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Seether will release a 2-CD Greatest Hits CD this October, with some extras and 3 new songs on the 2nd disc. "Well, it's official... We are "one of those" bands. We are at a point in our journey that we have decided to bookend this era of our career with our upcoming Greatest Hits release "Seether: 2002-2013". When we were given the task of assembling the tracklisting... we knew it wasn't going to be easy. But, believe it or not, we are also fans of the band and wanted to approach it with what would "we - a Seether fan" like to hear in a "Seether Greatest Hits." First, it will be a 2 CD package... Disc 1 will contain all the singles everyone has come to know and love... with nothing left out, I promise. And for the second disc, we headed into the Seether vaults for some surprise "unreleased" demos, soundtrack only songs and three new recordings. Yes, we headed back into the studio with our compadre Brendan O' Brien and have churned out some great new music. We had a blast working together, as always, and we are excited for you guys to hear these two spankin' brand new tracks. And for the "cherry on top" to this fantastic set... We have re-recorded our "namesake"... Veruca Salt's 1994 hit, "Seether." Recorded and produced by us (much the same way "Careless Whisper" was)... We have put this song thru the Seether filter and churned out a version we can proudly call our own."

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