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The Parallax Part 2: Future Sequence

Between The Buried And Me : The Parallax Part 2: Future Sequence

Between The Buried And Me : The Parallax Part 2: Future Sequence
-Dan Briggs: Bass -Blake Richardson: Drums -Tommy Rogers: Vocals, Keyboards -Paul Waggoner: Guitar -Dustie Waring: Guitar

-Dan Briggs: Bass
-Blake Richardson: Drums
-Tommy Rogers: Vocals, Keyboards
-Paul Waggoner: Guitar
-Dustie Waring: Guitar


Artist : Between The Buried And Me Title : The Parallax Part 2: Future Sequence Release date : 10/09/2012 Genre : Metal

Track listing

01. Goodbye To Everything 02. Astral Body 03. Lay Your Ghosts to Rest 04. Autumn 05. Extremophile Elite 06. Parallax 07. The Black Box 08. Telos 09. Bloom 10. Melting City 11. Silent Flight Parliament 12. Goodbye to Everything Reprise



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The Parallax Part 2: Future Sequence Leak Updates

On 09/20/2012, The Parallax Part 2: Future Sequence was reported as leaked by 3 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

desolation (A Level 1 user with 29 points) reported an album download leak at musicsplit.

yocolin (A Level 2 user with 307 points) reported an album download leak at GetMetaldotorg.

goncaloshred (A Level 4 user with 10136 points) reported an album download leak at Realm Of Metal.

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Album Verdict: 9.2

Between The Buried And Me : The Parallax Part 2: Future Sequence, 9.2 out of 10 based on 162 ratings


  1. Avatar of Slothrox

    So, do I get a chance to edit this post? I’ll have album art and track listings soon…

    • Avatar of expassion [Moderator]

      We may still have some problems, so I can do it for you – just write a comment here with track list and link to cover art. BTW I’m looking forward to this release ;)

      • Avatar of Slothrox

        A bigger fan beat me to it XD

        Glad to hear you’re excited! I almost freaked when I saw the announcement. My first reaction was to post it on here!

        Look forward to having more control on hasitleaked!

  2. Avatar of Austin

    Can’t wait to hear this album. I’ll be keeping a lookout.

  3. Avatar of

    Cannot wait for this album. Solid band that never disappoint

  4. Avatar of Austin

    Telos (Track 8) has been released by the band on youtube. Didn’t want to include actual link out of respect for the site. Enjoy guys, it’s pretty freakin sweet.

  5. Avatar of Alex

    I agree, Rob. These guys NEVER disappoint! I can’t wait.

  6. Seeing them with Animals as Leaders in Brissy in a couple of months

  7. Cant believe this album is released on my bday!! XD and get to see them 3 days before in Leeds! XD you can hear the previews of all the songs on or, Astral Body sounds f**king awesome! Trust the Bam not to let us down :D

  8. Avatar of Matty

    this one will ne epic

  9. Avatar of Jennimandy

    No doubt!

  10. Review copies have been sent out to journalists. It won’t be long now.

  11. It leaked a short bit ago. (I’m 100% sure)

  12. Avatar of Colin

    just leaked today. check it

  13. Avatar of Nii


  14. Avatar of Mujtaba M Badr

    Boy, that leaked quickly ,, specially with the all the precaution they are making these days

  15. Avatar of Kev Dickinson

    Really looking forward to this, get to see them again next month too.

  16. Avatar of Slothrox

    Fantastic album. Exactly what I was waiting for. Roll on October 8th to see it all live!!!

    • Avatar of Kev Dickinson

      Seeing them on the 4th, will let you know how good the gig is.

      • If you’re seeing them with Animals as Leaders, I envy you. I envy you so much.

    • Avatar of Kev Dickinson

      Holy fuck. They were excellent last night. Absolutely brutal. Don’t leave when they finish and the PA starts playing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

  17. If you liked the EP you’ll probably like this one. I don’t know how else to describe other than it’s really shifty and open, even by their standards.

  18. Avatar of Colin

    I will post what I posted on their fb after listening:


    It saddens me to say that since I’ve been following BTBAM from the release of Silent Circus in 2003. almost 10 years later, you’ve continued to show me time and time again that music has no bounds.
    However, this last album is just a replication of past work. The only thing you’ve succeeded in doing is becoming weirder. You’re not changing music and progressing. You’re becoming Mr. Bungle in a more technical way. WHAT THE FUCK BTBAM? I have loved you since I was a freshman in highschool. Are you just running out of ideas or what? Can you no longer push boundaries and be the incredible band I once knew? I wish I could say I loved this album, it’s nothing inventive, but perhaps even more importantly it’s nothing worthy of remembrance. NOTHING STICKS OUT. I love you BTBAM, and I always will, but this album is a big downer…

    • Avatar of Colin

      Honestly, the best track on this album is Telos. So if you’ve heard that, you’ve heard the best. The Black Box is okay. Bloom is an atrocity…seriously on some heavy Mr. Bungle shit.

    • Are…are we listening to the same album? I think you should listen through a few more times before you condemn it. You probably just don’t understand what they’re going for.

    • I love these types like Colin who are all like “Nooooooo!!!! YOU CAN NOT DO ART YOUR OWN WAY!!!!”.

      Seriously man… go tell Picaso that he sucks at painting because YOU don’t like it. Idiot.

    • Avatar of Adam

      Are you serious? This is so much more dynamic and engaging than any of their previous work. It’s never boring, never impenetrable (as Colors could be), not a moment is wasted.

      I feel sorry that you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.

  19. Avatar of Jennimandy

    This album is twisted as hell! I mean that in a good way. I think it is a great album. Sure it fucks with your head but that is what is so good about it. BTBAM has me….

    • Avatar of seth

      ye in my opinion it’s a bit too twisted that it’s difficult to sit through it. i like it nonetheless!

  20. Avatar of Adam

    Better than Colors. Future Sequence is a joy to listen to.

    • Avatar of Alex

      I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s better as a whole. There are plenty of arts that are better than Colors as a whole, but there was never a bad or dull moment on that album. It was great from beginning to end, whereas Future Sequence had a lot of high points, but also it’s share of low ones.

  21. Avatar of Will Knott

    I live in NC. The original bass player was a neighbor and I never knew it till I saw them live. Will Goodyear for life. I guess I’ll give this a listen tonight. Back in my day all we had was a one copy of Poison the well, then they came out with all this fancy VHS tapes. Damn recorded history…. I tell jew wut!

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