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    Hey guys,
    I actually joined the site because I was looking at the info for the latest release by Switchfoot and there was no album art so I figured I could help out by updating the article with the correct album art. I tried to add media but there is not an option for this. I assume this can only be done by the original submitter or at the mod level?

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    Member Level 1 – Points required: 20. Able to update albums with news & media. Able to send messages to other users. Able to add leak reports, but they need to be confirmed before they go live.

    Member Levels

    If you make a few friends, post a few comments you’ll be level 1 in a few mins so you can make edits.

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    I appreciate the response Luke, however I am already Level 1.
    I guess I was misunderstood.
    How can an I album art to a post that someone else created?
    It doesn’t matter which option I choose when I pull up the menu, there is no image source area.

    What do you want to add or update?
    Add news, media or info below. You are also able to update an existing album cover, release date or order link.

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    Just to be sure, you are clicking “Add News”, then selecting “Change Album Cover” from the drop down menu, correct?

    Btw, I just edited Switchfoot for you.

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    I know that deluxe versions versions are not allowed, but I am trying to add a reissue.
    in another thread @mojib says: “For the New Has it Leaked I decided to no longer allow deluxe, special retail, limited – versions of albums. This doesn’t apply to reissues or in some rare case where an album is either vastly different or released beyond the standard version’s release date.”

    When I clicking submit, I get the error message that says that deluxe versions are not allowed, but as far as I know it’s a reissue. It has 11 more tracks, it comes out 10 years later and has a different name.

    This is the album I’m trying to add:

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    Hey @heydianahey
    The site won’t accept the entry because it has the word “deluxe” in it. Try to add it again, without deluxe – And I’ll help you rename it once its added.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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