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William Beckett will release his debut full-length album, Genuine & Counterfeit, on August 20 via Equal Vision Records. His single "Benny & Joon" will be out June 18. Looking back from an interview Beckett did with AP in April, it's safe to say we're glad he didn't go with his original plan about releasing the details of the new record: "I’m going to scale the Willis Tower in Chicago, the fourth tallest building on the planet. And, I’m going to scale it naked, and then from the highest point, I will scream out the title of the record. But only at that point, will it be revealed." According to the press release, Genuine & Counterfeit also features guest vocal appearances from Say Anything’s Max Bemis and Mayday Parade’s Derek Sanders. With the preparation of Warped Tour and the release of the new album right around the corner, Beckett seems excited about what's in store: “This record is nothing less than my greatest musical accomplishment,” Beckett confidently reveals.

Submitted By Aidan

Track list:

1. Pick Up the Phone (feat. Max Bemis)
2. In My Blood
3. Benny & Joon
4. Hanging On a Honeymoon
5. Turn On the Light
6. By Your Side
7. Caught in the Middle
8. One in the Same
9. Cracks in the Ceiling
10. Time for a Sign (feat. Derek Sanders)
11. A Million People
12. Just You Wait [digital deluxe exclusive]
13. I Can't Make Me Love You [MerchNOW pre-order bundle and digital deluxe exclusive]
Submitted By Aidan

Submitted By Aidan

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