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In December 2012, Rick Ross reported that he was working on his sixth studio album.On January 1, 2013, he announced he would release the title of his sixth studio album on January 7, 2013.On January 7, 2013, in a promotional video he revealed the title of sixth album would be Mastermind.On June 10, 2013, during an interview wit MTV News, he explained that Mastermind will have a Soulful vibe, saying: "That's most definitely the feel and that's why I made sure I wanted to open at the top of the new year. I wanted to make that clear for the ones that paid attention that that's most definitely my vibe. I love making those kind of records, those 'Cigar Music' records, those 'Amsterdam' records, and that was most definitely the energy, but I record so much material — we gotta wait and see." In a October 10, 2013 interview, Rick Ross spoke about the background of the album saying, "In the past year I done seen some things, I done been through some things, so you're going to feel that passion and that aggression. I think the streets are really going to love this." He also said he was putting "the finishing touches" on a song he wants to get Bobby Womack featured on.

Submitted By Jack King

Submitted By Jack King

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