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Baths is the stage name of American electronic musician Will Wiesenfeld (born April 16, 1989). He was born in Tarzana and was raised in Woodland Hills. He currently resides in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California. Will Wiesenfield is a classically trained musician, and began learning the piano at the age of four "to compete with his brother". By twelve he had "completely abandoned it," but continual musical experimenting lead him to record his first piece of music at age fourteen. Under a previous moniker, [Post-foetus], he released four albums and three EPs. He also ventured into a more ambient style with side-project Geotic, a project which Irish magazine called "gorgeous". After adopting the name Baths, he released the debut album Cerulean on Anticon in 2010. He recorded the entire album in two months from his bedroom. It was listed by The A.V. Club as the 21st best album of 2010. It also made Pitchfork Media's "Album of the Year: Honorable Mention" list. Track list for Obsidian, added below! As well as the track Miasma Sky from Soundcloud.

Submitted By Regan

Track list:

1 Worsening
2 Miasma Sky
3 Ironworks
4 Ossuary
5 Incompatible
6 No Eyes
7 Phaedra
8 No Past Lives
9 Earth Death
10 Inter
Submitted By Regan

Submitted By Regan

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