What Can Online Casino Games Learn from Concerts?

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There are few feelings quite as brilliant and as a concert, moshing out and singing with like-minded fans. It’s why there are so many live concert albums – they aim to preserve this feeling in a recorded version for all of the fans who can’t attend a show for themselves.

This feeling is great and many would suggest that other industries, such as online casinos, can find a way to take notes. Online casinos are often enjoyed from the comfort of one’s couch, which isn’t a concert atmosphere at all. But what can casino games learn from concerts and the community surrounding them?

Online Casinos Can Offer VIP Experiences

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If you’re a committed and passionate fan, when you buy concert tickets, you’re likely to pay extra for the VIP experience. Maybe this means you get to go backstage and meet the band or that you get a goodie bag. These sorts of ticket packages allow you to really celebrate your love for that musical act. 

This is something that online casinos industry could borrow, offering extra to those who really love the gameplay and the characters they engage with. Developers could encourage players to come back for more casino games and it would make them feel more welcomed. We have seen this on a small scale already and an interesting take on Grand Ivy’s casino games is that loyal casino players get to enter a VIP lounge. This virtual VIP lounge means that you get a personal account manager, cash bonuses, same day withdrawals for your slot and casino game winnings – and even access to special tournaments. It’s a great start, but more casinos will want to follow suit so they can benefit too.

Improve the Online Casino Atmosphere

Another wonderful feeling from musical concerts is the atmosphere. The atmosphere is lively; and we’re not just talking about sweaty bodies jumping up and down next to you either. You feel more connected to the artist’s music and find a newfound respect for their creativity.

It’s not easy to create this same atmosphere in a game, but efforts could be made. Casino game developers could host livestreams answering questions or host conventions, letting fans meet the team.

Music and musical concerts are a massive industry. Casinos are a massive industry too, but by taking notes from the music industry, they could grow even further.