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    Marilyn Manson Born Villain album leak

    The new album from Marilyn Manson titled Born Villain.

    View our dedicated album leak post.

    Discuss the album, leaks and everything Marilyn Manson below. Remember that we do not allow links to downloads or file sharing sites.

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    Um, you realize that you’re letting that troll guy win by taking down the comments right? That was his entire goal: to obliterate your site and make it meaningless. Right now, that troll is laughing like crazy at you, me, and everyone else who wants to talk about the album. I don’t think I like this website anymore; no cursing at all or face chastising from the administrator, can’t post links, trolls can report the album as “leaked” when it isn’t, and when a troll starts commenting, the comments section gets closed?? That’s like, “letting the terrorists win” to be cliche and moronic about it. Just wanted to let you know that I don’t agree with this move… You are caving in to an internet troll and our response to him, and that was his entire goal: To make your website look silly… and, typing this right now, I almost agree with him. I had NO idea there would be a “comment limit” or I wouldn’t have posted more than 1 comment. Signing off.

    Avatar of Mojib

    @cthulu48 The thread was created to make it easier to discuss the album since scrolling through 61 comments became a bit of a mess.

    Regarding the troll: our leak system never reported the album as leaked – And as of now, it still hasn’t. If you decide to trust some random guy in the comment section instead, that’s up to you.

    Avatar of Brian

    First of all, I’m sorry for the disrespect… it seriously wasn’t my intention to get at you personally, so I apologize, but I do feel that the issues I raised are valid, and that your interpretation of them is incorrect, which may be totally my fault, so let me explain myself better, since I created the page for this album myself, having recently discovered your site.

    I didn’t say that your site reported it as leaked. You didn’t. Some dude (wonder who??) voted, at one point, and the comments section documents this. I was just pointing out that some troll can vote “leaked” when it hasn’t… Not that your site reported it as leaked.

    Regarding your response: As I stated in an earlier comment, I’ve been downloading leaked albums for 15 years or so, and I think your assumption that I’ve “decided to trust some random guy in the comment section…” is fairly incendiary towards me, and you’re misunderstanding why I even mention that troll. Since I created this page, I read all the comments that are emailed to me every time they’re made, hoping for any sincere tip or whatever from a legitimate fan who might have found something while I’m away from my computer. So, I’m not sure how you arrived at the conclusion that I’m “trusting some random guy,” and that random guy only, especially when the guy is trolling, just to make a mockery of your site, as HE stated.

    It’s obvious from my earlier comments that I’m not relying on your site at all to find the album when it leaks, to be quite frank. For 15 years, I’ve done just fine without this site. But, when I found the site, I thought, “what the heck,” and put the page up, since I’m very excited about the album.

    If I may be a total hypocrite for a second and make an assumption myself, indulge me please… I think there’s an ulterior motive in removing this particular comments section, and that would be because you aren’t digging the fact that everyone is calling out this particular troll in cruel fashion. If I’m totally wrong, then I’m sincerely sorry, but I don’t see why “60″ comments is some kind of magic number for a comment limit on a site that reports when albums get leaked. Taking down the comments section accomplishes EXACTLY what that troll was trying to accomplish. He doesn’t like the fact that you’ve created a community for people to share a limited amount of information about album leaks. (It’s a troll’s nature, and I really don’t understand what’s fun about it. I’m sick of THIS discussion already.) So, that guy has, in my assuming opinion (which is NOT fact, just a guess), achieved his goal of negating your website’s value when you removed the comment section 1-2 weeks before the album’s release date.

    Maybe I’m totally wrong and you’re just sick of getting emails reading this baloney from this guy who’s only commenting to bother people, and the people’s responses to it. If that’s the case, I understand, but it still makes the troll feel like he accomplished something.

    Sorry for having to say all this. Like I said, I sincerely didn’t intend to attack you personally… That’s troll-like behavior myself and I’m saying, my bad. But I still don’t agree with the move. But, it’s your site, do what you want. Peace.

    Avatar of Vinnie

    I’d like to express my opinion about the songs on the album, having heard the previews. I want to see how many of you aggree with me and discuss some points I find interesting to discuss about.

    1. “Hey, Cruel World…” – Now that’s what a call an opening track! Fine Manson nu-metal, at last! He had been close to this in THEOL’s “Preety as a ($)” -I find “Hey, Cruel World…” far more catchy and exciting, though. Disadvantages: kind of repetitve, if any.

    2. “No Reflection” – To me, this was just the radio-friendly promo single for the album and I still enjoyed it. Not a massive Manson song, still pretty nice and enjoyable though with Manson being pretty good with words again. Oh, also: I ADORE the video -I’m afraid I like it more than the song itself.

    3. “Pistol Whipped” – Reminiscent of TGAOG, this is a track written by Manson on his own (just like a few others on the record) and has a pretty raw and catchy chorus. Very good, very good. Also, Manson has said in an interview that either this or “Slo-Mo-Tion” are to become the second single. Let’s hope it’s this one…

    4. “Overneath the Path of Misery” – Extremely good lyrics combined with so-and-so, simpistic music. Despite the instruments, this tracks still manages to become an “evil Manson” classic. Remarkable.

    5. “Slo-Mo-Tion” – This must be the worst track on the album. Nice lyrics AND music, yet the vocals KILL it. They really do. Sung as it is, it sounds just bad. Sorry, mr. Manson, but I think you should have put some more effort when recording it. The vocals are the reason why I’m objecting to this becoming a single. What do you think? Also, did I mention this really reminds me of MA’s highest glam moments, like “The Dope Show” (only, badly sung)?

    6. “The Gardener” – This one right here must be my favorite. Awesome chorous and the spoken verses are so cool. Manson sounds amazing when he just speaks into the microphone. I am so excited about this one.

    7. “The Flowers of Evil” – HW stuff. Very dark and very poetic. Kind of repetitive, yet not tiring. I hope it gets even better as it goes with twists, for example, or a remarkable chorous. I wouldn’t like it to be monotonous.

    8. “Children of Cain” – The lyrics are pure old Manson and it’s overall very pleasant to listen to. This song’s only problem is the last line in the chorous: again, the vocals… ouch! Still a nice song. Lyrics & music by mr. Manson.

    9. “Disengaged” – Lyrics & music by mr. Manson again. Love the verses, adore the atomic-bomb-like chorous. This track is not only smart (meaning as of the lyrics) but also strong.

    10. “Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms” – I think this could be considered yet another highlight. Stripped-down pre-chorous “Wanna fight? / Wanna fuck? etc.” wins the listener and the chorous is just lovely.

    11. “Murderers are Getting Prettier Every Day” – Heaviest song on the album, one of the best too -if not the very best. The lyrics are ultra badass, too. Beast track.

    12. “Born Villain” – I have high hopes for this song although the chorous wasn’t on the preview. I really like the bit that is on it, however. It sounds really interesting as well as pretty catchy. Really trippy song, too.

    13. “Breaking the Same Old Ground” – Much like “Man That You Fear” closed AS, the softest song is the one to close BV, too. And it’s lovely. What is more, it seems like Manson had been listening to Pink Floyd while working on the album… (“Hey, Cruel World…” reminds of Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Cruel World” as a title and “Breaking the Same Old Ground” is a line in “Wish You Were Here”.)

    14. “You’re So Vain” (Bonus) – I must say I’m not impressed with this cover. Meh…

    I’d like to hear your opinion on the album, too. To me it sounds just great! Had it not been for the bad singing in “Slo-Mo-Tion”, I wouldn’t have been able to find one bad-sounding song on the whole album. I must say this is really something -much more than I expected! One should wait for the entire album to come out though, before being able to review comprehensively.

    PS. All the lyrics have leaked. They’re right here: . You’re welcome. :)

    Avatar of Brandon

    4 Songs from the born villain album has leaked…
    Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day
    Pistol Whipped
    The Gardener
    messeage me if you want the link.

    Avatar of Krub


    Avatar of Berto

    I need these songs. My trial ended on spotify and I have no laptop at the moment! Just an iPad! Any help? Or even just what you guys think of the songs?

    Avatar of Cody

    So i got the four songs and WoW i really need to hear this cd in its entirety but very impressed so far. If the past two albums disappointed you this one seems like its taking a step back to the manson of old but for me its just good ive loved all of it to date.

    Avatar of Marlon Stone
    Marlon Stone

    I love the songs cant wait to hear the full.

    Avatar of Berto

    Someone send them to me! Damnit! Lol

    Avatar of Berto

    Found them! Thanks anyway!

    Avatar of Cody

    was gonna say dude the pirate bay has got it lol

    Avatar of Amit

    it supposed to be leaked real soon guys !
    Japan already got it, and some girl from america got it too,
    so people already have it they just have to share it :)
    I believe that in about less then 24hrs we’ll get the album! :)


    I have it, but it is stamped with my name so hell no ! :P

    Better wait for someone with a retail version with no watermarks ;) But believe me, its worth the wait!

    @Herp: Want to proof your point?

    Whats the first sentence in ‘Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms’ at the 2:00 marker?

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