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Camille is back! Her fifth studio album arrives this June 2nd, after an hiatus from her live album "Ilo Lympia" from 2013, and it's called "OUÏ" (YES).

We don't have much information yet, but the french singer-songwriter released a teaser (or album trailer) via her Youtube account with a message that, loosely translated, says:

"I wanted to make a protester record

I wanted to say NO

And, behold, I say YES

In YES there's everything

the roundness of Y (O)

the opening of E (U)

the righteousness of S (I)

Everything I want to

say, to be and become

No obstacle

to the singing of vowels

to the heartbeat

from YE to S (OU to I)

from darkness to light

from bass to the treble

from the land to the cloud

from drum to the voice

from him to me

And at the end of the toil

the S whole YES

and its both fists

lifted to heaven".

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OUÏ Album Teaser

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