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Kanye premiered "New Slaves" from the upcoming album, titled Yeezus, by projecting videos around the world. He also performed the track, and another one called "Black Skinhead", on Saturday Night Live. Earlier this month Kanye teased us with another new song titled "I am a God" and hinted that the album would be released on June 18th. Hot 97 revealed that West's label Def Jam recently hosted a listening event for the album, the rapper's sixth solo offering, with DJ Paul Rosenberg saying: "Everyone at the label that listened to the album loved it. I've heard it's dark, but really good." Skrillex, Odd Future and Daft Punk are all rumored to be collaborating on the album. "It was very raw: he was rapping – kind of screaming primally, actually," said Thomas from Daft Punk. More news to follow about this summers biggest hiphop release. Watch "New Slaves" being projected below. iTunes accidently post the track list for the album, and has since been removed. But we managed to get a hold of it - And have included it below. Recently, Daft Punk confirmed that they co-wrote the track "Skinhead". Meanwhile, rapper Chief Keef has recently confirmed that he guests on 'Yeezus' - but can't remember the name of the track he appears on.

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Track list:

1. On Site (Prod. Daft Punk)
2. Black Skin Head (Prod. Daft Punk)
3. I Am A God (Prod. Daft Punk)
4. New Slaves feat. Frank Ocean (samples “Gyöngyhajú lány” by Omega)
5. Can’t Hold My Liquor feat. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon
6. I’m In It feat. Justin Vernon
7. Blood On The Leaves (samples “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday) (Prod. Hudson Mohawke)
8. Guilt Trip feat. Travis Scott
9. Send It Up feat. King L
10. Bound feat. Charlie Wilson (samples “Bound” contains samples of “Bound” by Ponderosa Twins Plus One and “Sweet Nothin’s” by Brenda Lee)
Submitted By Tanner

Submitted By Tanner

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