Musical Biopics Are Dominating the Movie Industry

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Music, cinema and even video/casino games have always had a mutually beneficial relationship. These three entertainment spaces welcome each other in and enhance the other’s final product. For example, no great movie went without a compelling soundtrack and many gaming experiences are tied to movie plots. Just take a look at the latest PlayStation releases, your local cinema screenings or the slot games at RoyalVegas Casino and their mutual relationship becomes obvious.


Now the music industry and the movie industry are colliding once again. This time in the form of the Biopic. For those unaware, this is pronounced bio-pic not bi-opic, and they are taking the movie industry by storm. What is a biopic and why are they becoming more successful? Here are your answers.


What Is a Musical Biopic?


The word Biopic is a mash-up of two words and doesn’t require you adopting your best Sherlock Holmes impression to work them out. The words are indeed biography and picture. This means a biopic is a genre of film that depicts the life of somebody – i.e. their biography – usually famous.


Therefore, a musical biopic is a biographical film about a famous person from the music industry, such as a rock star or famous group. You could mistake a musical biopic as a biographical movie about anyone famous in the musical genre with singing and dancing, but they are not. Although there will be singing and dancing, most likely.


Examples of Biopics


Biopics are not hard to find in today’s screening listings or when scrolling through Netflix. It is likely that you have watched more biopics than you realise. The Social Network, The Wolf of Wall Street, Lawrence of Arabia and many more popular movies can be classes as a biopic.


Musical biopics are just as common, and their popularity is surging. Movies such as The Pianist, Last Days, 8 Mile, Elvis and the latest one, Rocketman, depicting the life of Elton John are some of the best musical biopics to date.


Why Are They Now Even More Successful?


The reason why these movies are more successful today is because of viewer nostalgia and relatability, as well as death. The former make understanding the plot easy for the viewer and people who followed the star’s music will be inclined to see the biopic just like they may read the main character’s biography. This allows the movie to tap into a whole other market – music fans.


These movies are also good for business. Whereas the sale of records is what has enabled them to become movies worth watching, the release of musical biopics can drive up record sales once again. Due to the relatability between fans and the movie, movie stars also want to play the main characters because it is sometimes viewed as an easier route to an Oscar.