• Group logo of Crystal Castles
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    Crystal Castles are an experimental electronic band formed in 2003 in Toronto, Ontario by songwriter/producer Ethan Kath. Crystal Castles are known for their chaotic live shows and lo-fi melancholic homemade […]

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  • Group logo of Country Music
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    Creating this group to find other people that enjoy listening to country music. Old or Modern, I enjoy all types and would like to know what your listening to and share what i’m listening to just now.

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  • Group logo of Beach House
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    For all the lovers of mine who are near yet so far, astronauts, troublemakers, darlings, tokyo witches, lovelier girls, masters of none, myths and other people; here is a place to discus and get lost in the hazy […]

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  • Group logo of Ambient Techo, Dub Techno
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    Let’s use this group to collect and share the best ambient techno music. We love the music that draws us away, builds blankets out of synths and pillows out of beats.
    This group is for artists like: Voices From […]

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  • Group logo of a e s t h e t i c
    active 1 month ago

    For all things vaporwave, chillwave, witch house, and any other sub-genres with a strong aesthetic association.

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  • Group logo of Prog
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    A place for fans of the genre (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_rock) to discuss prog in all its forms. We welcome the analytical, the eccentric, the adventurous, and even the normal. Share your prog music […]

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  • Group logo of Non-official music videos
    active 1 month ago

    A group where people can share their favorite non-official music videos. Music videos edited from any type of footage/source made by fans.

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  • Group logo of Arctic Monkeys
    active 1 month ago

    For all Arctic Monkeys-fans. Old and new, young and old, worldwide!

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  • Group logo of Psychedelic
    active 1 month ago

    A group dedicated to the discussion of psychedelic music, from the 1960s to present day.

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  • Group logo of RiderMusic
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    A group about new music from RIDER_ and NF, mostly NF though because NF is daddy.

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  • Group logo of Modern Classical, Ambient & Drone.
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    I Love a bit of Post Hardcore, Indie Rock, Leftfield Hip Hop and broken beat Electronica but sometimes there’s a need to put your feet up and close your eyes. That’s were these Genres kick in for me. So this is an […]

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  • Group logo of Soundcloud
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    Discovering the Indiest of the Indies: A place to post your cool secret Soundcloud finds and connect with other Soundcloud users.

    These are the artists that don’t have press releases and aren’t on any blogs; […]

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  • Group logo of Electronic
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    Recommending good electronica. Everything from Four Tet, Apparat, Burial to Boards of Canada, Caribou and Jon Hopkins. And everything in between.

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  • Group logo of Rock
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    Join to discuss, rate and share your favourite upcoming rock albums and bands.

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  • Group logo of Video Game Music
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    A lot of people love video game music. I’m kinda, eh, neutral. But a spot for The People of HiL to discuss and share video game music sounds like a fair thing. Enjoy ladies, gentlemen and everything.

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  • Group logo of Post-Rock
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    Discuss all things Post Rock here.
    Riding the three waves. Talk Talk to Slint to Mono to Godspeed You!

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  • Group logo of Pop Punk 101
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    In this group we will be chatting about the newest Pop Punk bands and the old Pop Punk Bands, also chat about what Pop Punk band your listening to or your favorite Pop Punk band ever or just right now.

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  • Group logo of Parental Advisory (Hip-Hop / Rap)
    active 1 month ago

    A group that partakes in the discussion of Rap and Hip-Hop culture.
    -Which upcoming artists are you hyped for?
    -Who’s hot and who’s not?
    All that and probably more here.

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  • Group logo of Music Festivals
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    We’re talking about these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_festival

    Festivals on every continent. What they’re like, lineups, rumors, what to bring, general experiences, etc.

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  • Group logo of Pop
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    Pop ’til You Drop

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