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A group for following the music and members of LA Hip-hop collective Odd Future such as Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats and all the other members.


Does Earl deserve more mainstream attention?

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    Laser Gun Carrier
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    With his new album and Kendrick calling Earl his favorite rapper of the moment I feel like Earl Sweatshirt is a bit underrated at the moment. He does have a proper fanbase and can’t really complain about the attention but I feel he deserves more.
    Earl is great lyricist and in my opinion one of the top 2 rappers but he doesn’t get covered or as much attention as Tyler, who became a competitor by dropping an album right after Earl.
    Is this because Earls album lacks diversity like Kendricks depressing album? Or is it the fact that Earl isn’t as playful as Tyler?

    Let me know what you think whether you agree or disagree!

    The Pimp
    Level 2

    I think the main reason why Tyler get’s all this attention is because he’s pretty much the most eccentric of the two

    Lobi Bobi
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    Yeah, maybe Tyler is the most eccentric, but imho Earl is the best rapper in OF. For me he’s A LOT better than Tyler. I think that Earl Sweatshirt is underrated in mainstream media and he always will be since mainstream media piss on sensitivity and real artistry which are typical for him.

    Let me quote intro from Burgundy.

    “What’s up, nigga? Why you so depressed and sad all the time like a little bitch? What’s the problem, man? Niggas want to hear you rap. Don’t nobody care about how you feel, we want raps, nigga.”

    and interlude

    “Hey Thebe, nigga, what’s up nigga? I heard you back, I need them raps, nigga. I need the verse, I don’t care about what you going through or what you gotta do nigga, I need bars, sixteen of ’em.”

    I guess it’s all in here ;)

    Level 4

    Earl clearly deserves more attention, but he doesn’t seem to have the frontman vibes Tyler’s got.
    He’s a talented MC, has good lyrics, but seems too shy to step up on the main stage.

    Nevertheless, I don’t think him belonging to Odd Future and being in the shadow of Tyler is a bad thing.
    Tyler has got a magnetic aura, which attracts people’s interest on all others OF projects, which are really different and unique in every way.
    I see OF as a deal like “Come for Tyler, stay for his huge talented entourage”

    Lobi Bobi
    Level 2

    as for the rapping stuff from OF i dig Earl the most, Tyler is cool, but just cool for me. Hodgy is somehow worth listening to too. But what is the most interesting thing about the OF is that they are not clearly “rap collective” or sth. They are much like activists and enterpreneurs, I guess Tyler mostly. Their clothing lines are quite nice and satiric show on Adult Swim as Loiter Squad couldn’t be more inappropriate, but is kinda funny and wierdly smart I guess. That may be the phenomena of Odd Future, these guys are doing a lot of different things and that is something to appreciate.

    Level 5

    I think you all said it pretty well. They all have something different to appreciate in their own right. In my opinion, Earl is definitely the most talented rapper and lyricist out of the entire group and keeps getting better with each track he puts out. With that being said, Tyler is still unbelievably good when it comes to his wordplay combined with his sporadic musical influence, whether it’s jazz, old-school hip-hop, or a little hardcore thrown in. I love Hodgy for his unique voice and how he’s always just fun to listen to. Mike G has a surprising amount of standout tracks that don’t get a lot of attention either. Domo is pretty awesome too, however I just haven’t put in the time to listen to his solo stuff like I should. And of course, Frank is world-class in my opinion and I can’t wait to hear his next project when it finally comes out. With all that being said, Odd Future is pretty stacked all around, with Earl being their predominant talent (even though OF is apparently done, it’s easier to just use that collective term to group em all together).

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