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Experimental Quebec music and performance art outfit, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan follow-up their 2011 debut, 'YT//ST', with their sophomore offering, 'UZU'. Featuring their signature blend of elements of progressive rock, C-pop, heavy metal, J-pop and industrial music, as well as Buddhist philosophy, anime and manga, Chinese opera and Kabuki and Nôh theatre. Certainly one of the more abstract releases on the horizon, with just the right amount of finesse to carry it through.

Submitted By Ben

Track list:

01. Atalanta
02. Whalesong
03. Lamia
04. Windflower
05. Hall of Mirrors
06. Seasickness Pt. 1
07. Seasickness Pt. 2
08. Bring Me The Hand of Bloody Benzaiten
09. One
10. Saturn's Return
Submitted By Ben

Submitted By Ben

Submitted By Ben

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