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I search the internet all the time for new artists as like many of you, I find HEAPS of music where the artist has a ‘name your price’ to download a track or album, this group is for everyone who wants to find new music but wants to download that music legally too.


Sites to discover new music.

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    Hi, welcome to the group! I joined a couple of minutes ago.
    I just want to know if you know sites to discover new music.
    Besides those who everyone had to know already.


    Ethan Andries
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    A really good website to discover new music is! It has tons of indie artists (as in independently published) who put their music on there for free! It’s like a sample, and you can tip the artist if you want or just buy their stuff on iTunes! Some artists I really like on there are Lord & Lady, Siv Jakobson, Brooke Waggoner, Shannon Stephens, The Castros, Tow’rs, Brandy Zdan, Old Man Canyon, and Typhoon! They also have free independently published book pdfs!


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    well if you’re looking for some reviews of simply new music not necessarily underground or mainstream, i recommend firstly (it’s simply quality reviews). another good site is I also just check out what’s good on streaming services like spotify and indieshuffle. Then i go get the music i hear there from somewhere else i can get a permanent copy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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