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describes a scenario between dystopia, performance, trauma and the search for imagination. Questions about identity, doubts and love reflect on a fragmented cynical reality under a latecapitalistic totality - "You crave to believe in this desert, you crave to be in this desert." Trapped in a constant tragedy to be having to be identical with oneself, the individuals are circulating within their psychological and emotional enmeshements -"Hello you/ i´m telling you my dreams/ a perpetual emotion machine/ opening and closing on itself to extasy" - meanwhile "your psyche´s decaying, while you work till you die".

Convinced that the confrontation with ones traumas and vulnerability could lead to selfempowerment and create a sense of responsability -"when i wake up and the sun shines bright, my flesh is still warm, my mind still beside, i love to dream at night, reconstitute and remind, as long as i can remember, i was searching for life" - from time to time moments of euphoria and lightness are breaking through the dark synth sounds.

[Freedom/Fiction] has been recorded and produced by L Twills in Los Angeles between march and june of 2019. A majority of the sounds are based on Dave Smith´s Prophet rev2. Beeing influenced by different genres, the compositions vary between reduction, broken soundsurfaces, experimental dancemusic and concise lyrical statements.

The debut LP will be released on the 20th of february 2020.

Track list:


1. Intro / Is Anybody Outthere?
2. In Memoriam to Identity
3. M.A.S.T.E.R.S.
4. Close to you Mind [Transgression into nothing]
5. [Hypnosis] 2049
6. Dear Grace
7. Antigone´s Dream
8. Automatic Subject
9. Apparatus
10. L.A. [Automatic Subject pt.2]
11. Freedom/Fiction

Antigone's Dream

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