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Always been fascinated by musicians that are f’ed up or have a really weird, fascinating-ish story AS WELL AS f’ed up and weird music. Like The Shaggs. Daniel Johnston. No idea if this is a good “group topic” but if anyone have suggestions for obscure eerie stuff, say herro.


Example #1: Mark Gormley

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    Alright, just testing out this whole group-thing.
    Mark Gormley is mainly considered a meme, which isn’t relevant anymore. And he’s not really insane, but his backstory is still KINDa interesting. Appearently made some records in/after the army during the 70s, found by some goofy meme-shit on the internet that made music videos for him and now it’s out there. No idea if it’s a hoax or not, but even if it’s kinda goofy, I honestly find this stuff fascinating, atmospheric – and I actually enjoy the songwriting, like, no joke.

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