What are your favorite songs of this year so far? (Any Genre)

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    Alexander Barker
    Level 3

    Hello everyone, I just thought it would be interesting to see what you’re all listening to this year. Any genre of music is allowed, I listen to just about all, but try to keep it to music in which they (or their album) were/will be released in 2013. Maybe you’ll even find a song that you’ll enjoy in this discussion! :)
    I’ll start.

    (Band – Song)

    Hollywood Undead – Lion
    Five Finger Death Punch – Mama Said Knock You Out (feat. Tech N9ne)
    Tech N9ne – Fragile
    Sleeping With Sirens – Alone (feat. MGK)
    Sleeping With Sirens – Congratulations
    The Summer Set – Boomerang
    Stone Sour – Gravesend
    Black Veil Brides – In the End
    Black Veil Brides – Lost it All
    Ronnie Radke – Fair-Weather Fans
    Ronnie Radke – I Wash Cars (feat. b.Lay)
    Nine Inch Nails – Came Back Haunted
    Avenged Sevenfold – Hail to the King
    MGK – Swing Life Away
    Jay-Z – Holy Grail (feat. Justin Timberlake)
    Love and Death – Chemicals
    Candlelight Red – Demons
    Candlelight Red – Cutter
    Bullet For My Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall (Part 2)
    The Lonely Island – I Run NY (feat. Billie Joe Armstrong)
    Kid Cudi – Just What I Am (feat. King Chip)
    Falling In Reverse – Over When It’s Over
    Device – Close My Eyes Forever (feat. Lzzy Hale)
    Device – Haze (feat. M. Shadows)
    Fall Out Boy – Where Did the Party Go
    Fall Out Boy – The Mighty Fall (feat. Big Sean)
    Escape the Fate – Live Fast, Die Beautiful
    Fight or Flight – Shine
    Fight or Flight – First of the Last
    Drowning Pool – One Finger and a Fist
    Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Between Your Lines
    Bring Me the Horizon – Sleepwalking
    August Burns Red – Fault Line
    August Burns Red – Echoes


    Level 4

    Foals – Inhaler
    Bring Me the Horizon – Go to Hell For Heaven’s Sake, Can You Feel My Heart, Sleepwalking
    Stone Sour – Red City, Black John, Sadist, Stalemate, The Uncanny Valley, Gravesend, The Conflagration, The House of Gold and Bones
    Paramore – Ain’t it Fun, Part II, Anklebiters, Now, Proof
    Fall Out Boy – The Phoenix, Death Valley, Where Did the Party Go, Rat a Tat, The Mighty Fall
    Kid Cudi – Unfuckwittable
    Daft Punk – Get Lucky, Giorgio
    Alice in Chains – Stone, Lab Monkey, Breath on a Window, Scalpel, Phantom Limb, Hung on a Hook, Choke
    Queens of the Stone Age – Keep Your Eyes Peeled, I Sat By the Ocean, If I Had a Tail, My God is the Sun, Kalopsia, Fairweather Friends, Smooth Sailing, I Appear Missing
    Black Sabbath – The End is the Beginning, God is Dead, Dear Father
    Kanye West – Black Skinhead
    Avenged Sevenfold – Hail to the King (hoping to hear more soon)
    Pearl Jam – Mind Your Manners


    Level 1

    really digging avicii – wake me up


    Level 3

    Said the Whale – Mother
    Washed Out – Great Escape
    Summer Camp – Keep Falling
    Wampire – Magic Light
    Au Revoire Simone – Let the Night Win
    LAKE – Perfect Fit
    Twin Peaks – Irene
    Wild Nothing – A Dancing Shell
    When Saints Go Machine – Iodine

    Definitely check these out if you haven’t yet


    Level 3

    Am totally mad for:
    Deadboy – Nova
    Fort Romeau – SW9
    The Saturdays – What About Us

    the rest of the stuff on heavy rotation seems to be from previous years :(


    Freud Nym
    Level 1

    Earl Sweatshirt – 523
    Kanye West – Bound 2
    MBV – Is This and Yes


    Level 1

    Night Birds – Modern Morons
    Man Man – Head On
    Super Snake – Anton Chigurh
    Arcade Fire – Normal Person
    The Knife – A Tooth for an Eye
    Anamanaguchi – (T-T)b
    Noun – TV Shows


    Level 5

    A Day To Remember – End Of Me
    Alice In Chains – Stone
    Amaranthe – The Nexus
    Asking Alexandria – Moving On
    Avenged Sevenfold – Doing Time
    Bring Me The Horizon – And the Snakes Start to Sing
    DayShell – Imbecile
    DayShell – Hail To The Queen
    Escape The Fate – Forget About Me
    Icon For Hire – Cynics & Critics
    Icon For Hire – Rock and Roll Thugs
    In This Moment – Whore
    Issues – Hooligans
    letlive. – That Fear Fever
    Parkway Drive – Wild Eyes
    Sleeping With Sirens – The Best There Ever Was (feat. Fronz of Attila)
    The Amity Affliction – Open Letter
    Tonight Alive – The Ocean


    Level 5

    gah, so many…

    TFK – Complicate You
    Escape the Fate – You’re Insane, Live Fast Die Beautiful, One For the Money
    Love & Death – Empty
    Icon for Hire – Sugar & Spice, Cynics & Critics
    Korn – Spike in My Veins, Prey for Me, Mass Hysteria
    Anavae – Anti-Faith
    Decyfer Down – Fight to Win
    Avenged Sevenfold – Hail to the King
    Bullet For My Valentine – Temper Temper, Breaking Point, Riot
    Device – Vilify, You Think You Know
    Devour the Day – Respect, Good Man, Get Out of My Way
    Fight or Flight – First of the Last
    Five Finger Death Punch – Watch You Bleed, You, I.M. Sin, Mama Said Knock You Out
    The Letter Black – Sick Charade
    Nine Lashes – Break the World
    Of Eyes That See – Empty Shadows
    Pop Evil – Divide, Trenches
    RED – Release The Panic, Perfect Life, Damage, Same Disease, Die For You
    Skillet – Not Gonna Die, Circus for a Psycho, Salvation, Freak Show
    Syndrome of Fire – Sins, So Sorry
    Trapt – Bring It, Living in the Eye of the Storm
    Trivium – Strife
    We As Human – Strike Back, Take The Bullets Away, I Stand


    Christopher Walker
    Level 1

    Chris Webby – Down Right


    Level 1

    David Bowie – “I’d Rather Be High”
    Queens of the Stone Age – “I Appear Missing”
    Daft Punk feat. Paul Williams – “Touch”
    Paul McCartney – “Alligator”
    Arcade Fire – “Reflektor”
    Sound City project – “From Can to Can’t”
    Eminem feat. Kendrick Lamar – “The Love Game”
    The Black Angels – “Broken Soldier”
    Arctic Monkeys – “Do I Wanna Know?”
    Franz Ferdinand – “Treason! Animals.”
    Phoenix – “Trying to Be Cool”
    Pond – “O Dharma”
    Kelley Stoltz – “Kim Chee Taco Man”
    The Strokes – “Welcome to Japan”
    Nine Inch Nails – “All Time Low”
    Black Sabbath – “Damaged Soul”
    Depeche Mode – “Welcome to My World”
    Atoms for Peace – “Default”
    Pearl Jam – “Getaway”
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Hate the Taste”
    Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown – “Downtown Tonight”


    Level 4

    65daysofstatic – Sleepwalk City
    Duologue – Snap Out Of It
    The Joy Formidable – The Leopard And The Lung
    Sigur Rós – Brennisteinn
    Queens of the Stone Age (feat. Trent Reznor) – Kalopsia
    James Blake – I Am Sold
    Mesita – Hostages
    Forest Swords – Thor’s Stone
    Fuck Buttons – Stalker
    Death Grips – You Might Think He Loves You for Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You for It’s Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat


    Level 3

    Jungle – ‘The Heat’ or ‘Drops’

    Actually surprised no one mentioned them at all…do yourself a favor and google them immediately ;)

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