What to Do When You’re Waiting for New Albums to Drop

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Music fans understand the long and sometimes exhausting wait for new albums to be released. You want to respect and honor the creative process, but you also really want new music! Other than bombarding the band with tweets about where the new album is, here are some constructive things to do while waiting for new albums.

Watch Live Concert DVDs

If your favorite act isn’t releasing music or touring, the next best thing is to watch some live concert DVDs. Usually available in HD, DVDs offer an all-angles look at a live show and a massive stage. You’ll get to experience the full range of effects used in their staging (including pyrotechnics and backdrops), and backstage footage of the band getting ready.

Play Music Slot Games at Online Casinos

Major musical acts aren’t just involved in music. Many also have music spin-off games. Slot games at online casinos are quite popular, allowing you to engage with the legacies of your musical heroes and their discographies. To pick the best slots based on music acts, you’ll want to look for those that are licensed. The background will include a video montage as you play or when you load the slot. The audio that plays while you play and the designs of the slot reels should make you feel like you’re watching a concert on the reels. Some of the best examples include the Guns N Roses slot game which opens with a video montage of the band and their biggest track (Sweet Child O’ Mine), or the Jimi Hendrix casino slot, which incorporates his famous guitar riffs.

Explore Cover Songs

Sure, your favorite singer hasn’t released any new music, but have you considered whether they’ve performed any live covers recently? Each artist will have a different take on a cover; they may just want to take on an existing song and offer up a genre twist, or they just love the song so much that they had to try their own version. Some of the most famous covers of songs include Al Green’s How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? and Metallica’s cover of Whiskey in the Jar. 

Who knows? You may even find a newfound love and appreciation for your favorite musician this way.