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Echo and the Bunnymen have announced the release of their new studio album. Titled Meteorites, it marks the band’s 12th full-length effort to date and first since 2009?s The Fountain. It will be released in the UK on April 28th and in the US on June 3rd through 429 Records. Spanning 10 tracks, the album was produced by Killing Joke bassist Youth. The recording lineup included frontman Ian McCulloch, guitarist Will Sergeant, guitarist Gordy Goudie, and bassist Stephen Brannan. Frontman Ian McCulloch is quoted as saying “it’s the band’s best work for a very long time.” He added, “Meteorites is what Echo and the Bunnymen mean and are meant to be — up there in heaven — untouchable, celestial, beautiful and real. It has changed my life.”

Submitted By Matt

Track list:

01. Lovers On The Run
02. Is This A Breakdown
03. Holy Moses
04. Meteorites
05. Explosions
06. Icarus
07. I Loved The Devil
08. Constantinople
09. Market Town
10. New Horizons
Submitted By Matt

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