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Modern Vampires Of The City

Vampire Weekend : Modern Vampires Of The City

Vampire Weekend  : Modern Vampires Of The City
Vampire Weekend is ready to release their album "Modern Vampires of the City". It's set for an April release this year on XL Recordings. Recently the band previewed the double A-side singles 'Diane Young' and 'Step'. You can stream the video for Diane Young below. Tracklist : 1) Obvious Bicycle 2) Unbelievers 3) Step 4) Diane Young 5) Don't Lie 6) Hannah Hunt 7) Everlasting Arms 8) Finger Back 9) Worship You 10) Ya Hey 11) Hudson 12) Young Lion

A featured album written by Sean May.

Over the course of two LPs, NYC-based quartet Vampire Weekend have carved out a unique niche for themselves in the indie scene. Pulling heavily from Paul Simon’s post-Graceland output, they bring a sort of world music meets Cape Cod feel that has proven successful on their eponymous 2008 album and the 2010 follow-up Contra. The band, lead by lead by guitarist/vocalist Ezra Koenig and multi-instrumentalist Rostam Batmanglij, is preparing to release their third album, Modern Vampires of The City, is set to release on May 6th.

The album, thought to be in the works more or less immediately after the release of Contra, was announced in a strange way, via a classified ad in the New York Times. On February 4th, the band’s Twitter account tweeted “NYT Classifieds…”. Vigilant fans that followed the band’s advice scoured the paper’s classified ads until they came across an odd listing in the Lost & Found section.


"don’t be surprised if the third album has at least one or two radio-ready hits"


Unlike the band’s previous two albums, which were produced by Batmanglij, Modern Vampires of The City is being co-produced by Ariel Rechtshaid. Rechtshaid is a bit of a wild card in terms of producing, as he’s handled albums by indie acts such as Cass McCombs and Foreign Born, but he’s also produced megahits for pop artists like Plain White T’s and No Doubt. It’s a little unclear how much Rechtshaid will affect the sound of the album, and Batmanglij is still going to be handling some aspects of the production, but don’t be surprised if the third album has at least one or two radio-ready hits.

Despite the joking descriptions of its content and the presence of a more mainstream friendly producer in the room, I have no doubt that Vampire Weekend will deliver another stunning LP with Modern Vampires of The City. The early impressions of the few songs they’ve played live have been positive, and the growth the band exhibited between their first and second LPs, so I have nothing but the highest hopes when the album hits the streets in May.

Below is the new song Ya Hey, and this is the official lyric video version.



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Modern Vampires Of The City Leak Updates

On 05/06/2013, Modern Vampires Of The City was reported as leaked by 5 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

adam_mcknight (A Level 1 user with 67 points) reported an album download leak at It-Leaked.

tonke (A Level 1 user with 104 points) reported an album download leak at zippy share and what .cd.

stasikee (A Level 1 user with 126 points) reported an album download leak at zippyshare.

iljin (A Level 1 user with 49 points) reported an album download leak at Indie Music on vk. com.

cuadradoalreves (A Level 1 user with 78 points) reported an album download leak at Exystence.

1) Obvious Bicycle 2) Unbelievers 3) Step 4) Diane Young 5) Don't Lie 6) Hannah Hunt 7) Everlasting Arms 8) Finger Back 9) Worship You 10) Ya Hey 11) Hudson 12) Young Lion[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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  1. Avatar of andrew james

    Well at least the album cover isn’t as lame as the last two album covers lol.

    • You thought the album cover for the last album was lame?

      • the last covers were NOT LAME. this one is different and i think that the songs will be different too. and they didn’t use a polaroid so that made me sad haha

      • Yeah, I’m with Jacob. But this album cover is dope. I think it aludes to how epic the music is gonna be.

    • Avatar of Tom Meyerson

      The cover’s pretty awesome but I can’t get behind the album title.

      • Avatar of Bryce

        Thank you, I was wondering if I was the only one, cause I get that they are ‘Vampire’ Weekend, but you really don’t have to include it at every chance you get.

        • Avatar of Tyler Elliott

          I created an account just to inform you that this is literally the only time they have ever used the word “vampire” in an album title. It has never been used in one of their song titles. And hell, I’m pretty sure they’ve never even used the word as a lyric in one of their songs.

          • Avatar of Danny

            Except their first album was self titled, so the name was literally Vampire Weekend. But I do agree that tyler saying they include it everywhere is pretty ridiculous since everything else you said was true.

          • Avatar of Tyler Elliott

            Very true Danny. I was omitting their s/t album from consideration, but you’re correct when it comes down to semantics.

    • Avatar of projections

      I hope u are joking

  2. kljouewghgvbsakjvbadsjgfhaksfka!!!
    I can’t wait.

  3. Avatar of Alx

    So far listening to ‘Unbelievers’ and ‘Everlasting Arms’ live I think it’s gonna be a good record so I’m excited. Not liking the name, though. Not one bit.

  4. Avatar of Alx

    “Diane Young”, the album’s first single is going to have its radio premiere on March 18th (next Monday!!!) Really looking forward to it.

    Meanwhile, Enzra Koening is featured in Major Lazer’s new single for their orthcoming album “Free The Universe”, out 16th April. Listen here:

    “Diane Young” backed with “Step”, limited edition 7″ vinyl.
    April 9, 2013

  5. Avatar of Dominic Provenzano

    New single, “Diane Young,” on Youtube:

    Probably won’t last very long up there.

  6. Avatar of Alx

    Listen to ‘Diane Young’ and ‘Step’ Double A-side Single from Modern Vampire of the City now on :

    Sounds pretty good eh?

  7. Avatar of Bill Zhou

    They delayed the release a week, it now comes out 5/14/13 :(

  8. Avatar of Alx

    I likes the vocal manipulations in Diane Young/Step but I don’t know about the chipmunks in ‘Hey Ya’….

    Though chipmunks are really trendy nowadays

  9. Avatar of eddie

    I love Vampire Weekend!

  10. Avatar of Eric

    A bit surprised this hasn’t leaked yet. Can’t wait any longer!!

  11. Avatar of Keith

    The info needs to be edited, the album actually comes out May 14th.

  12. Avatar of Dan

    I’m pretty excited about this, seems like it’s been awhile since their last release. Diane Young was pretty good, I did like the vocal manipulations, haven’t heard any other tracks yet.

    Very surprised it hasn’t leaked yet.

  13. Avatar of Alx

    Vampire weekend playing at American Express Unstaged, they are playing some songs off MVOTC: Ya Hey, Diane Young, Step, Everlasting Arms and Unbelievers.

    I really want to liste to the studio versions. I know they said May 14th but I thought that was for the physical copies. Aren’t the digital copies still going to be available may 7?

  14. Avatar of Sergeant Heartstomp

    Diane Young & Step are up at the pirate bay

  15. Avatar of Danny

    They just released “Ya Hey”
    this album is definitely gonna have a much different sound compared to the first two.

  16. Avatar of Valerie

    No way this hasn’t leaked yet…so excited about that album!!

  17. Avatar of Hoezay

    Japan gets the album on the 8th so if it doesn’t leak by then, we have Japan.

  18. Avatar of Alx

    Vampire Weekend in Session with Zane Lowe, they played 6 songs from MVOTC:

    Obvious Bicycle
    Everlasting Arms
    Ya Hey
    Diane Young

    you can listen to them in PMA:

  19. Avatar of KenTLEdood

    Australian radio station, Triple J, has aired studio versions such as “Unbelievers,” “Everlasting Arms,” and “Hudson.” The radio rips are spreading fast. Plus, some people have received notification that their copies have been sent already.

    Full leak in a few days, one way or the other. /Shwing!

  20. Avatar of Bill Zhou

    This site has radio rips of some of their new songs including ‘Hudson’ and ‘Unbelievers’ as well as ‘Don’t Lie!’

  21. Avatar of Adam McKnight

    I was told that it leaked it I’m going to check.

  22. Avatar of Tim

    definitely leaked. got it on zippy share

  23. Avatar of Steve bennett

    mine is downloading now…..

  24. Avatar of Tom Meyerson

    Can’t express how much I want my 30 minute download not to be a 30 minute download.

  25. Avatar of Danny

    this album is too good

  26. Avatar of seth

    so much better than contra

    • Avatar of Danny

      agreed, contra was disappointing compared to their first album

      • Avatar of seth

        yeah i would even go so far this is their best or at least most consistent album to date. really surprised cause i thought they are going the strokes way.

  27. Avatar of Janitra

    this album is a beauty!

  28. Avatar of Prince


  29. Avatar of David

    its leaked.

  30. Avatar of David

    This is my first exposure to vw. Liking.

  31. Avatar of a

    Sounds so much more mature than the other two albums. Awesome album.

  32. Avatar of Joe

    Best album of the year! I would give a 100% chance the Hannah Hunt will be featured on HBO’s Girls.

  33. Avatar of Alx

    Love the album.
    Hannah Hunt is an absolute hightlight for me.

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