Top New Hip Hop Albums in 2020

2020 brings hip hop to a whole new level with hits that are clearly written on stone. Though the year has so far indicated a reduction in hip hop albums release, the few available ones leave a permanent mark in the world of hip hop. Yes, the world of hip hop is hitting hard in 2020, given that the albums have the most crafted hip hops ever to hit the air-waves.

Pray for Paris by Westside Gunn

Westside Gunn has created a significant following for founding Griselda Records. He also paved the way for numerous talents, the likes of Benny The Butcher, and Conway The Machine. Furthermore, the iconic album, Pray for Paris has made Westside Gunn reach a wider audience. Yet, it is the most accessible of his albums in his whole music career. While the star has not thrown away his previous works, Pray for Paris has had a considerable contribution from Wale, Tyler, and the Creator. If you are not comfortable with the previous actions from WSG’s, Pray for Paris is a good entry for you.

A Written Testimony – Jay Electronica

While every hip hop fan can’t stop talking about provocative lyrics on Eminem’s latest album, Jay Electrica has continued supplying well-crafted lyrics in very entertaining albums. However, his unpredictable nature has left everyone in suspense for a long time, until he decided to reappear with a new album, A Written Testimony.

The creator “Exhibit C” called for JAY-Z to lend a hand, however. It meant that JAY-Z would play a co-star role in the first LP for Jay Electronica. Despite criticism on Jay Elec’s lyrics from many, there is no denying that A Written Testimony is a project that will open a very firm solo LP. 

Unlocked – Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats

If there is a hip hop artist that maintains relevance in the industry, it is Denzel Curry. Through the help of one of the super producers, Kenny Beats, Zeltron tailored a unique project to release the album, Unlocked. Despite taking a short time, about 20 minutes, the eight-song LP nails the concept perfectly. 

Unlocked is the 2020’s most imaginative hip hop creation. With, no doubt, Kenny and Curry have concocted the most amazing hip hop album of the decade. The short cuts and unexpected endings draw a listening experience that is utterly unique to the fans.

The Allegory – Royce 5’9

Nickel Nine is one of the rare hip hop artists because of his unique music craftiness. His 2020 album, The Allegory, paints a clear picture of the Motor City MC’s stark happenings around the culture.  It is more of the album Book of Ryan, which revolves around a similar theme. Eminem also spits some spoken word, not forgetting very iconic contributions from G Perico, DJ Premier, Vince Staples, and KXNG Crooked.

Modus Vivendi – 070 Shake

070 Shake is an album that claims a slot on the best hip hop albums so far. A mere mention of “07 Shake” as any other album would be doing injustice to the hip hop fraternity. The album boasts more than the regular standout songs. While maintaining outstanding hits, it keeps the genre in place as well as uniqueness.