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Who are Slipknot's new drummer & bassist?

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    Ben Wecht
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    Anybody have any good ideas/suggestions?

    I know the popular belief is that Jay Weinberg is on drums, but that theory may have been debunked in the music video for “The Devil In I”. That drummer has tattoos on his hands, while Jay does not. As for the bassist I haven’t a clue. So what is your opinion?

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    I would think Jay Weinberg also cause what i read around.

    about the bassist, it almost confirmed that Alessandro ‘Vman’ Venturella, who has worked as a guitar tech for Mastodon, Fightstar and Coheed & Cambria. Venturella also plays guitar for the band Krokodil.
    Side by side, the left hand of Venturella matches that of Slipknot’s current bassist (see above). You can see the skull and spider design on the back of his hand, while the letters on the man’s knuckles read “DETH.” See a full shot of Venturella in the Facebook photo below

    Ben Wecht
    Level 3

    Yep that’s almost without a doubt Alessandro lol. And now it is looking like Jay on the drums, I thought the picture showed tattoos on the drummers hand but now it doesn’t. That and the fact that Against Me!’s vocalist may have confirmed it while unleashing a tirade of insults against Jay.

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    Apparently it is said that Jay Weinberg, son of Bruce Springsteen’s sticksman Max is the new drummer.

    He seemed to have a falling out with his old band members, and the lead seemingly spilled the beans on what he was up to.

    Still not confirmed though, so I thought I’d leave this nugget of info here

    Level 2

    “We’re not saying who the new drummer is,” [Jim] Root told Guitar World magazine. “Even if people find out beyond a shadow of a doubt who the new drummer is, I think we’re always going to deny who it is. He might not last. He might tour with us a year and figure out we’re all insane and he can’t handle being around us. Or we might shut him out. Who knows?”

    SLIPKNOT’s JIM ROOT: ‘I Think We’re Always Going To Deny Who’ New Drummer Is

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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