Football Players Who Braved The Music Industry

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A football superstar named Adam Matthews sang his way through the audience’s hearts, eliciting the wildest cheers you can hear in a ceremony. The event took off earlier this week at the Celtic’s Player of the Year ceremony. Matthews sang his rendition of With You by Chris Brown.


Moreover, the Welsh international stood his ground to flaunt his powerful set of lungs. However, he’s certainly not the first sports player to compete professionally in football and, at the same time, a singer belting out soothing and mesmerizing tunes. Though Matthew’s case has been successful enough to land him a gig with an international pop sensation, there are others who remained stuck in football and never paved their way into the music industry. 


To know more about these football players who braved their way into the colorful world of music industry, check the list below:

Lukas Podolski

As a Europop superstar, Lukas Podolski lend his voice to sing mesmerizing tunes aside from voicing out his opinions in football competitions on a regular basis. The Arsenal and Germany hitman may no longer be new in relaying his opinions to the football world, but still he kept on going and pursuing music. With his sleek determination, he conquered the pop music charts in Germany.


Known by wearing tartan neckties, Lukas joins forces with Cologne band in relaying auto-tuned backing vocals that relates immensely with the crowd during the Eurovision Song contest. During his time as a singer, die-hard fans also expressed their sentiments for him to play consistently on the field. 

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Jim O’Brien 

Jim O’Brien was once a rising midfielder in the championship. Even though Jim O’Brien didn’t have what it takes to top at Celtic, he quickly transitioned parts from being a midfielder into being a most-coveted personality among audiences in Barnsley’s club. 


He masterfully paved a way for himself to flourish to relaunch without leaving the sport he loves a lot. Suppose that football didn’t work out, you’ll see Jim jumping from one state to another, singing his heart out. Every time O’Brien makes a trip away from every competition along with his treasured guitar, he also makes his songs and covers maestro as well.


He says it runs in himself whenever he chose to play the best songs concocted by Oasis, The Who, and Paolo Nutini. These are legendary bands he grown to love. He could go on and on singing all of their tunes while rocking the audience to boot.


Simon Lynch

With his undying passion for music, Simon Lynch realized he also love singing as much as he loves football. And so, he didn’t back down from singing tunes and continued on with his first song entitled, ‘Life of a Busker’. As a dedicated singer, he didn’t stop from releasing his first single. It was also made into a music video which was shot in Glasgow City center. Meanwhile, his second song entitled, ‘Sounds of Paradise’ has generated sales that were used as a means of donation for The Celtic Charity Fund.



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