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A group for following the music and members of LA Hip-hop collective Odd Future such as Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats and all the other members.


Tyler The Creator new album

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    Laser Gun Carrier
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    Tyler The Creator is about to drop an album right after Earl Sweatshirt dropped his second album. For Tyler this will be his third big release but his actual 4th album. With rumors of Kanye West & Lil Wayne on the album its about to be big. Along with his album release Tyler also released a magazine and an app for media about his creative projects.
    In my opinion of the first two songs his productionskills didnt really improve as much as i expected. Visuals of the song Fucking Young are absolutely dope tho.

    Im just wondering: what do you expect of his album and his creative projects such as the new app?

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    I think Tyler is definitely headed in the right direction and is always thinking of bigger and better things such as the Golf Media app (Which is great by the way) The possibilities of the app are endless and I think there will be much more content to come from Tyler and others from OF. He’s even started to post his favourite movies, the first one being Jumanji which is dope (RIP Robin Williams) Hopefully the new album is as good as his previous, Wolf. Personally i think the two songs he released are pretty good but thats all down to taste. I agree the video for the two songs is fucking awesome and his artistic mindset really does shine through.

    I’m just looking forward to what Cherry Bomb has to offer…


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    Would love to hear your thoughts on the LP as we’re going to discuss the album on our podcast this coming week.

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    I wanted to comment earlier but my internet was gone so I hope you can still use it for the podcast @mojib

    @jimmybob456 I really agree with you, Tyler doesn’t just wanna make some rapmusic he wants to do so much more and it’s great that he’s really trying to with the Golf Media app, his carnival, clothing line and the radio shows on the Dash app. He twitters about what he wants to achieve and I honestly think most of it is possible if he keeps it up like this.

    About the album, I’m really digging it. Having it on repeat for the past few days now. I feel like his production skills improve with every album he makes. His musical vision is also quite good in my opinion because the features he chooses with the songs fit perfectly like schoolboy Q & Kanye west and also Kali Uchis(?) really fit great in the songs. What I also like is that he made music that he really like and you can actually hear the bands that inspire him. Deathcamp really made me think of NERD and Cherry Bomb definitely sounded like Death Grips but it still had Tyler’s sound you know so that’s a great thing.

    The songs I don’t really like are Blow My Load and Okaga CA, to me they are kinda boring, also j think if he didn’t change the sound of the voice on Fucking Young the song would be a little better and could be played on the radio a lot.

    So overall I really love the album and hope Tyler keeps on improving his skills and working with other artists. Because he really can achieve his goals if he stays focused like this

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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