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Disarm the Descent

Killswitch Engage : Disarm The Descent

Killswitch Engage : Disarm The Descent
The metalcore group Killswitch Engage has a highly anticipated new album coming out this year and now their label, Roadrunner Records, has finally lifted the veil a little on this release. They have announced Disarm The Descent as the title of their sixth album. The 12-track output is due out on April 2nd via Roadrunner and is the follow-up to their 2009's self-titled release. You can see the tracklist below. The first single, titled "In Due Time," will be made available digitally on February 5th and the album pre-orders will kick off in early February, with more details to be unveiled. Disarm The Descent is the band's first album with original singer Leach at the vocal helm since 2002's band classic Alive Or Just Breathing. Leach returned to the band in January 2012 after a decade-long absence. Jesse Leach said about the new album: "It is with a grateful spirit that we prepare for this record's release. From the music, to the lyrics, to the artwork, we are all proud of what we have accomplished. To me this is by far my best vocal performance, much thanks to Adam's guidance and faith in my abilities. I am very grateful to be where I am in life, back in an amazing band with a record we are all excited for the world to hear. Thanks to all the fans for their warm welcome back and their undying love for Killswitch Engage."

The metalcore group Killswitch Engage has a highly anticipated new album coming out this year and now their label, Roadrunner Records, has finally lifted the veil a little on this release. They have announced Disarm The Descent as the title of their sixth album. The 12-track output is due out on April 2nd via Roadrunner and is the follow-up to their 2009′s self-titled release. You can see the tracklist below.

The first single, titled “In Due Time,” will be made available digitally on February 5th and the album pre-orders will kick off in early February, with more details to be unveiled.

Disarm The Descent is the band’s first album with original singer Leach at the vocal helm since 2002′s band classic Alive Or Just Breathing. Leach returned to the band in January 2012 after a decade-long absence.

Jesse Leach said about the new album: “It is with a grateful spirit that we prepare for this record’s release. From the music, to the lyrics, to the artwork, we are all proud of what we have accomplished. To me this is by far my best vocal performance, much thanks to Adam’s guidance and faith in my abilities. I am very grateful to be where I am in life, back in an amazing band with a record we are all excited for the world to hear. Thanks to all the fans for their warm welcome back and their undying love for Killswitch Engage.”



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Disarm the Descent Leak Updates

On 03/26/2013, Disarm the Descent was reported as leaked by 3 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

hopes-anchor (A Level 2 user with 169 points) reported an album download leak at Hardcore Leaks.

goncaloshred (A Level 4 user with 10127 points) reported an album download leak at Realm Of Metal.

callumdraven (A Level 1 user with 104 points) reported an album download leak at GetMetal.

01. The Hell In Me 02. Beyond The Flames 03. New Awakening 04. In Due Time 05. A Tribute To The Fallen 06. The Turning Point 07. All That We Have 08. You Don't Bleed For Me 09. The Call 10. No End In Sight 11. Always 12. Time Will Not Remain[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Anticipation: +53

Album Verdict: 9.4

Killswitch Engage : Disarm The Descent, 9.4 out of 10 based on 20 ratings


  1. Yes Killswith is back with return of Jesse and a new album, rock on KSE style! Howard will be missed but at least we have Jesse back!

  2. Avatar of meghan

    I found this song on youtube earlier today it is under no end in sight

  3. Avatar of Michael

    Killswitch was such a better band prior to Howard Jones anyway.

  4. Avatar of Al
  5. Avatar of Brandon

    Track Listing:
    1. “The Hell in Me”
    2. “Beyond the Flames”
    3. “New Awakening”
    4. “In Due Time”
    5. “A Tribute to the Fallen”
    6. “The Turning Point”
    7. “All That We Have”
    8. “You Don’t Bleed For Me”
    9. “The Call”
    10. “No End in Sight”
    11. “Always”
    12. “Time Will Not Remain”

  6. Anybody hear of any leaks yet, apparently on YouTube the whole album is available but only through download from a third party site.

  7. Avatar of Sander

    “In Due Time” is leaked

  8. It has been leaked? I just downloaded the torrent of it on Seedpeer.
    Just gotta look in the right places.

  9. Everyone pre orders go live today. Make sure to pre order this amazing album and support this group of awesome musicians and great guys!

  10. Has it leaked? YES!

  11. Avatar of Lanark14

    *New User Alert*
    Cannot wait for this album. I’ve seen these guys 5 times. last time was at Download last year, was sick!!

    • Yeah I was there too, Jesse sounded so great even on Howards songs. Can’t wait for this album, hurry up and leak already! Can’t be too much longer as theres loads of review copies around…

      • Avatar of Lanark14

        Dude I really hope your right about the leak being soon. This is my most anticipated album this year!! Maybe even ever.. Jesse is back and on form. Have you heard times of grace stuff? It’s epic!!

        • Avatar of Jeff

          Times of Grace is amazing! They are great dudes performing incredible music. I had the honor of hanging with them for a day and became friends with the road crew. All a bunch of great dudes!

  12. Avatar of OMGnanerpus

    An actual good band :D

  13. Avatar of Gregory

    Howard is a great vocalist but the return of Jesse does offer so much more it seems, a return to the old Alive Or Just Breathing sound and some just amazing music

  14. Avatar of DAV-E-VAD

    Yukka. How has this sound not died yet. So early 2k’s. Moving along…

    • What an insightful comment.

    • Let’s hear some of your favorite bands. I’m sure we can degrade them just as easily, douchebag.

  15. Avatar of Tom

    I cannot wait for this album, I saw them live for the 10th Anniversary of Alive or Just Breathing. What a great show

  16. I keep checking back for this on a daily lol… Same when I was waiting for the TOG release for like 4 years like the rest of us, remember that drawn out wait? Jesse Leach fans seem to have alot of faith that this is gonna be some of his best work, itll be hard to top AOJB or THOABM but I for one think itll work out : )

    • Avatar of Tom

      I remember reading all of Jesse’s blog posts, saying how he was in tears with the early demos of Times of Grace. Saying it was one of his best performances, now fast forward to him in Killswitch Engage and he said the same thing in an interview. That just makes me want to hear it even more.

  17. Rule #1 Do not share links to sites which share copyrighted material

    Looks like it could be legit…anyone wanna take a look?

  18. I found a download from a cloud service called DepositFiles. File size seems a little small for a full album, 74MB. But I guess that’s not impossible. Kind of hesitant to download it since a leak hasn’t really been officially given a green light.

    • Avatar of Tom

      Was it on youtube, if so then yes it’s fake i tried it earlier.

      • Its a friggen fake I downloaded it and it tries to pass it off as killswitch when its really some lame satanic band or whatever. its bullcrap.

      • That’s what I figured. Thanks for the tip. Cheers.

  19. Avatar of Tom

    So who here preordered the new album, and what preorder did you guys pick. I got the autographed poster package off roadrunner records.

  20. Avatar of alex

    ohh come oooooon
    i can’t wait for it anymore

  21. yup…..

  22. is this thing under lock and key????? BMTH new album is a way bigger release and it was coming out in april 30th and it leaked 2 weeks ago!!!

    • Avatar of anthony

      BMTH “a bigger release”? ummm not even close

      • Based on Youtube views, both bands are about equal in popularity. BMTH’s new album is just as big to their fans as KsE’s is to us.

      • way bigger kse are playing half the size of shows they use to and bmth is playing to tripple the people then killswitch thats why evey festival so far this year and latter on bmth name is way above kse on posters and they play way latter then kse dose at same festivals weather you like it or not right now they are a way bigger band

        • That ddn’t even make sense. You said they play half the size of a band that plays triple the size. Besides, even if that made sense: Sizes of the crowdon’t mean anything. Even if they WERE a “bigger band” (they’re not) it wouldn’t matter. All it takes is one person to leak an album.

          • Bring me the horizon has just about as much hype as Justin timberlake and last time I checked he’s loads bigger then killswitch engage thus making bring me the horizon bigger also I think this site has spoken 49 – 18

        • That was pretty brutal to read.

        • Who gives a shit whos bigger his point still stands, this needs to leak D:<

  23. Avatar of callum

    Lmao nobody outside the Uk even know who the fuck BMTH are. KSE are worldwide

    • Avatar of Daniel

      I know who BMTH is and i live in the u.s

    • Okay whether people want to admit it or not. Bands go through trends. Booms and Busts. This year BMTH is definitely drawing more people that KSE simply because KSE’s last album wasn’t very impressive and people will need proof that KSE is again the band to see. Those saying BMTH is bigger at the moment are very correct. However, that could change quickly once KSE releases Disarm the Decent.

  24. BMTH are small time. They maxed out at 3 shows in a year. Besides, I don’t trust the word of a kid who says “they had half the size crowds as a band with triple the size.”

    …6 – 2 = 3?!?!

    • why dose bmth album have a hype number on this site of 49 and kse only 18

      49 – 18 = 31 more fucks givin about bmth new album and how is it that kse played 4-6 bands before bmth on this years sound wave ??? weird

      • The fact remains that BMTH suck dick and KSE do not

    • If they maxed out only 3 shows and didn’t need anything else then they are indeed much bigger than KSE. KSE toured relentlessly last year just to get the hype up for Jessie rejoining. I know because I saw them. It’s like comparing Asking Alexandria to Mudvayne. Sure Mudvayne is huge but Asking Alexandria is huger at the moment. It’s all about the current moment and time and what’s trending.

      • BMTH has a fan base of 13 year olds lol. Never thought I’d see a comparison like this.

  25. Someone leak this already! Omfg! I’ve been waiting for this for over a year ever since Jesse rejoined! I can feel this will be one the albums of the year alongside of northlanes ‘sigularity’ damn that’s gonna be massive aswell as this! KSE FUCK YEAH!

  26. How the freak is this not leaked yet? Every day I search for it someone has to have it already come on!

  27. Avatar of David

    Can’t wait for this album to drop. I’ve listened to In Due Time too much lol.

    • Me too bro.. WAY too much haha

  28. I just found a download link on “albumhasleaked” but you need to sign up for an account on first class download in order to download it. Not sure if it’s legit so I’m not signing up.

    • Avatar of Mojib

      Never is.

    • First class download sucks you have to pay for it and im pretty sure its a scam.

    • If that’s legit, would you mind telling us the password as well?

    • Don’t believe this.. If you try to post a comment on the video, it will be pending for uploader approval. I NEVER trust that.

    • Another fake that makes you take spam surveys for a password.

    • Avatar of anthony

      that was like jumping through hoops to get it, and I never ended up getting it at the end. seems BS to me. did you get it?

    • Judging by the fake comments on YouTube thanking for the upload a week ago, and no confirmed leak between then and now, I call this complete and utter bullshit.

      Good work wasting everyones time dick head.

    • If anyone doesn’t believe me, the password for the file is “ihavereturned”.

      Not Killswitch Engage, just some Internet Marketing scammer wanting to milk us for some cash.

  29. downloading

  30. I tried that leak and you need to go to cleanfiles just to get the “password” which i am not wasing my money and exposing my mobile number to those ads.
    If somebody has the password and the file is legit, they should post it because i tried to bypass it and when i eventually bypassed the password, the music files would not play.

    • The password is ihavereturned and its a big fake it leads to crappy bands disguised as killswtitch.

      • What a big disappointment
        Hopefully the album will leak sometime next week if we are lucky

  31. It’s fake my comments keep getting deleted on the YouTube video.

  32. Avatar of M3TALCORE

    I cant wait anymore :(

    • Avatar of anthony

      this has been the first time in years that i’ve been so excited for an album and it still hasn’t leaked when it’s drop date is less then 20 days away

    • Im very excited too
      i just hope this album leaks soon :(

  33. At least we ALL know that it’ll be worth the wait.

  34. I feel bad for wanting this album to leak but I’m just so impatient.

  35. Any news about leaks yet??
    Im staring to go insane from the wait :(

  36. Avatar of anthony

    this is nuts!!!!!!! lol

    • Avatar of Lanark14

      thats says its gona drop on the 27th march!! i hope thats True!!

      • Hopefully
        I looked at intunes here in Australia and it says the album is expected to be released on the 29th

  37. Dam, they’re keeping a really tight screw over this one…

    • Yep. Adam d wasn’t happy when “no end in sight” leaked. I’m afraid this isn’t going to leak at all.

  38. New song been released on YouTube .. “The new awakening” .. Shit thing is I don’t have a pc to view the clip .. Sheesh

  39. They just released a new track, ‘A New Awakening’ on their Facebook. It’s sick as fuck!!

  40. They’ve just uploaded “A New Awakening” to YouTube!!

  41. Guys, track #3 of the album released officially. I don’t think this is gonna leak but it’s SO WORTH THE WAIT!

    • Of course it will leak. It’s borderline impossible for music not to be leaked, even if it’s a day before the official release.

  42. another song from the album New Awakening has come out officially.

    • That just made my day
      I can now patiently wait until the album is leaked just because of this new kickass song :)

  43. New track is alot better then In Due Time IMO, this album will be huge!! The verse riff in the new song is killer!! Oh and btw, BMTH is for children… They have parts with autotune, KsE made this genre what it is, go watch their 2005 DVD and see how much praise they get from other bands and the credit they get for pretty much inventing metalcore… Eat a dick kiddies, KsE are the originators, too bad you were still a sperm when it happened…

    • KSE has autotuned parts as well. A Light in a Darkened World has one part where it’s really obvious.

  44. Avatar of Dan

    new song rips!!! as far as these comments of bmth and killswitch… bmth are different musically as they are more emo and electronic. And the lyrics for bmth is definitly more geared towards eleventeen year olds. and for the record the new album was just plain awful. only reason it got so much hype is because their are alot of whiney teenagers who think that emo dubstep with metalcore is what the trend is so they follow like lost puppies. kse are the original metalcore band, will have more lasting power as they just write great music. its why they are still so popular a decade later. new album should be a crowning achievement for them. so stop comaparing kse to bmth, because their is none.

  45. Avatar of anthony

    i only listened to the new song once cause I wanted to be surprised even more when I hear the whole album!!!

    But from the one listen I did, i’m getting more anxious by the hour for this album to drop.

  46. Avatar of Lanark14

    Dammit!! just drop the album or leak it somewhere its on pre-order already!!! i just dont want to have to wait anymore!!

  47. Avatar of Matt

    Yeah, I’ve preordered just to support KSE. First album I’ve purchased in a really long time. I still can’t wait for it to leak so I can have it. Both my wife and I are like little kids waiting for this.

  48. This album is gonna be fucking insane…ive never been so anxious for any other album release! Jessie and adam are the best duo in metal!

  49. The wiki page has all of the times for the songs up. Maybe it’ll leak shortly? Fingers crossed.

    • itunes has had the times up for a few weeks now

      • I guess I’m super sensitive to any change i see. Haha, I’m dying to hear this.

  50. There have been reports all over the web of this album leaking. I’m sure that it will be available soon. However, even of you get it YOU BETTER BUY IT AS WELL! kills witch deserves your money

    • It has not leaked yet.

      • That you know of.

        • LOL

          And I repeat.

          It has not leaked yet.

          • That you know of.

          • LOL

            Have fun playing that game.

  51. its not on getmetal yet and there normally first

  52. Avatar of Ryan

    As far as I can tell it looks like the next major metal release.

    You’d think it would leak soon since it comes out in 9 days in certain places.

  53. Avatar of callum

    Should leak by the weekend

  54. Avatar of Daniel

    Can’t fucking wait for this!

  55. i remember i had to wait until a week before release for silverthorn so i guess this album’s gonna be leaked around the same time period as well

  56. Avatar of noseeds

    Can’t wait for this! So stocked!

  57. The number of days until the release of this album is inversely proportional to the number of times that I check this page a day. The closer it is, the more I sit here hitting ‘refresh’.


  58. ^^ DITTO haha, ive checked this pretty much every day since ”in due time” was released. I dont think the people that are’nt KsE understand just how important this album is going to be as far as metal is concerned. AOJB changed everything when it was released and raised the bar beyond alot of other bands reach, im hoping Disarm the Descent will be the same. Now that jesse is back, this band is going to be unstoppable again

    • are’nt KsE fans**

      grammar, not even once

  59. amped for this wasnt really a fan when i heard howard wasnt in it but the more i listen the more i like, def going to buy even if i get a link first, i think triviums new album end of summer will be the biggest release this year

    • I totally agree with the Trivium statement. :D

    • Uggh….dude…..ben….your post bums me out on so many levels.

      ben: “i think triviums new album end of summer will be the biggest release this year”

      It seems that you spelled “piece of garbage” wrong…it looks like “release”, maybe it’s my screen?

      Trivium is…just awful….Terrible!

      ben: “wasnt really a fan when i heard howard wasnt in it”

      Jesse was in the band before Howard and Alive or Just Breathing is their best record…Howard was good. Jesse is GREAT.

      It sounds like you either
      A. Never heard Alive of Just Breathing
      B. Somehow Don’t Like It
      C. Thought it Was Howard
      D. Listened to so much Trivium that you forgot.

      Gimme the leak, gimme the leak!

      • To be fair mate, a large portion of KsE fans have not even heard of the band until My Curse was released as a track on Guitar Hero 2. They only ever knew Howard, thus I blame them for not checking out the earlier albums! >:(

      • Yeah I have heard just preffered Howard is clean vocals are so good and I did prefer his screaming,and still do tbh but from what I’ve heard of this do far still kicks ass but maybe not as much as it would if Howard still there

  60. I have already preordered this album on itunes but i still want the album to leak so i can listen to it early :(

  61. Funny, I remember hearing Killswitch live back in 2003 at Ozzfest, great times!

  62. Sorry but some of you guys are really delusional. Isn’t it obvious with the whole Time of Grace album and these 3 new songs that this new record isn’t going to be a classic? Everyone is spouting that this is going to be a landmark album are just drinking the kool-aid.

    Times was average with a few good songs. In due time is good. A new awakening is good. No end in sight is forgettable. You guys can’t spot the trend here?

    Now let’s talk about Jesse. Alive is a classic modern metal record. All his solo shit was awful. His voice on Alive was raw and hungry. Now go throw on the acoustic version of Willing on the Times record. YOU LOVE THAT FUCKING AUTO TUNE? FUCKING YUK!

    His voice is weaker and like all the past 3 records Killswitch records are processed through the pro-tool make a record program.

    All that said some Killswitch is better then no Killswitch.

    Here is an honest review of what Killswitch is today.

    • Avatar of David

      Yes Jesse sucks because he doesn’t scream on all the songs anymore.

  63. Avatar of Ryan

    Jesse is fine live performer and his voice is darn good. All the talk of how bad he is just comes form bitter Howard fans. And Seemless and The Empire Shall Fall are great bands.

    • I’m not bitter. But here’s the difference. Howard singing Jessie songs live = sounds like it should. Jessie on Howard’s song’s with big clean vocals = Bad karaoke. If you don’t notice that shit when he sings the end of heartache your just not being honest.

      Like I said Jessie is fine as their front man. But everyone claiming this album is going to be some landmark album after all the evidence we have heard with the new songs and Times of Grace album is either a blind follower who will swallow anything they put out or an idiot.

      • Damn. This page made it so long too. Now all the fan boys made there way to the comments.

  64. Avatar of anthony

    this is going to be a “landmark”(who used that word? use a different one lol) album because it’s the first album since a huge shake up in the band(new singer). now yes, jessie was the original but he’s still new in this sense. And for how much the last album sucked, their next effort had to be real fucking good. Thank god it’s just Adam D producing this album and no one else. The overall sound of ok KE II was awful. Nothing sounded big big or full, like how their albums were in the past. So the songs I’ve heard so far I’m crazy pumped for the whole album. They needed a fresh voice, and Jessie brings that IMO.

    I saw them on their last tour of playing AOJB in December and it was glorious ;)

  65. Like I said the album will be good and that’s it. It will fall in line like everything else since heartache. They know the formula and they crank it out. Over and over again. I’m just blown away that everyone who has heard Times and the 3 new songs are saying how great this shit is.

    Like I said throw on willing from the Times album and just SOAK IN THE AUTO TUNE!

    • Opinions are like ass holes, everyone has one. We’re stoked, you’re not. We get it!

    • Avatar of Matt

      Opinions are like assholes everyone has one. We’re stoked you’re not. We get it!

      • Break out the cliche dictionary for that reply Einstein? That is about as hack as the end of the new awakening lyrics. I’d rather burn out then fade away!!!! Cue Kurt Cobain somebody.

        All these years of hearing how Jessie was such an amazing front guy then Times of Grace then these 3 new songs. Sorry boys! Just like Matt and his lame cliches would say “Proof is in the puddin!”

        Band stuck in neutral and this album will be just as forgettable as the self titled 2009 album.

        Like I said before. I’d rather have some Killswitch Engage then no Killswitch but this circle jerk worship is pathetic. Like arguing with 15 year olds over a Korn album.

        I bet fucking St. Anger was a masterpiece too!

        • Hey hey hey, rock and roll is here to stay…

  66. When did this become a critic forum? How about we all just wait for the album to leak and then we can all listen and form our own opinions.

  67. Ok. St Anger sucked, period. We all know that.

    The problem is (and this is way too obvious in the MetalSucks review by Axl) that everyone wants to compare this album with AOJB. STOP! Seriously, just don’t do it. It’s not 2002 anymore and if you don’t expect people to change in 13 years you’re effing retarded.

    Why I can’t wait for this album as a KSE fan? The catchy, anthem-like guitar riffs are back with authority.

    Jesse brings a raw, heavy feel back to this band. Everybody that’s a fan knows his cleans aren’t the best, but his screams are leagues above Howard’s. He is the original singer that put the band on the map. His energy alone has brought the band back from obscurity (KSE II was horrible, I agree 100%).

    The other thing that really sells me thus far on the album? SOLOS! FREAKING GUITAR SOLOS!. Aside from the Holy Diver cover, there have been a total of two KSE guitar solos in all of their previous work combined (Breathe Life and Never Again). We already have two on this album and hopefully more. That in itself implements a “new” style to the group and makes it even more electrifying.

    Like any true KSE fan would agree, I guarantee by the time they headline this album stateside that the crowd will be singing along on nearly every song almost to the point of drowning out Jesse. For crying out loud, the guy honestly wouldn’t have to sing a single note and the performance would still be great because the entire crowd would sing all the songs.

    • Ugh, why can’t I edit my comments? It’s been 11 years, not 13.

      To add to my previous comment, the band just seems motivated and full of energy for this album. Part of the reason, admitted by the band in interviews, that Howard was released from the band was his lack of heart and devotion to making music. He just wasn’t into it anymore due to a number of physical and mental problems and it was dragging the band down. They were “going through the motions” and the creativity was lacking, as clearly shown in KSE II.

      That isn’t the case anymore. Jesse has re-lit the fire for these guys and I expect this album to be top-5 of the year for Metal. While I don’t believe it’s going to “set the tone” or “evolve the genre” like AOJB did (let’s face it, that album pretty much created Metalcore and will forever be the benchmark, bottom line).

      But I still expect it to be great and above all fresh, which is something KSE has needed for a long time.

  68. Avatar of callum

    Bill…Nobody actually gives a fuck who’s saying what about the album everyone will judge it for themselves when they hear it

  69. Man, srsly, just stfu and let the album leak in peace.

  70. man i would love to hear all the music you guys write……………

  71. Wow Bill is getting seriously butt hurt.

  72. I get so sick and tired of this kind of talk. Bill, relax dude. People’s tastes are different, deal with it. Just because you think the album is going to be sub-par doesn’t mean everybody else does. Personally, I loved the Times of Grace debut. I think Jesse is a hell of a frontman and is way more versatile than Howard. I’m not saying I think Howard sucks and I’m not trying to turn this into a vocalist war because that shit has become tired. The bottom line is, if you think the album is going to suck as a whole because you read a few reviews and heard two songs and an unfinished demo, that’s your problem. If people want to think that this is going to be the best KsE record of all time, what does it matter to you? I’m quite looking forward to it myself.

    And when the hell is this thing going to leak?

  73. I don’t care if this album fails to innovate. I’ll love it no matter what, because I love Killswitch Engage. It isn’t circlejerk worship, I’m just a fan of the band and the music they make.

    I don’t care who sings for the band. I love Howard just as much as Jesse. They’re both great singers, but of course that’s a matter of opinion.

    I’m laughing at the people who are saying they aren’t innovating enough, because these same people are probably gonna buy the next Slayer album. Which will guarantee’d sound like everything else they’ve put out.

    It’s music, everyone should stop taking it so seriously.

  74. Hey. Everyone arguing about which singer is better.. Shut. the hell. up. If Jesse upsets you then stop listening to Killswitch Engage. He’s not coming back.

  75. Howard is not coming back*

  76. Avatar of Lanark14

    You guys should all write magazine columns. It’s hugely entertaining watching you argue.

  77. I dont give a shit what anyone else says.

    St Anger is the best BMTH album ever!

  78. Avatar of anthony

    I hate Slayer :)

  79. Avatar of noseeds

    I don’t give a fuck to Slayer, St.Anger and BMTH

    I’m waiting the new KSE album.

  80. I’m sort of suspicious. Howard originally left because of his health and because he didn’t “have his heart” into music anymore. Then he goes and starts other musical workings? And Jesse returned.

    It seems like the band (after Times of Grace and the mid-failure of the 2009 KSE album) might have wanted Jesse back and Howard was flat out willingly replaced.

    • Howard was a cokehead, and his inability to keep it together forced them to cancel shows. he was not forcibly replaced.

  81. It’s on Usenet as of noon today. Anyone who has Usenet get a fucking move on! It’s on my touch as I type. Fucking sitting back with a twelve pack rocking the fuck out!

    • Holy shit is this killer! Fucking sounds like modern metal massacre mixed in with classic fucking chugga chugga.

    • LIES!

    • what is usenet? never heard of it.

    • What nzb search? Not on binsearch or nzbindex

  82. Thanks man, downloading now!

  83. Avatar of noseeds

    Link it, or send me in mp.

    • hes full of shit. someone needs to block this clown

      • Maybe it’s hard to see with those undies on your head. Put down the halo 4 and the extreme Mountain Dew and get laid some time this century.

        • Bill I’ve searched every usenet search engine and can’t find it anywhere. Can you point is in the right direction?!

  84. Avatar of noseeds


    Where the fuck this guys are downloading?

  85. Also got off usenet. Some newsgroups have blocked it already with dmca’s like giganews and news hosting but it still up on others. It’s killer.

  86. Thanks for the heads up!

  87. Bill is a cocksmoker, take nothing he says seriously.

    • Hey son I put the child support check in your moms account. Just because you we’re birthed from my jizz sliming its way into her crack doesn’t mean you can talk to me like that. Say how is the cum receptacle doing anyway?

  88. Checked usenet. No dice. I’ll keep waiting.

  89. Yep found it on usenet. I few dmca notices but its on there depending on which newsreader your using.

  90. Don’t use gig@new$ that the hoster who has pulled it down.

  91. Avatar of noseeds

    Ban this motherfucker, pls!

  92. More and more faggotry and still no leak

  93. Sorry guys. I like to take it in the butt, and I wasn’t getting any from my dad, so I took my frustrations out on you all.

    Really sorry about that. It wont happen again.

    I love Justin Bieber btw.

  94. Still has not leaked…..COME ON ALREADY!

    • I really want this album to leak
      On itunes it says it will be released on the 29th (in australia) so if it releases here on that day, the album will appear everywhere online
      If it does not appear online during that time but it is out here, i’ll be sure to leak it for you guys :)

  95. some of you has compared KsE with BMTH.That is not fair.BMTH is nowhere near not judge a band by hype or number of fans.

  96. I wish it would leak already, There isn’t that long to go.. I remember AILD’s Awakened leaked like 15 days early.

  97. Avatar of Moses

    They’ve been getting really tight on the leaks… Sevendust’s new album is released this Tuesday and it didn’t even leak until yesterday

    • Avatar of Zac

      This is deff not gonna leak adam d is deff on top of this shit…

  98. Idk if it’ll be leaked on the 29th, because that is when the album pre-orders get shipped out, but i’m sure someone somewhere payed that extra 40$ for one day air shipping, so I’d be willing to bet on the 30th it would be out.

  99. Avatar of Tanzil

    kse sucks balls. listen to some hypocrisy.

    • Oh look at me, IM AN ATTENTION WHORE!!!!

    • Avatar of Darren Wildchild

      As amazing as Hypocrisy are this is the forum for Disarm the Descent By Killswitch Engage so if your not into them don’t bother commenting on them cause as redthehat stated it makes you look like a attention seeker

  100. Avatar of Andreas


  101. Avatar of Darren Wildchild

    Been waiting for this since the announcement that Jesse is back with these, BUT since the leak of the unfinished No End In Sight, Adam and co quoted that this will not be available to anyone prior the release date, I have pre ordered it but I would love to get a hold of it before release cause as said I’m waiting for this album far too long, No End In Sight, In Due Time and Awakening is amazing, so again IF anyone happens to get a hold of this please leak it

    • Avatar of Ryan

      Yeah, I now think it wont leak. Other countries(outside of the US) get it on the 27th, 28th, and 29th. That’s the earliest we will probably get it.

    • Avatar of xBiGEatSx

      Thats a load of bullshit. they HAVE to ship the cd’s to stores for tuesday release, and they USUALLY do that this week…. SO….. hopefully we get a re-hash of 7d

  102. Avatar of musicking182

    it will leak prob tomorrow-Wednesday.

  103. Avatar of xBiGEatSx

    hey guys, you will know when it leaks, just like everyone did with sevendust. so stfu and just wait it out. seriously.

  104. Avatar of Andrew

    Been checking every hour waiting for this to leak! Already preordered my copy + an autographed poster, I can’t wait any longer! Haha

  105. Avatar of noseeds

    i can wait anymore

  106. Avatar of Matt Mitchell

    Anyone else heard the 45-second snippets that are available Amazon Japan? (I dont know if thats where its from, someone said it on another site…all i know is the song titles are in japanese, and that the songs sound awesome)

  107. Avatar of Andrew

    Here’s a link to the japanese amazon page with links to preview all of the songs on the album: “″ :D Now we just need the damn leak! Lol

  108. Avatar of Andrew

    Ok, that link is way too long, haha. Here’s a tinyurl that leads to the same link:

    • Avatar of Kevin

      THANK YOU this is an awesome little sneak peek at everything. Getting me so pumped to hear the full album!

  109. Avatar of thanat0s

    whoa. this is sounding like it’s gonna be their hardest hitting album yet!

  110. Avatar of Matt Mitchell

    Beyond the Flames and Turning Point sound ridiculous

  111. Avatar of Amit Mohan

    Wow, the previews sound amazing! Really cannot wait for this album, haven’t been this excited for a release for ages.

  112. Avatar of randy conner

    i cant listen to the previews lol makes me want it more and tired of waiting

  113. Avatar of Nathan

    You can listen know for free to the new album! Search your Facebook for a personal link (it’s country based links)

  114. Avatar of noseeds

    A webstream leaked now!

  115. Avatar of Patrick

    It’s on my website, Hardcore Leaks. You’re welcome.

  116. Avatar of callum

    Listening now….holy fuck

  117. Avatar of Mike

    this album is fuckin sick! Glad Jesse is back!!

  118. Avatar of noseeds

    Cmn the album hasn’t leaked, its a web stream rip.

  119. Avatar of Amit Mohan

    Album is pretty awesome, can’t wait for my special edition to arrive in the post!

  120. Avatar of anthony

    Big difference between a album streaming and an album being leaked. But at this point, none of us give a shit!!! :) this is an awesome album, gave me goosebumps.

  121. Avatar of randy conner

    its on getmetal now and a few of the torrent sites i love ittttt

  122. Avatar of Tom

    Fucking great album, well worth the wait. Welcome back Jesse!!

  123. Avatar of Zac

    This album is fucking insane every song is killer!

  124. Avatar of NonApplicable

    Sigh, people shouldn’t be reporting WebStreams.

  125. Avatar of Nathan

    This album is so fucking good!!!!

  126. Avatar of noseeds

    A real rip leaked now.

    That’s what should have been reported as a leak.

  127. Avatar of xBiGEatSx

    No, it’s the same fake rip. I will let u guys know when the REAL leak comes out. The one out now is the stream rip and the quality sucks.

  128. Avatar of callum

    The CD rip and special edition is now available

  129. Avatar of Dylan

    Such an awesome album. Jesse has improved 10 fold! \m/

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