Harold Spiro – football and Music Songwriting Legend

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Football and music, a most unlikely combination. Harold Spiro – the man who was able to combine these two extremes excellently well. He composed and sang songs that held football lovers all over the world spell bound, just like the way sports lovers today are held spellbound by the Betway football betting site. 

Let us find out more about the life of this simply exceptional man!

Harold Jacob Spiro popularly known as “Hoagy Pogey” was an English song writer born in London, England on the 25th June 1925. He first discovered his love for music at an early age and went regularly with his uncle to the Music hall in London’s East End. It was during one of his numerous trips to the Music hall he met the song writing legend Tony Hiller and cultivated a lifelong friendship with him. Tony Miller helped him in forming the Brotherhood of Man and also gave him his first publishing deal.

In 1944, Spiro volunteered for the Royal Navy where he was trained as a nurse and then sent to an American naval base in Iceland. He was only 18 years old. At the end of World War II, Spiro knew in his heart that he wasn’t called out to be a soldier, his passion lied in music. He decided to further a career in the music industry and while working part-time in his father’s shop, he got admitted at Carnegie Hall to study Musical theory and wrote songs in his free time especially when working at the shop.

He got married to his wife Barbara in 1955, a year after his father died and together they had three children; Judith, Lorraine and Russell.

His music career

Harold had a tremendous career as a songwriter and singer but it wasn’t all rainbows and cupcakes for him at the beginning. Starting out his music career full time was a not too easy task for Harold but with time he was able to land his first publishing deal with his good friend and song writer Tony Miller. Working with Phil Wainman – his wife Barbara’s cousin, they composed songs for Mike and Bernie Winters and also performed with a band for a while.

In 1970, Spiro met a most important friend Valerie Avon and together they wrote a lot of songs amongst which are Don’t move away, Easy loving etc. They were nominated for the Eurovision Song contest for two years in a roll. Avon was truly a friend as he gave Spiro’s music career a much needed boost. Harold toured around Europe making appearances both on TV and on stage. 

His Love for Football

Spiro was crazy about football, just like football lovers all over the world who make game predictions using sites like Betway football betting, he was always predicting who was winning what in the game of football. He was so in love with football that he was a season ticket holder at Tottenham Football Club. His love for football was the driving force behind him composing the Ivor Novello Award Song “One Cyril” which was performed by Cockerel Chorus. Spiro claimed the song was inspired by Cyril Knowles who was known as the club’s greatest left-back at that time. The song ranked as number 14 in the UK Singles Chart in March 1973.

After Spiro major success with “One Cyril”, he formed a partnership with popular music producer Alan Freeman and together they created Spiral Records and then a music publishing company known as Trekfarm. Together they discovered Red Box, who released “Lean on me” a song that ranked third place in the UK Singles Chat.

Spiro wrote several songs about football during his life time, football was such a passion for him that he had to inculcate it into his music career. Songs like “Here We Go” which he recorded for Everton, “Nice One Gazza”, “Tribute to Ardilles and Villa” for Spur, “Who couldn’t get a ticket for the game” for Sunderland in 1973 amongst several others. Spiro made accurate predictions about clubs that will be winning the championship and composed songs to congratulate them beforehand, this simply reminds me of Betway foot ball betting, a sport betting and prediction site.

In his last days, after his success in the 70’s and early 1980’s, he became a financial consultant with Sun Alliance an insurance company. After working for a while with Sun Alliance, Spiro bought a holiday home in Cyprus and moved down there. He then worked with songwriters, novelists and musicians in Cyprus. He also appeared on TV a few times.  One of his last songs was “Only One Sky”.

The football and songwriter legend Spiro died in Cyprus on the 11th of December 1996 and was buried there. 

Posthumous achievement

Spiro even in death made an even greater achievement. Six years after his death he had his biggest hit with the release of “We are on the ball”. His song which had been released in 1970 about England’s 1970 world Cup team, their appearance and their defence of the world cup title was modified and released again all thanks to his son Russell.

Spiro lived a rich and full live, all thanks to him following his passion. Today we cannot speak of football without mentioning the great Harold Spiro.