderator approval or something like that :/

    • i hope you are not kidding… you better not..

      • its just a link of some guy having the album early on instagram

        • and its not the larry jacobson pic

          • tell us his name dammit

          • its Cwicknesskilledthecats

    • Note that Has it Leaked doesn’t provide album download links for music and it is strictly forbidden to post links to file sharing sites (Rapidgator, Uploaded etc), torrents or to sites which in turn link to or host copyrighted music files. Any links to ZIP, RAR, MP3 or FLAC files will be automatically result in a ban.

    • Could you just type out the web address? Or the name of the instagramer?

    • We don’t allow download links.

      • its a picture not a download link

  90. http:// instagram .com/p/dFqi0fuFCI/

    Remove the spaces…

    • yeah thats the pic ive been trying to post

      • Got it from you somehow. :p

    • hm… looks legit… i need that disc noow

    • Sweet now all we have to do is beg him to post it lol

    • Somebody go convince this guy to leak it!!

  91. i hit the F5 button so many times… now i got only 9 fingers on my hands…

  92. this guy won’t leak because he probably is friends with the band

  93. Now we just have to beg this guy lol everyone get on instagram

  94. our last hope are germans…

  95. i live in fucking algeria and i can’t buy it from here… people here only listen to crap music..


  97. somebody please convince him..

  98. we should all blow up his instragram to get him to leak this!!!!!

    • Haha he would get so mad by that xD

      • Im willing to do whatever it take to get this album lol

      • He should expect it. Can’t brag about something that big on the Internet without repercussions. :D

        • Haha riight, like he has Avenged fucking Sevenfold’s new album in his hands, how can he not expect that xD

          • Lets get it going!

          • GET TO THE CHOPPA!

    • Agreed! I already asked him to leak it ha

  99. i don’t think that he is going to leak the stuff…
    he must fapping now under the table while listening to Requiem or Doing Time or the others… i could imagine that… sorry instagramguywhohasthealbumoftheyear…

    • who knows dude.. i hope he will..

    • Maybe when he’s done fapping.

      • maybe it’s the longest fapping of all time.

  100. well imagine i die right now.. it might happen.. and i didn’t listen to that f*cking album.. what remains ? :’(

    • just wait… wait… wait…
      wait! I can’t wait…

  101. If that guy has the album other people might aswell … With the album reviews and song times being released we need this album now ! :| a leak tonight would be awesome …..

  102. I just got my copy of the album and honestly.. IT is fucking amazing!!!!! Have fun waiting 10 more days haha!

    • Ha what a liar lol. Silly troll….LEAVE!!!!

    • What an idiot…

    • cool story bro..

      what about the leak everyone ?

    • jackass


      FFDP fans will understand me, I know

      • Speaking of FFDP, that leak took forever as well. 4 days before actual album release if I remember correctly.

        And yes, Brad likes to talk out his ass.


  103. http :// instagram. com /p/dIU_2WOFHY/

    • Someone else must have this that will leak :|

      • sadly, nothing yet :C

        • its gotta be coming soon if cds are getting out!!

          • Hope so . If other people have it I think we’ll have it today

          • i hope to god you are correct lol

          • Me too haha . Its like xmas eve when you were a kid waiting on this album

          • lol indeed it is! guess im gonna be glued to the computer all night as well

          • Merry A7X- mas, Haha you see what I did there xD

          • nice…lol

          • i kinda don’t get it?

          • cuz an abbreviation for Christmas is X- Mas and i said Merry A7X- Mas, haha its christmas with Avenged Sevenfold

          • thought you’re the owner of this instagram account and that you’ve just admitted to trolling… don’t you ever do it again please :D

          • Haha wtf no, i hate trolls

          • proper approach! i hate’em too…

    • he won’t leak it :/

    • That guy is just a super tease flac it 320k it put it up! LOL

  104. Anyone could print off the album cover and wrap it around a cd case…note he didn’t show the disc

    • Yes he did, in the second picture you can see it in the opened case. He has the CD, he just won’t leak it.

      • My bad I only saw that one photo on Instagram

    • yeah its in the case. looks legit to me. its got the warner bros logo and all that crap on it. its a damn good fake if it is fake

    • don’t you blame us for having hope! we’ve been waiting way too long, some of us just need this leak to feel alive! :(

    • he kinda did

  105. I just took a Brad


    • we’re all waiting.. but i feel like we must wait 6 other looooooooooooooong days :/

      • non-sense lol

      • “Look to my coming on the first light of the sixth day. At dawn, look to the east.”
        /Avenged Sevenfold – Hail to the King/

  107. Someone must have it ! Going crazy here ! 00.48 here but can’t sleep incase something happens lol

    • 01:55 here… so… i’m fu**in’ sleepy… but i can’t sleep now :D i’m too excited

      • Donno how much longer I can wait up but knowing that some people have it is keeping me going lol

  108. I got it, just not sure how to put it on the internet without it getting removed a second later. If anyone wants to suggest something? I’ve only listened to the first one and so far it’s amazing.

    • Are you trolling?

      • No, it took like 3 hours for the moderators to approve my comment..

        • So you have it?! Repost a comment at the top of the page so people can see!

        • get it on zyppishare!

        • why would moderators have to approve a post which has’nt got any link? :o

    • do you really have it?

    • Email me! My username at gmail. I can walk you through it, or do it for you if you’re worried about somebody taking it down!

      • did she e-mail u?

        • Not yet : – (

          • and i doubt she will :C

          • Damn, yeah she still never did and now her name is just Guest. Hopefully another source comes through today!

  109. There is some serious mental anguish every time I pull this up and see NO.

    • after 8 long hours i hit the F5 button so many times… the button just disappeared…

    • Its gotta happen soon :/ … 5 days till its released in germany . Surely it’ll appear today if some people already have it

      • I hope you’re right. This NEEDS to happen tonight. I already have the coffee brewing

  110. So is everyone expecting this to leak soon?

  111. I’ve already worn out my single CD! Haha its been playing on a loop in my car since it came out. I’ve probably heard Hail To The King 600 times!

  112. Metal Hammer Magazine gives the album an astonishing 9/10, exclaiming in its final sentence that the “heirs of Metallica have finally arrived”!

    Source: http:// i.imgur .com /NaH9TRy.jpg (without spaces)

    • Wooo, this review raises my expectations to a whole new level!

  113. 5 more days!!!!!!!

    • I hope someone puts us out of our misery and posts a leak in the next 5 minutes . Gonna go crazy when i get to hit play on shepard of fire and get to hear the album :D

    • could be WITHIN 5 days, hell can even be tonight.

  114. There’s a girl on Instagram who has it but doesn’t know how to upload it *bangs head against wall repeatedly*

    • Name?! We can instruct her!

      • No doubt its not very hard just get some free software like EAC, or heck can even use iTunes to rip into 320k

      • YES INDEED!!!

      • I believe her name is “mallu_vale”

        • if that picture is legit, or if she just stole it from somebody else.

        • Yeah that’s the one!


    • teach her :D it will make so many people love you :P

    • Could you please post her username?

    • U got a link to her ? Use spaces

  115. so close….

  116. So do people actually have the hard copy? So it could leak any second?

    • so many people seem to have it…we just need 1 of them to upload it

  117. Any update?

  118. instagram . com /p/dIbDbyHY_u/
    Can anyone help her upload this somewhere we can all get it?
    Edit: same picture as managers… ugh


      • Yeah I realize that now… I was just so excited :(

        • yeah we all were lol . what a bummer

    • Guys, it’s wrote in Portuguese something like: “I can accept it as a gift. Thanks.”. She doesn’t have it.

  119. Sadly the only legit looking picture has been the one from that guy on instagram. Please update if anyone finds any more pics/an actual leak.

  120. Woke up at 3:15 AM, hoping for leak… And still nothing :-/ I hope I can fall asleep again

  121. Has anyone been checking for leaks on other sites incase some1 puts up a leak ?

    • I’m checking 8 sites (counting this one) every 20-40 minutes.

  122. I think we have some trolls on our hands….

    • Hopefully the Brads go away…

  123. If this album doesnt leak soon i might go crazy. Never been so fucking excited for a album before.

  124. Hopefully tomorrow . Good night all

    • good night bud ;) im dead too… tomorrow is our lucky day… ;)))

  125. This guy Kerbera ( http :// /zave _kerbera or type Kerbera on Facebook ) has the album. Would he leak it ? :( Besides, he is german. I think german dudes are already getting their copies! So this shit must leak tomorrow!

    • That would be me lol! I do not have the album, but I have heard the whole album, thanks to my girlfriend being signed on Warner Music!
      I have recorded with my guitar a little of how I remember some of the songs go!

      Also, I’m from Sweden!
      ALSO, like that facebook page!!!

      • can you tell us at least: is the album good?

        • It’s fantastic! It’s one of their best albums, if not their best.

  126. Type Kerbera on Facebook. This guy has a copy of the album. Maybe someone should try to message his facebook page (he is a musician, around 2k likes) so he can leak it.

  127. Album, please fucking leak.

  128. Still no leak? The wait is killing me!

  129. I had a dream…
    I searched for an album leak…
    I found “Hail to the King” on the net…
    I downloaded it…
    I opened the folder…
    I double-clicked on “Shepherd of Fire”…
    I woke up…
    I cried like a baby…

    • I even dreamed of some actual song, which I never heard before, but it really sounded like A7X and it was definitely Shadows singing. Wish there was a way to record it somehow :-D

      • hmmm… before you go to bed plug a recording device in your ear to connect with your brain… after that you can sleep and when you wake up you can listen to it… :D that would be a real dream theater… wait…

        • this sir… just killed me from laughing out loud :p

          • i never wanted to be a murderer Sir, but i’m glad that you died from laughter :D

  130. Still not up :/ i have faith that it will be up today :)

  131. Hail to the Leak…
    please someone… help us… DEATHBATS (ty: rediane) are gonna die… i don’t wanna die yet…

    • you mean deathbats :p

      • damn… i told you… i lost my mind :D

  132. Alright, where the fuck is it? Somebody, anybody please do us all a huge favor and leak this album. I’ve been repetitively refreshing 3 other torrent sites all damn night. Can anybody offer me some hope before I buy plane tickets to Australia?

  133. Waking up really early and seeing the word “No”
    Yeah… not happy. Time for some coffee…

  134. I just refreshed the page and swore it said ‘yes’.. my stomach dropped to the floor

    • That’s rough.. I think I would of thrown up from extreme sadness :(


  136. I still believe that we’re gonna listen to this record by the end of the day… but until then let’s play some SW Battlefront 2… idk why :D

    • because thats an epic game lol to go with what will be amazing album

  137. This is makin’ me crazy.. COME ON ALREADY!!!!

  138. damn, thought for sure it would be up this morning. bummer :(

  139. Someone must have this :|

  140. iv’e been watching this page every 15 minutes since aug. 15th

  141. This should be out within 2 days. Most of warner/roadrunner go out for about 5 days before release. Suprising is the fact that many people have the album and yet there is no leak…don’t know what to think about it:D

    • it’s probably dark magic… Warner Wizards don’t let the cd owners to leak this record…

  142. I see on here that people in germany are getting the album early. does anyone have proof of this other than that one guy from yesterday

    • Countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Germany get it on August 23rd. Well, according to wikipedia anyway…

  143. fuck me :C why no leakkk :/

  144. Guys scroll down the comments to 17 hours ago “Lucylonglegs” says she has it

    • okay, if it’s for real someone tell her how to leak a cd… mm NOW :D

    • Any luck?

    • Probably a troll…

  145. Scroll down to the comments 17 hours ago of Lucylonglegs!!

  146. It hasn’t leaked yet. If it leaked it would be on by now.

  147. Think it leaked there is a download link on soundcloud


  149. What torrent websites should we be checking?

  150. Today is the day. I gotta a good feeling…

    • i was feeling the same way! yesterday….

      • lol, i was too. gotta stay positive though!

  151. I honestly don’t think many people have it…that dude on instagram probably just knows the right people and isn’t leaking it out of respect. I can’t see it leaking on a sunday I think we’re looking at wednesday at the earliest :(

    • don’t break my heart… :’(

      • As bad as I wanna hear hear it I kinda miss the days you’d go to the store at 9am and buy the cd, put it in your stereo and be blown away by awesomeness

    • dont say such things!!

    • You clearly don’t know that Lucylonglegs (scroll down) got the album and is figuring out a way to upload it.

      • Of course I don’t…how the hell would I? Do YOU know that?!

  152. This is absolutely ridiculous of a wait. I’m constantly watching GetMetal as well as the Pirate Bay. Are there any others I need to add to my tabs?

  153. (caution: this post is not about hail to the king leak)
    fuck… fuck fuck fuck… i saw a video on youtube and it hit me so hard now!
    Have you ever wondered what really killed The Rev?
    1. Listen to Bromtom Coctail (focus on the lyrics) [note: song written by the rev]
    2. Bearing in mind The Rev died after taking the mixture of medical drugs and alkochol, check somewhere (if you don’t already know that), what is BROMTOM COCTAIL.
    3. Recall that the rev had enlarged heart since he was born. That would make him die before turning 30
    4. Now listen to his last song: Fiction. Again, focus on the lyrics. Now listen… The Rev wrote this song 3 days before he passed out. Any conclusions?

    • we already know that dude.. you’re late :P, and please don’t EVER make a mistake on an a7x song name.. it pisses me off :P it’s bromPton cocktail..

      • fuck, sorry. really? why haven’t i heard about it at all!? :o

    • Plus having a congenital enlarged heart would not necessarily mean that you would die before turning 30. Bottom line is, he overdosed. End of story.

      • overdosed what? medical drugs?! why, the fuck, would he do it?!

        • ok, I’m a nurse. There were a combination of drugs found in the autopsy report. Why would he do it? (Soapbox) We each have our own demons, we as fans have no idea (mentally) how the Rev thought of his inner demons. We know that he was a badass drummer, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t suffering from addiction. I miss him as well as you do, this world is cruel and corrupt. PS. It might have been accidental. Anyway. (off soapbox) I’m ready to fucking jam this new album! fuck!

          • I wouldn’t even say that he had an addiction. He had lasik surgery done right before he died hence the pain killers. And it was literally just enough of the combination to kill him which is also why there was no coroners report until June because it was such a small overdose hence where the enlarged heart comes into play.

    • You are really overthinking it though. He wasn’t a time bomb, nor was he suicidal. It was an accidental overdose at a holiday party, nothing more.

  154. I had a dream that I was listening to the album then woke up and im like damnit damnit damnit back to sleep now. That wasnt a dream it was a nightmare.

    • I actually had the same nightmare as well lol

  155. im pretty sure my f5 has disintegrated :(

    • We need to find someone with the album NOW ! Need this album tonight or I’m gonna go craaaazy !

  156. Please…stop leaving pointless messages. Let’s focus.
    Aside from the Lucylonglegs, no one here on this thread claims to have the album.
    Don’t leave pointless messages so we can track down important messages quick.

    • I actually enjoy the random messaging helps pass the time

      • I don’t. I take the huge outburst of new comments as word that there was a leak. Wanna pass the time? Breaking Bad is on tonight.

      • I don’t :/ as I was checking every single message left here before… now there are a ton of useless that made it hard to find useful messages. There was a message like “Show 20 new messages” and I was like WHAT THE FRACK IT LEAKED! but no xD

  157. I think all the assumptions of owning the albums has got to be a hoax. Why put people through the cruelty of patience?

    • Well they could get in trouble since uploading the album online is illegal. So far only one person has proven themselves of owning the album. So the rest aren’t real until more proof is visible.

  158. LEAK DAMN YOU!!! :D

  159. please help us, please save us, of course we need the leak, we’re all the same….

    • Search endlessly, for Hail To The King, fly past the edge of the leak

      • i’ve had enough it’s time for the damn leak, i don’t respect the long wait gone too far… a CLOOOOOOOOOONE

        • Come on and leak, it’s almost easy

          • leak is coming you can smell it in the air cuz men like you have such an easy soul to steal !

          • So stand and cry while looking for a leak, you’re never gonna find it until the end of time here


  161. I’m really not buying the fact that anyone has the album yet.

  162. Honestly the song I am looking most fwd to hearing is St. James. What about you guys?

  163. Not tonight then …

    • i wont hear hail to the king tonight part 1

    • tonight we all die young…

      • and just like that mistakes are made, you know, tonight the world dies

  164. i really fucked up the internet for the album… then Google Search suddenly said to me: GTFO YOU SON OF A B*TCH, YOU’RE ALREADY ON THE LAST PAGE…
    then my computer started to burn like hell and then the screen exploded…
    I’m a patient man… but… fuck :D this is the album of the decade in my opinion… :D and we have to wait a few more days…. so… please god send me a copy right now.!

  165. you can tell most of us have gone crazy as we have now resorted to interjecting hail to the king into random avenged lyrics lol

    • hey it helps pass the time and keeps the crazyness away xD

      • im not complaining. its fun lol

    • I’m already on my way to the nearest hospital… brain surgery i guess

      • im gonna need the lesik surgery from all the hours of staring at this screen lol

        • and of course i need a new left hand because it’s disappeared… too many F5 hits… i guess

      • and while you slowly go insane they tell ya ”given with the best intentions to help you with your complications” <3

  166. Made an account just to share this. Sound legit, no Shadows though. ENJOY!!

  167. Dear God, the only thing I ask of you is to leak it when I’m sitting here and not some other day..

    • We all need this leak who can be true to us, but we just can not find it, and now we wish we had

  168. there’s a taste of fear… and the leak will come, i am fierce to take it, i am fierce to DOWNLOAD !!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAIL TO THE KING

    • no vocals :(

      • yeaaaaaaah but it still worth the wait..

  169. Youtube:

    Avenged Sevenfold – Doing Time – FIRST LEAKED SONG



    • i found it!!! :D

      • You found the full album leak?

        • no it was that youtube vid that other guy was talking about

          • ohh, alright

    • I’ll wait for the full album, thank you though!

    • i call bullshit lol

    • Uploaded by Matthew Crain? Dont really think its them to be honest, and there isnt any vocals so thats another reason to believe its fake

    • Doesn’t sound legit. Just one guitar, overly plain riff. Nah, that’s fake.

    • i see what you did there

      • nooo dude there really is a leak :p

        • i found it :D but i miss Shadows’ voice…

    • I cant tell if its them, what do u guys think? :/

      • it’s awesome however !

      • I think it sounds like them. I compared it to Gate’s rundown of each song and it seems like it’d fit. The guitars and drums sound tight, wish Shadows was on it though.

        • but there was no solo :/

          • He also didn’t mention a solo in the rundown, could just be a really good troll though.


          • yeahh probably… and the waiting continues :(

        • If this is the instrumental part of this song, it’s disappointing. So generic.

        • it’s just a leak… on our ship and we sinkin so fast now

      • sounds like a 14 year old recorded that mess. the guitar tones are terrible, and so are the drums. there is no way in hell this is legit.

    • I also didn’t upload that to Youtube, just stumbled upon it during my search.

    • Thats not the song!

  170. gonna sleep now >.<

  171. I wanna hear Requiem sooooo bad :(

    • i wanna hear the full album soooo baad

      • me too, but Requiem is one of the songs i really really wanna hear

        • Historically, “Requiem” has been a weak song on most CDs, and there are so many “Requiems” out there that I am not holding my breath that this one will break the mold. I’ll take Planets, please.

    • I would really like to hear the final two tracks and also St. James

  172. that is not doing time

  173. that was An epic of time wasted :p

    • after that i shattered by broken dreams

      • that made me wanna scream

        • that’s an unholly confession dude !

          • i felt betrayed after that lol

          • but somehow we still carry on

          • to the wicked end

          • GOD HATES US ALL

          • LOL!!! awesome

          • maybe at 4:00 A.M.

          • and then we will have a warmness on our soul

          • true as can be

          • i’m trashed and scattered

          • sounds like you need to seize the day

          • naah, i’m gonna burn it down…

          • just watch out for the demons

          • in the city of evil?

          • yes just give them a flash of the blade

          • but there is a beast and a harlot…

          • no, they are mia

          • they are welcome to the family !

          • just dont put them on the dangerline

          • that would be a wild ride

          • more like a disney land acid trip

          • least they wont get lost on the way

          • aaaaaah look at the planets..

          • they looks so nice, but acid rain kind of ruins the view

          • the shepherd of fire will make it better :) he’s coming home

          • we better play the requiem then

          • it’s the doing time dude !

          • Its the crimson day

          • this means war !

          • Only St. James can save us now

          • but he’s so far away :’(..

          • yeah, but he’s coming home to save us from the shepherd of fire

          • he became a knife master ;)

          • and now rules the mighty stallion duck


          • Johnny Christ is my best friend :D

          • he’s the leader of avenged sevenfold :D

          • We all hail johnny christ xD

          • i hope so cause god hates us apparently

          • for the heretic

          • HAHA that was a good one ! now i want to tell you about a girl i know

          • she doesnt have the crimson day does she?

          • nope, but she’s got the lips of deceit !

          • well as long as shes more comfortable down on her knees

          • the shepherd of fire promised her paradise though ! (don’t know if you’ll understand :P )

          • she should’ve known the price of evil…

          • then lets just leave her blinded in chains

          • She should’ve known the price of evil…


          • whats in the bucket but a bucket of shit

          • xDDDDDDDD good old memories

          • naa they wont, they’ve got the strength of the world

          • they are so far away anyway !

          • they may cause some tension though

          • they’re just victims of a crime

          • hopefully they dont have any remenissions

          • and they’ll be dancing dead

          • did you see the dancing dead there ?

          • you’re gonna be buried alive !

          • no in the bat country

          • you’ll be buried ALIVE !

          • i feel like we’ve lost it all

          • this chain will reach the afterlife…

          • and it will be in a little piece of heaven

          • And all things will end.. :’(

          • weve all been lost for most of this life

          • and have the strength of the world

    • nice to see a7x fans using the band’s catalogue as entertainment for this miserable and suffering leak that’s taking forever to be announced

  174. Nvm I totally read the wrong article about the solo. Damn trolls

  175. Its funny how the mods approve useless messages so fast, and important messages are not put up that fast… sad.

  176. I won’t hear it tonight :(

    • welcome to the family

  177. I get it, you guys are excited. But all your references are artificially inflating the comment count and each time I check for updates I have to wade through them. Let’s refocus and proactively look for a leak.

  178. i’ll be sounding the seventh trumpet if it continues like that !

  179. Does anyone know if St. James will be on the physical deluxe CD? Or will it just be a download only thing after you buy the deluxe hard copy?

  180. before the story begins, is it such a sin.. for someone to leeak, this motherfucking aaaaaalbuuuum

  181. we just wrote almost every song title here xDD that was hilarious !

    • that was fun. gotta stay amused somehow lol

      • Best comment chain ever written in the story of the internet

  182. well i gotta get some eternal rest – had to get one more in there lol

    • me too, it’s time to end the rapture :P

      • i gotta get to the doctor for this clairvoyant disease i got. hes at the crossroads of bat country and the danger line

        • we’ll have nightmares tonight..

          • ill read chapter four of the bible before bed then lol

          • you know what they say, desecrate through reverance

          • save me… (i didn’t find WHERE TO PUT THIS SO..)

          • are you MIA?

          • i’m a natural born killer..

          • ok whew..thought a sidewinder bit you or something

          • no, the fun fact is that a gunslinger almost shot me…

          • you gotta turn the other way

          • yaeh i took a crossroad.. the fight was hard.. until the end… but then, i arrived to the streets, i saw some guys breaking their hold, they where not ready to die and had forgotten faces, they were thick and thin.. gotta do it brah :P

          • fucking epic…nice lol. at least they only come out at night

          • or else you’ll be a victim of a crime

    • i need a little peace of heaven as well

  183. Anyone know if the Doing Time instrumental posted on youtube is legit?

  184. At least,
    they should release a song or two before the album goes out. Before nightmare there was lyric video for buried alive and god hates us was aired in the radio.

    • we just gotta hold out through thick and thin

      • and soon this nightmare will be over

    • Yeah, the Nightmare release was bearable. I bet we’ll have both the leak and a lyric video by mid-week.

  185. good night(mare) everyone :P

  186. The owner of another leak website said Shepherd of Fire was just on soundcloud but it was removed… could someone keep checking that too? I feel I’m doing all by myself lol

  187. I fucking love how Metal Hammer magazine says “Metallica your heirs have finally arrived.”

    • same here. i also like how this album has received 9/10 from that magazine, which is what they also gave waking the fallen as the highest rated a7x album. looking forward to the best album of 2013, can’t…wait…any…longer!

  188. just wondering, while the process of waiting for this leak to happen goes on, what are everyone’s top 5 songs from each album.


    from seventh trumpet:
    1. the art of subconscious illusion
    2. warmness on the soul
    3. shattered by broken dreams
    4. lips of deceit
    5. streets

    from waking:
    1. i won’t see you tonight (both consecutive parts)
    2. second heartbeat
    3. and all things will end
    4. unholy confessions
    5. desecrate through reverence

    from city:
    1. sidewinder
    2. bat country
    3. m.i.a.
    4. strength of the world
    5. seize the day

    from self-titled:
    1. afterlife
    2. a little piece of heaven
    3. critical acclaim
    4. brompton cocktail
    5. scream

    from diamonds:
    1. tension
    2. until the end
    3. dancing dead
    4. crossroads
    5. afterlife – alternate version

    from nightmare:
    1. save me (favourite of all-time)
    2. god hates us
    3. fiction
    4. nightmare
    5. victim

    and now yours?

    • i should’ve expected this to be the hardest list to compile…what was i thinking?

    • STST :
      1-shattered by broken dreams
      2-warmness on the soul
      3-to end the rapture
      4-turn the other way
      5-lips of deceit
      WTF :
      1-unholy confessions
      2-IWSYT part 1
      3- Chapter four
      4-And all things will end
      5-Second heartbeat
      COE :the hardest one :p
      1-beast and the harlot
      2-bat country
      3-burn it down
      4-seize the day
      5-mia or betrayed or.. shit

      ST :
      2-dear god
      3-critical acclaim
      4-almost easy

      Diamonds in the rough :
      3-until the end
      5-dancing dead

      Nightmare :
      1-save me
      2-buried alive
      4-welcome to the family

      Hail to the king(for the future :p ) :
      2-acid rain
      4-shepherd of fire
      5-this means war or doing time or coming home or crimson day :p

    • This is not easy but I’ll try…

      Sounding the Seventh Trumpet:
      Warmness on the Soul
      Shattered by Broken Dreams
      To End the Rapture
      Turn the Other Way
      We Come Out at Night

      Waking the Fallen:
      Second Heartbeat
      Unholy Confessions
      I Won’t See You Tonight Part 1
      Chapter Four

      City of Evil:
      Seize The Day
      Burn It Down
      Strength of the World
      Trashed and Scattered

      Avenged Sevenfold:
      Brompton Cocktail
      Critical Acclaim
      Dear God

      Diamonds in the Rough:
      Until the End
      The Fight
      Dancing Dead

      Buried Alive
      Save Me
      So Far Away

  189. Just whipped this up in response to the little references made with song titles. I believe this story has Every Avenged Sevenfold song released so far(Including HTTK).

    As Acid Rain fell on the Streets, I stood at the Crossroads of St. James, just outside of Bat Country and I shuddered, feeling every bit of the Darkness Surrounding me. To me,being awake at 4:00 A.M was a Fiction, an Art of Subconcious Illusion, but A Girl I Know was Betrayed and is now Blinded in Chains. I told her I would stay with her Through Thick and Thin, Until The End, The Wicked End, no matter how Trashed and Scattered our lives become. I heard a Scream, and it was Almost Easy to follow it. “Dear God” I thought to myself, “I am Lost and So Far Away from where I need to be, a Victim of bad directions and all I had was a little note that said “Save Me” on it. What a Nightmare. I thought she would be Coming Home. “I Won’t See You Tonight, as you are M.I.A.” I muttered aloud. “TURN THE OTHER WAY!” A voice boomed.I thought I was being stalked by a Natural Born Killer and I would be Buried Alive, with a one-way ticket to the Afterlife before rescuing the girl. You could cut the Tension with a Flash of the Blade. I ran. The Fight would have been one-sided. I ran,because I am Not Ready To Die, as Demons laughed at me as a Crimson Day dawned and the sun peaked out from a Radiant Eclipse. I heard disturbing noises, hoping my stalker wasn’t Waking The Fallen, bringing long Forgotten Faces above ground again. I would not fail in my quest. I had to Seize The Day and bring the Strength of The World onto myself to press on and save her. I arrived at my destination. I thought to myself “If all else fails, I will light this place ablaze. I will Burn It Down”. So, I reached into my bag and looked for a moltov cocktail but noticed in my sleepy haze I only packed a Brompton Cocktail. Being the Gunslinger I am, I Unbound the cocktail and put it in my pocket. I heard a Scream from inside. I opened the door and crossed the threshold, the Danger Line if you will, and the door slammed shut behind me. “WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!” another loud voice boomed from off in the darkness. “Who are you?” I asked the voice. “My name is Sidewinder, the last Shepard of Fire. My people were wiped out by a Clairvoyent Disease years ago.” My eyes adjusted to the light, and there he was, a massive being sitting upon a throne of model Planets. “Who is this, master?” another voice asked, the words slithering from her Lips of Deceit. Suddenly a woman sat by his side. A harlot. I stared at the Beast And The Harlot, wondering if This Means War or if I would be Coming Home safely tonight. “You are a Heretic!” The Beast shouted at me, “and we will sing your Requiem as we party, and the Dancing Dead will rise again!”. I ran at him, going for his throat before he could react. I squeezed and squeezed, my hands weren’t Breaking Their Hold, and I heard no Second Heartbeat. After realizing what I had done, I hoped the beast would find it’s own Little Piece of Heaven, so I muttered my Unholy Confessions, hoping it would find peace. I turned to the harlot, “And All Things Will End, so must your service to this shepard. He has found his Eternal Rest, you must deal with the forthcoming Remenissions and forget what An Epic of Time Wasted your time here was. God Hates Us, but I gave you a second chance. I have seen what is to come, and Tonight the World Dies. Instead of Doing Time, be free.” With that, the Harlot was gone. I saw a book on the throne of the fallen beast. Upon opening it to Chapter Four, entitled “Desecrate Through Reverence”, I found her. My girl. A copy of Hail To The King, an album that surely will be released to much Critical Acclaim.

    The End.

    • nicely done good sir lol

    • Nicely done, missing lost it all and a little piece of heaven though. But still awesome

  190. I think i found a download guys, fingers crossed :)

    • Where ? Won’t get my hopes up but you never know :)

      • its on sound cloud and it says the file is for review purposes only, so im trying it

        • give us some good new my man

          • 7 minutes till download finishes :)

          • If it’s the same one my friend found, it’s most likely fake as the password for it was uploaded on June 25th…

          • and it was uploaded 14 hours ago

          • i too am trying this, 14 minute wait

          • mine has 5 minutes left

          • 1 minute left

          • please god…

          • 45 seconds…

          • It’s probably not legit. Please prove me wrong.

          • it has a password :/

          • dammit

          • should i get the password

          • sounds shady bro

          • Try this: 0293918492

          • it worked but the files are corrupted or something :/

          • Why do people have to put up fake files? :(

          • Damn. You downloaded the one I did. The surveys you need to do are bullcrap, and probably contain malware. I saved you some trouble atleast.

          • hey stenchy, i remember you from the AA leak and the 5FDP leak xD

          • Really? Someone must have been using my username because I’ve never participated in that. Were you on the Seventh Lair? That’s where I hung out

          • Ohhhh wait, yeah thats where i remember you from, sorry, but yeah there was a sloth nipple name on the AA and 5FDP leaks

          • Oh lol. The sloth nipple thing came from the Seventh Lair. Nice to know that little fad on that site is still going strong lol.

          • stenchy from seventh lairr!!!

          • bummer man. thanks for trying though dude

          • I hate mp3zer so much, they tricked me with the AA album last time :(

          • I was on IsO hunt and i found a torrent for it that was added 2 minutes ago

          • do it man

          • nevermind its just the single :/

          • should i try it?

          • Yeah, try it! 2 mins ago sounds somewhat hopeful.

          • its done…

          • last time i got the password for the AA album and it ended up being fake

          • Doesn’t hurt to try!

          • alright ill try to get it

        • hopefully its a genuine leak :)

        • if it has 2 mirrors and was posted 12 h ago or so its fake, I fell into that u.u

    • Where???!!!

    • looking at the other files that guy as uploaded it seems a bit shady.. PayPal money adder is one..

  191. So anyone have it yet?

    • Not looking good so far. Hoping for some good news soon dude. It shouldn’t be too long until we get something.

      • we should have it tomorrow cuz this is exactly how the AA leak was, everyone was looking for one on the weekend and then on monday it leaked

        • Yeah, I expect it to leak between now and the next 3-4 days. If not I’ll be sad. :/

  192. I’m actually kinda glad they haven’t posted previews like FFDP did. I want to hear the album in it’s entirety the second that it leaks. I spoiled the FFDP leak by overplaying the previews :P

  193. thats old

    • No. Those are legit

  194. June 27th.. lol

  195. I love the “A Little Piece Of Heaven” feel in the very first preview. The drumming seems more complex than the single’s track which makes me more excited.

    • and yes, I’ve already heard it.. long ago. haha!

  196. Have you seen /watch?v=hQgKpYPLAew

    I can’t tell if it’s a troll or legit. Either way, whoever made it is pretty talented.

    • its fake bro

      • Well that’s disappointing.

  197. yeah its fake bro
    sorry wrong comment

  198. Anyway I’m off to watch Breaking Bad. I hope to come back to an update. Keep searching my friends!

    • Breaking Bad! Let’s all take an hour out of our day and watch the majesty that is Breaking Bad! Can’t wait to see the fallout from the end of the last episode!

      • Great episode! Thankfully we’ll most likely have the album in our hands before the next episode airs!

    • Me too this is about to be a badass episode.

  199. I’ve found a download link! trying it now! hopefully it’s really legit! anyone had the file named AV_sevenf_H_T_K_13 ???

    • let us know dude! i haven’t had a file name like that in my efforts.

    • that one isn’t legit

    • Yes fake. Needs a password.

      • ahhh crap! = / we need a leak real soon i’m going bonkers LOL!

  200. Guys someone else on instagram got it early!!!! lets help him leak it!!!!!!!

    • Who ? Got a username ?

    • god damn dude you are on it!!

      • Haha i fucking love A7X and i really wanna hear this album!! and ima see them in albuquerque on the 30th :D

        • shit i just moved from abq to florida lol

    • God save us from jealous people…

      • yes, lets hope this is legit

      • lol all the comments are asking him to leak it xD

        • It seems that he saw the comments because he reposted his original comment… didn’t say anything else though :[

          • yeah he reposted with avenged spelled correctly lol

          • fuck, we’re probably gonna have to wait until someone else gets the album and is willing to leak it

  201. this is fucking cruel and unusual punishment man

  202. Omg please leak I would like to sleep tonight

  203. it says “file does not exist on this server” :(

    • :’(

      • i got it downloading, i’ll let you know what it is

        • yay

        • so what was the download?

          • it SAYS “Shepherd of Fire.mp3*” but it’s password protected and you have to do a survey…therefore most likely fake

  204. mine says file does not exsit

  205. Its only the one song HTTK, Delete the spaces between the dots and add a slash before the v and the link loads

  206. Its a troll feeding frenzy…

  207. Try this: 0293918492

    • No. If files require a password then don’t even try. It will either be a virus or a bunch of random songs. Don’t trust files with passwords.

      • I made that mistake yesterday. Downloading malware from surveys for a password that unlocked corrupted songs. Lol

  208. Whoever just told that guy to not leak it, I hate you forever.

    • yeah what a douche bag

      • wtf is wrong with him

        • im sure hed be one of the first to dl it if it did leak

        • I asked him to leak or send it to me and I would upload it lol

          • haha that was you xD and ima check if people on tumblr have it

          • I’m the guy on his hands and knees! :P

          • hahahahaha xD

          • right beside you brother

    • Whoever said that is right

  209. Tumblr has nothing so ima keep checking instagram

    • good on ya mate

      • but yeah, if anything we should have a leak tomorrow :/

        • i believe you are correct. seems theres alot of these copies getting out. we just need someone to pull the trigger lol

          • yeah and especially cuz how tomorrow is a work day so more shops should be open

          • gotta love the indie stores

          • Haha yeah

  210. This would be so much easier if someone on here got the album early haha :(

  211. I’m checking for it constantly. I can usually get them really really early. I got the five finger death punch one about 6 days early

  212. Oh well, Australia gets the album in 5 days, 3 days before everyone else. We should be able to enjoy it before we can actually buy it.

  213. I’ve had the new blessthefall for almost two weeks and it gets released Tuesday

  214. If I get it early I will post the download link

    • More than likely it will be a zippyshare file

  215. Its already 11.55am monday 19th in australia so hopefully get a leak very soon :D

  216. Pain in the ass being in scotland ! 3am here and I can’t sleep incase this leaks lol

  217. Upon googling “Avenged Sevenfold Leak” and setting the search settings to filter all results to show only things posted today, apparently, one link got flagged and a DMCA complaint was filed and the link was removed. Looks like someone may have tried to actually leak the album, but was got promptly removed.

    • damn, so close, yet so far away

  218. Hopefully someone leaks it to it leaked

  219. I searched the same way as below but with “hail to the king” and found a sound cloud with links. I’m on my phone so I can’t check it

  220. You guys think it would be awesome if A7X covered The Unforgiven by Metallica, cuz i personally would fucking love it if they did cover it

  221. If this isnt leaked tomorrow I’m putting myself in a coma till the 27th. Getting my hopes up, every half hour, for days on end, only to be let down by the wrath of the gods themselves, is killing me slowly.

  222. Nobody is still not having any luck

    • nope, but we should have it tomorrow

  223. Its not leaking tonight then may as well go to bed as it is 4:00am lol anywho sleep time

  224. are you legit? I may think about trying this.

  225. I’ll download it and check it myself

    • Let me know dude! I’ll let you take the test :P

      • didn’t work for me neither =/

  226. It’s crap. It won’t even play.

  227. im trying it too

  228. Downloading.

  229. lol fake

  230. Brad is back guys

    • Fucking Brad man. So sick of this mother fucker.

  231. files don’t play, fake

  232. Fucking trolls…

    • none of the files worked

    • Yeah. I don’t usually fall for them but im not going to lie this guy got me.

      • “I’m shaking”. Even though that’s what I’d be doing, that was a dead give away it was fake to me lol.

        • Yeah =p. I’m just so damn excited for this album.

          • me too!! We’ve waited 3 years for this!!! :D

          • I’m way too excited lol

    • Moron.

      • www. youtube. com/watch?v=IG4tYw_YJcY

      • www. youtube. com/watch?v=h2UpQ3Us7F0

  233. Who’s brad

    • A troll as far as I know.

    • He trolled people so bad when the 5FDP album was leaking

      • I hate that, what a jackass that guy is. I got really excited also

  234. I tried it and it wouldn’t even let me go to the link

  235. Oh he’s one of those fucks that see how bad the hype is and gets your hopes up

  236. He’s lucky I don’t know where he lives, I would punch him in his vagina

  237. I couldn’t resist.

    • Fuck you brad!!!!

      • Now hold on here, I don’t know who this “Brad” character is, but it sure as hell ain’t me!

    • Go play butt darts with your boyfriend instead of trolling all of us

      • So you’re using being gay as an insult? I may have posted a fake link, which never really did any harm apart from give you all a glimmer of hope for a few mere seconds. However you will always be a shitty person.

        • He was merely making an assumption. You on the other hand, were deliberately trying to piss everyone off, so therefore you are the shitty person, not Jamie.

          • Yeah he’s pretty shitty though. I don’t like the cut of his jib.

          • I’m actually one of the nicest people, I’m just a dick to those who piss me off. And you sir pissed us all off

          • So you’re one of the nicest people, except when you’re not. Gotcha.

        • I wish I could say you hurt my feelings and made me feel like a shitty person brad

          • If we’re already on first names, would you like my actual name? Then maybe we could go out for a drink together, on me.

        • Lol

    • Couldn’t resist the cock either

  238. Right bitches, I’m going to get some shut eye. Enjoy the circle jerk!

  239. I’m nice to people who deserve it

  240. I guess we’re bitches, how can we have a circle jerk if we’re bitches

  241. Come the fuck on and leak already!

  242. Let’s start predictions. How many hours after this comment is posted do you guys think it will leak?

    • 14 hours.. lol idk

      • I’m just gonna be patient, it’ll be out within the next 2-3 days at most

    • 10 hours, 11 minutes and 5 seconds

      • I’ll be more precise. 13 hours 54 minutes and 18 seconds

      • If at 12:27pm (My timezone) it leaks I will mail you $5
        That would be hilarious

        • Deal. That would be amazing lol

          • Not you haha Matt M
            For you I’ll make it 4:07pm tomorrow

          • Oh haha. The name Matt made me think I was talking to only one person.

          • Can you see the sloth over there?

            <<<< or no? haha

          • Lol I can. I sometimes think before I look, so I naturally thought you were one person lol


          • Lol. Were you ever on the Seventh Lair?

          • Oh no not one of these again hahaha

          • Maybe we are one. You never know on the internet. Then again, I would be mailing myself $5 so nvm.

            This was meant to be replied to your last comment haha

          • Wait what in the hell? I just noticed that your name is Matt F.. and his name is StenchySlothNipples.. HOLY SIMILAR

          • Seems pretty fair, it’s 1:35 AM now

        • I honestly don’t even know what time that is in my time zone lmao

          • I’ll make sure to tell you and I’ll be honest lol

  243. kingdomleaks . net /topic/ 1045-avenged-sevenfold-hail-to-the-king/

    Some guy claims he has 3 of the songs, and that it’ll leak tomorrow around noon.

    • Really, who down voted this?

      The person claims they have acid rain, shepherd of fire and heretic, but are in low quality, around 128 kbps.

  244. Stenchy and Matt M, I think we need to recreate that chain.
    There’s so much confusion happening there XD

    • Okay I’m the dude with the sloth on a segway profile picture lmao

        My mind has been blown.
        Are we all brothers?

        • I guess, welcome to za brotherhood

          • I found our baby picture
            Just the 3 of us sloths

          • YESSSSS

        • Wait. What is your avatar of?

          • I just found it funny that there are 2 Matt’s and one of them has a sloth as a picture and your name has sloth in it. Too much similarity I don’t think my brain can take much more

          • I just love sloth nipples

          • lmao

  245. Ive checked this so often just constantly hoping that it has leaked and every time im just so disappointed

  246. Enjoy this picture of my best friend.. he’s expressing his feelings for this album leak

  247. So tomorrow around noon and 3 pm (US time) the album should be leaked, unless we have another troll on our hands.

    • To clarify, Kingdom said 12pm PST, 3pm EST. Hopefully not a troll, pretty fawkin’ excited for this. Been bouncing between here and a few other sites for the past couple days lol.

      • Even if it is crap quality, I’m still excited to hear it

        • Oh yeah. I’ll take any quality, it’ll just make me more excited to hear CD quality version.

    • You’re that douche from seventh lair who ruined everything, aren’t you?!

  248. Alright hopefully it’s out tomorrow, gonna go to sleep

    • As am I
      Goodnight sloth brother

  249. Not much longer till release!!! until then

  250. Not much longer, Until then


  251. Is the whole album supposed to leak or just those 3 songs

    • The guy from kingdomleaks claims the full album will be out later. I’m really hoping this is true.

      • I just now saw that, I kept seeing everyone talking about kingdomleaks so I became a member

  252. I’m getting so worked up over this I can’t sleep

  253. Your link didn’t work, must be a fake

    • you talking about mine ?

      • It’s not working, is that for the a7x album

        • there’s spaces in it…. and no it’s a pointless video about cod

        • It was some stupid Call of Duty video where the kid on the video says he’ll have the trailer with Shepard of Fire in it up next week. Really nothing to see here.

          • Next week? We will all have the album by next week lol

          • Indeed! Hence my “nothing to see here” at the end.

          • the official cod black ops on FB also says that

          • I quit the lameness that is CoD years ago, so I wouldn’t know what’s on their Facebook page.

          • i never played COD, cuz i know it’s lame, i’m just researching on youtube each song from the album so that i could find something, that’s all

          • We do appreciate your pro-activeness though.

        • nope, you must remove the spaces :P

          i don’t understand why i’m downvoted.. the video gave us information about ”shepherd of fire”, it says that the trailer of the next COD origins will be out next week, and that we’ll have the occasion to listen to shepherd of f**king fire !

          • But by that time the whole album is going to be not only leaked, but even officialy released ;-)

          • that’s true..

          • That’s cool and all but we want the whole damn album lol. That link teased me, I thought it was a new song lol

          • i’d mention that dude :P and i’d be fucking excited if it was

          • why should we wait for the song for 7 days, when the album is gonna release in 4 days

  254. Awesome

  255. Good luck to you (and to all of us)

    • I’m afraid it’s not legit, that guys’ soundcloud is full of links like that, it looks like it’s the ones with password :-(

      • Just guessing, I’ll find out in nine minutes, but I’d rather not get my hopes up too much

    • aaahhhh!!!

  256. Just found a 30 second preview of Shepherds of fire whilst hunting for this link Ataberk has found.. was uploaded quite a while ago though so i’m assuming most people have heard it? It’s got the preview of Requiem too. Listening to both has got me so soooo excited!!!! soundcloud com /ipulbnw

    • Those are all ass backwards. Shepherd was actually Requiem, and Requiem was Planets(most likely).

      • Ooh ok.. nonetheless I’m pumped!! :D

  257. I’m really hyped for this album but I hate when people jump on someone that got the album early or beg (like what I see on Kingdomleak) for it. Just wait and we’ll get what we want. We are human beings, not animals.

  258. AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH i’m losing my mind! So many survey links its ridiculous!

    • Make use of our site, if it’s not reported as leaked – It’s not out there yet!

      • Will do ive only just discovered this site :D

  259. sorry if i teased you with my previous link, just wanted to bring some information i’ve got that’s all

    • That’s ok buddy, at least you post information on the topic, and not just spamming with chat here ;-)

  260. larry jackobson’s tweet :
    ”a LOT of of exciting things happening this week for a7x fans so stay tuned”

    • Hopefully its in relation to them playing at soundwave this next year!

  261. Guys, just a quick question, does anybody know why JUST this page has ‘Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/winecomp/public_html/ on line 50′ all over it?

  262. Maybe later today it’ll leak

    • hahahahha that’s getting really cute xD

  263. “Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/winecomp/public_html/has it leaked. com/wp- content/plugins/cubepoints-buddypress-integration/includes/bp-cubepoint-core.php on line 50″ any body else getting this or is it just me?

  264. damn, i was really expecting this this morning :(

  265. People have this how is it not leaked come on leak already

  266. People have this how has it not leaked yet please leak today im not insane im not insane hahahahahahaha ok maybe I am

    • I remember going through the same process when waiting for Nightmare, and I was going for months just checking for leaks. In the end, I ended up on a Youtube video which was much like this, and certain songs were leaked on an a7x forum (which has since closed – chapter four I believe it was called).

      In the end, it was the Aussies who came out on top for the leak. So once it starts coming in that they are receiving their copies…it should be good. Twitter is a good place to look for people braggin