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Disco Ball & Chain

Clinton Sparks : Disco Ball & Chain

No official cover, release date or tracklist have been released yet. I will update asap.



it has not leaked


days until release


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Disco Ball & Chain Leak details

Disco Ball & Chain was added by Foodstamp420, is expected . Discuss the album below or at the forum. The album has been reported as leaked by 0 Level 1 user(s) and 0 Level 2 user(s). The Disco Ball & Chain album download leak needs to be reported as leaked by either 3 Level 1 users or 1 Level 2 user. Note that Has it Leaked doesn't provide album download links for music and it is strictly forbidden to post links to file sharing sites (Rapidgator, Uploaded etc), torrents or to sites which in turn link to or host copyrighted music files. Any links to ZIP, RAR, MP3 or FLAC files will be automatically result in a ban.


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