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If you have any affiliation whatsoever with the underground metal scene in New York City, then you must know about the lush spazzy hardcore-from-the-future anomaly known as Tiger Flowers. These fine gentlemen have been tearing apart stages and basements alike for years now, and there are several reasons to be super psyched for their upcoming full-length album… Sir Jesse James Madre, Esq. is the best frontman in the Brooklyn metal scene. He doesn’t play any instrument other than his mighty vocal cords and righteous half-chub — which he’s been known to flail and mangina-tuck (a la Silence of the Lambs) at plenty of live performances — but armed with his ferocious voice and hilarious between-song banter (resplendent with snarky wit and earnest musings about life, love, brotherhood, and heavy music), this dude actively carves a real niche for himself with every single show. His bandmates aren’t fucking around either — guitarist Dean “Chooch” Landry creates a dense soundscape of tonally diverse effect-drenched sounds that expertly punish your earphones via two amps and ABY splitter (homeboy inspired me to get one after the first time I saw the band play live), and he’s also an extremely gifted photographer. Big bottom Will “The Mexican Cowboy” Gomez lays down a thick bass tone that grooves and sputters in all the right ways. And unassuming drummer Dan Miccio will suprise you repeatedly with plenty of tricks up his percussive sleeve. All in all, Tiger Flowers are one of the most unique and fun-to-see live bands out there in the metal underground today, and the band’s debut EP fucked my face right off a couple years ago, earning a coveted spot on my 2011 year-end end list. I can’t wait for you all to hear what these art-core maniacs have in store on their upcoming release Dead Hymns, due out this Spring (release date tbd) on Melotov Records. Be down. - MetalSucks

Submitted By GrindWar

Submitted By GrindWar

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