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A group for following the music and members of LA Hip-hop collective Odd Future such as Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats and all the other members.


Odd Future non-musical projects

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    I think you all know it, Odd Future is by far more than music, but I wanted to know what did you think about OF’s side projects.
    Personnally,I deeply enjoy Loiter Squad and the GOLF Radio because it’s something you can’t find in any other band/crew, an inside point of view which creates a real proximity with the artists. Something which makes you realizes that in the end, they’re just a bunch of friends who told themselves “Hey guys, let’s make some awesome shit and share it with the world”, and I found this approach very inspiring and refreshing.

    Also, I won’t talk about the Golf Media App, because I’m on Windows Phone an can’t get it, but feel free to discuss it, I’m curious to know what people think of it.

    Lobi Bobi
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    I’ve never listened to GOLF Radio, but it’s high time to do so, i think. As far as Loiter Squad, most of their videos are inappriopriate (it’s a good thing for me) but not all of them are funny imho. But above it all, i love the way OF is mocking stereotypes and mental poverty of mainstream media – that’s the real power of Loiter Squad for me.
    Tyler’s new t shirt project ( and it’s meaning could be used as OF definition for me.

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    Yeah, sometimes i feel like “What am I doing with my life ?” when watching Loiter Squad, but I like it anyway. Never forget the episode where they got the sexual harrassment talk <3
    Golf Radio is good anytime of the week because it is just full of what these guys like, and you’re introduced to their references, but the better show is the Taco Tuesday. It’s a mix of a talk show and some crate digging by Taco Bennett, Tyler’s DJ, and it’s A W E S O M E

    Didn’t know for the shirts, the concept is awesome

    Laser Gun Carrier
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    I cant watch Loiter Squad in my country but have seen it on the internet, in my opinion it´s not that funny but as you said earlier they are just friends making some shit they like and share it with the world, which makes Loiter Squad still entertaining enough for me to watch from time to time.

    I do have the Golf Media App and i think it´s an awesome concept for the real Tyler The Creator fans. It really only is for Tyler but it´s a very broad app. There is news, podcasts, sportnews, early acces to new merchandise and tickets and even a cooking show and a lot more i forgot, all in the style you expect from tyler. It´s not Tyler himself who makes all these things though, so you don´t see him as often in the app. What´s the most awesome is that Tyler hires out movie theaters in some cities where he is performing and people who got the App can go there for free and after movie actually get a chance to meet him. Too bad i ccouldnt go but my friend did and it was awesome he said.

    I really think it´s great that Odd Future and especially Tyler do this kinds of things because it seems very honest and it really seems he cares about his fans and to share the things he likes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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