Where is the new Deadmau5 album? Anyone?

For fans of dubstep and early 2010s electronic dance music, Deadmau5 is a true musical messiah. His sound perfectly captures the flavor of dance music that broke into the mainstream well before the pop charts starting getting on board.

His music is also distinctly of its time, taking influence from early 2000s dance house and garage and pre-empting later tilts towards the trap and tropical. Of course, electronic music has since moved on from all of that, leaving many to consign Deadmau5 and his peers to the junk folder of history.

However, fans were pleased to be greeted with the news last year that a new, full-length studio album was in the works, with the artist confirming as much last summer. However, more than a year later, we still don’t have any indication of when we are getting the album.

So, what is Deadmau5 actually up to? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Source: Unsplash

A return to live shows

One thing that should give hope to fans of Deadmau5 is that he is most definitely out of retirement. The artist broke from his long hiatus last year, and this year seems to be packed with performances and shows. He will be headlining the mammoth Red Rocks festival in November, which could draw tens of thousands of attendees.

He’ll also be playing multiple shows at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas throughout October, as well as big-name club nights in Miami and Oakland. More promisingly, Deadmau5 seems to finally be back on the international touring circuit.

He’ll be landing in Europe in June 2022, playing a string of shows at venues such as London’s Brixton Academy and Zenith in Paris, as well as a festival in Riyadh. For all intents and purposes, Deadmau5 is back.

Source: Unsplash

Cranking up the nostalgia factor

While new beginnings are one part of the story, the attention Deadmau5 is paying to his legacy is another. No one could deny his influence on electronic music, which is why it is unsurprising that he has made a huge success from revisiting and repackaging his old stuff.

His recent retrospective album 5 Years of Mau5, which compiles his greatest hits from the peak of his career in 2009-2014, was a runaway success that showed just how strong the appetite for his stuff still is.

In a more tongue-in-cheek move, Deadmau5 also released his very own branded online slot game, named simply Deadmau5. The 5-reel slot is available at Casumo online casino, which you can play for free by claiming a bonus at bonus.ca, and features all of his most iconic old-school tracks, including Ghosts n’ Stuff and FML. 

Meanwhile, other recent digital forays such as his live online Fortnite concert, attended by 17 million people, show just how loyal his fanbase really is.

What a lot of this tells us is that Deadmau5 is probably not feeling a huge amount of pressure to release his new album. It seems that thanks to his massive and very dedicated fanbase, he doesn’t need a new album to stay relevant.