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Arctic Monkeys : AM

Arctic Monkeys : AM
The album, the band's fifth studio record, will be released on September 9 and features 12 tracks including the new single 'Do I Wanna Know?'. The song 'Mad Sounds', first played at the Hultsfred festival in Sweden earlier this year, also appears alongside 2012 single 'R U Mine?'. Scroll down to see the full tracklisting for 'AM'. Produced by James Ford, the album features appearances from Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme plus former The Coral member Bill Ryder-Jones and Elvis Costello's drummer Pete Thomas. The words of punk poet John Cooper Clarke appear on the track 'I Wanna Be Yours'. Arctic Monkeys headline Glastonbury festival this Friday (June 28), performing on the opening day of the festival on the Pyramid Stage. Drummer Matt Helders has said that the band plan to "have a bit of fun" with their setlist at the festival on what will be the second time that the band have headlined the Pyramid Stage, following their appearance in 2007. "I'm prepared for what it entails in way, but I think in terms of preparation we can mould a different kind of setlist for it and have a bit more fun with it," said Helders. Exclusive B-side, '2013' will be released 22/7/13.

The album, the band’s fifth studio record, will be released on September 9 and features 12 tracks including the new single ‘Do I Wanna Know?’. The song ‘Mad Sounds’, first played at the Hultsfred festival in Sweden earlier this year, also appears alongside 2012 single ‘R U Mine?’. Scroll down to see the full tracklisting for ‘AM’.

Produced by James Ford, the album features appearances from Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme plus former The Coral member Bill Ryder-Jones and Elvis Costello’s drummer Pete Thomas. The words of punk poet John Cooper Clarke appear on the track ‘I Wanna Be Yours’.

Arctic Monkeys headline Glastonbury festival this Friday (June 28), performing on the opening day of the festival on the Pyramid Stage. Drummer Matt Helders has said that the band plan to “have a bit of fun” with their setlist at the festival on what will be the second time that the band have headlined the Pyramid Stage, following their appearance in 2007. “I’m prepared for what it entails in way, but I think in terms of preparation we can mould a different kind of setlist for it and have a bit more fun with it,” said Helders.

Exclusive B-side, ’2013′ will be released 22/7/13.



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AM Leak Updates

On 09/02/2013, AM was reported as leaked by 1 Has It Leaked members. Note that we do not provide links to leaks and it is strictly forbidden to post or request downloads. | Report

elnino (A Level 4 user with 1382 points) reported an album download leak at Scene release.

1. Do I Wanna Know? 2. R U Mine? 3. One For The Road 4. Arabella 5. I Want It All 6. No. 1 Party Anthem 7. Mad Sounds 8. Fireside 9. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? 10. Snap Out Of It 11. Knee Socks 12. I Wanna Be Yours[/tab][/tabcontent][/tabs]

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Anticipation: +293

Album Verdict: 9.3

Arctic Monkeys : AM, 9.3 out of 10 based on 106 ratings


  1. Hyped up as hell for this one!!

  2. Judging by the two tracks that we’ve heard from it so far, this album is going to be Arctic Monkeys doing what they do best. Making tasty fucking tunes.

  3. Bring it on. Though I didn’t expect ‘R U Mine?’ to be in it, I guess it makes sense. They all did said this record was going in that direction… ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ is pretty good. His songwriting is exquisite as always, but I’m not blown away though.
    I guess this is going to be a solid record, packed with classic rock’n roll tunes.

    • Actually, R U Mine featured on the lp makes me worry. It was clearly presented as a one-off when released? Makes me wonder if they’re lacking proper material to fill an album.

      • It was the inspiration of the entire sound/direction of the new album and very successful as a one-off single, so I don’t blame them for giving it a spot on an LP. Plus, there are 12 tracks on the album so it’s not like they’re skimping out on the amount of songs they’re putting out.

      • It was my initial reaction. You wouldn’t expect it from these guys that generally put out great records and have b-sides that rival some of the songs in the actual album. They generally don’t lack songs….one thing they are not is lazy. I just think they thought it worked having it there. It was the tune that started this new direction.

  4. In-frieking-creadibly surprised for this one!! Never saw this coming.
    It’s such a good year for music!!

  5. I can’t decide if Alex Turner is a great lyricist, or a really crap one.

  6. Can’t wait for this album, his collaberation with Josh Homme on …Like Clockwork was great.

  7. That video is fucking magical.

  8. I NEED THIS OK?????

  9. The new album is going to be catchy as fuck.

  10. They said they sent promos somewhere to be listened. Any leak?

  11. The Track “2013″ is apparently surfing around tumblr.

    • The tracks 2013 and Do I Wanna Know are alredy uploaded in


  13. So, so groovy. “AM” it’s definitely promising

  14. “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” leaked today. Youtube is blocking everything, I think that the only download link working is on 4shared.

    • A hundred thousand thanks!

    • new link’s up on TPB, album version of the song. uploaded by user “Oz”.

  15. Turner da gawd

  16. Another song besides why’d you only call has appeared on 4shared

    • What’s the file name? I’m searching over and over but can’t get anything new!

    • which one?

    • what song and where?

    • Which song?

  17. Found an unblocked version of Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High in response to nemparece

  18. ”2013” is seriously disappointing. I’m so glad it’ll only be on the B-side, and not on the actual album.

  19. I want ‘Mad Sounds’ to leak. Its stuck in my brain….I need to chunk that one up my iPod and make love to it via repeat button.

  20. music video for Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High. God, it’s AWESOME!

  21. music video for “why’d you…” is on youtube and it’s great! i post a link, but “your post is awaiting moderation” and it can take a while…

  22. Anyone know of anything else that’s been leaked recently? Other than ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ and ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’

    • sadly, nothing

      there is ACOUSTIC live version of MAD SOUNDS on youtube, if anyone’s interested. just search for it

      • Ah, yeah I’ve heard ‘Mad Sounds’ on youtube too. I’m so impatient for this album haha!

  23. so very very keen for this! the two tracks have been on repeat <3

  24. New b-side, “Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You”. I’m loving these song titles, I honestly do.

  25. My god, this is the best album of the year 2013, with absolute certainty. For ex; I was expecting more from white lies, and from the band slut (two bands that I liked in the past), they disappointed me in a whole.

    however, the two teaser album” why you’d only call me when you’re high” and ”do I wanna know”, show the superior quality of the album so far.

    I look forward with high expectation, and I know it does not disappoint me this time.

    • two musics that are sexy as hell!

  26. No leaks? :_

  27. I want this album so much, it seems that September will never get! :(

  28. knee socks is gonna be an amazing tune they have a video of them sound checking it on youtube


  30. havent been looking forward to an album as much in so long!!
    No belfast gig on tour?

  31. The album is being pressed at the moment.

  32. surly this has to be leaked somewhere… loving it

    • a music blogger guy i know of has been sent a review copy, can only be a couple of days til it leaks if there are review copies flying around….

  33. Why dont ou leak already!

  34. im led to believe it will be streaming on the 3rd september…..

    • How are you led to believe that? Source/thoughts?

      • someone i know and trust was sent his review copy last week, and said the record label said the stream would most likely be from the 3rd.
        the guy is a pretty well respected music blogger and has had plenty enough info in the past to be reliable.

  35. Am I the only one that refreshes this page like 50 times a day?

    • Yes, most people go for 100 refreshes

  36. Look a this…


    • Link is broken, what is it?

    • What was it? It appears to be gone

      • It was a fan who got an early copy of AM. All of the comments said “leak it” so I guess she made her account private or something so we can’t visit it

    • It was an AM’s photo on a teenager’s instagram, who also posted a clip with 15 seconds of “Arabella”. I think she deleted her account or just locked it, i dunno. Whatever, I THINK IT’S TIME TO LEAK, CAN’T FUCKING WAIT ANYMORE.

      • Was Arabella good?

        • So good! It was a really short part but reminds me Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”

      • YES
        I swore this girl on instagram because she does not want to leak hahaha, but she block me after I tag Matt Hellders on her post. Bitch.

        • eu sei, eu vi no AMBR, Hiago HAHAHAHAHAHAHA



  37. Y U NO LEAK?

  38. Hoping it’s going to be good.

  39. How has it not leaked? Do you die shortly after listening to it like in popular Hollywood film: The Ring?

  40. Featured on the front page, for the second time. There’s a lot of pressure on the site right now due to AM – This is going to leak any time now.

  41. This HAS to leak this week? I predict Friday

  42. alguma puta ja tem o cd e não leaka pa nois.

  43. Vaza logo, AM.

  44. Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You – 30sec ;)

  45. Preview clip of b-side “Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You” …

  46. Leak leak leak leak leak leak leak leak leak leak leak

  47. We better not have to wait until the Japanese street date next week for this to leak…

  48. 1 minute preview of Stop the World:

  49. To those who can’t wait, here’s an HD acoustic version of Mad Sounds

  50. 1 Minute Preview of the song

    ‘Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You’ (B-side of Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?)

  51. Incase you missed it, some chick has 15 seconds of Arabella up

  52. Hurry up

  53. I just recently discovered the band Mood Rings and I instantly fell in love. I needed this to keep me sane while I wait for this unleakable album :(

  54. Don’t do it if you don’t want to spoil it for yourself but here is a preview to every song.

  55. 30 second previews for every song on the album –

    finally some previews :) and they say that there’s a big chance for leak tomorrow. justcantwait!


    previews for ALL the songs, website is in german but i think clicking on the play button is self explanatory

  58. Here’s 30 second clips of every song. Don’t hate yourself if you cry. You’re not alone.

    • that’s only 6 minutes of AM in total, i have the whole 41 mins..

      • So leave here and enjoy your album, man.

        • i am dude trust me, i just get more exited making you guys jealous. im gonna stop now.

          • As I said before, enjoy.

      • prove it..

      • Then share the whole 41 mins!

      • Wanna know how I know you’re lying? Because you’re here posting on a site instead of crying in a corner with I Wanna Be Yours on repeat. And if you’re not lying, go do that now.

    • Just curiosity… what you meant by that? Do you liked it or not? Cause I loved it, every second of that previews.

      • Just a smidge of humour. It’s beautiful.

  59. fucking love this album! all the songs are good!

  60. I’ll be mad if this only gets leaked like 1 or 2 days before the release

  61. Through contacts I have gotten my hands on a copy of AM and I’m importing it into iTunes now. I have signed a non-disclosure agreement that states I can’t duplicate nor publicly post it on the internet. If you guys add me on SKYPE ‘tipsps’ I can however, let you guys listen to the songs.

    • can I sign the agreement?

      • it’s an agreement between me and domino records so no sorry.

    • I’ve come too far to end up seeing someone’s penis on webcam. My heart would break.

  62. Some cat on the AM forums says it’s leaked. May just be pulling a Tristan. Will follow-up.

    • which forum?

    • Didn’t AlexsLeatherJacket pop up about the same time as Tristan went quiet? CONSPIRACY!

      • the AM forums have gone down now though, dont know if its just cos everyones checking or its actually leaked

    • AM forums still down, but it looks like it was a false alarm.

      • I wonder if he actually PM’d people and if its out there

    • Nothing plays when i click em. Is this just me?

  63. I cant wait anymore! Fuck!

  64. cmooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon i cant wait anymoree.

  65. Stop the world I wanna get off with you FULL leak:

    • This is probably the only non-bullshit message you posted here.

  66. Stop The Wold I wanna Get off With You LEAK FULL

    • It is only a B side to why’d I only call.. It isn’t on the album.
      At least it’s a better Bside than 2013

  67. Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You >

  68. I think i found a leak…

  69. New B-Side Audio available – via this Arctic Monkeys Facebook post…

  70. Arctic Monkeys officially released Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You


    Arctic Monkeys – Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You (Full Song)

    The B sides are getting better

  72. All signs are pointing to AM being streamed on their official website this Monday, 9/2. But please feel free to leak before that, album. Thanks.

  73. check this guys!

  74. WHAT THE HOLLY FUCK why it hasn’t leaked yet ?????

  75. I feel the “NO, it has not leaked” gets bigger every day…

  76. Every day that this doesn’t get leaked feels like a stab to the heart…

  77. Hoping for a leak SOON!!

  78. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever. Leak already :(

  79. The Arctic Monkeys US servers are down on the forums. I went to a torrent site. AM Leak ALbum added within 10 minutes ago. I think we might have our leak.

  80. I can’t believe someone hasn’t leaked a promo/review copy. Don’t these people understand how badly I need to hear some new Arctic Monkeys songs?

    • there is a 15 second preview of all the songs out, but thats all.

    • Promo/review copies are watermarked, so if one of those are leaked Domino can trace it back to that single journalist who leaked it.

      There are retail-copies of the album floating around, though. So if one of those leaks it’s harder to trace who did it.

  81. un leak ve fa schifo ah.

  82. Word on the street is Paddy Considine’s got a copy he’s trying to put online. Reckon’s it’ll Leak Before The Lights Come On…

    I’m sorry, shit humour is all I have in this time of desperation.

    • are you sure or just trolling?

  83. I’ve been a bit upset by the tracks released so far. They aren’t doing anything that exciting or interesting which is a shame. Hopefully other tracks on the album will be better, but so far it feels like the album will just plod very slowly through with the occasional chant-y chorus.

  84. i cant wait guys for it!!


    • so good…that’s why previews don’t do songs any justice

  86. Arabella live, in case anybody wants it…

    • I was there ha – great show…why’d you only call me was class live as well (no mad sounds though unfortunately)

  87. I’m pretty confident the album will suck. Especially compared to their previous works. And don’t start with “hurr band change, they can’t always sound the same” please

    • [insert band name] will never be as good as on [insert band's first album]

      • Nah, it’s not that. That mindset is stupid. I’m all for change, I’m happy that AM didn’t keep doing music in the style of Whatever, but progressed with every album. SIAS was still a decent album with some great moments, but everything I’ve heard from this, maybe except Do I Wanna Know? and R U Mine?, has been very underwhelming for me. Hearing basically the same riff over and over in 4 different songs doesn’t help building my excitement… I was hoping the band went a bit back to their Humbug sound (just because that’s my favourite era of theirs), but it seems like the “dry”, desert-ish production of the tracks, which imo fits only rockier songs (ie. DIWK?), was applied to every song of the album, which seems like it’s full of poppier songs (which obviously isn’t a problem per se)

      • Oh and my favourite AM album is Humbug.

    • Well, I’ve heard the same whining when “Suck It And See” came out.

      • And surely you’d agree that SIAS is not their best album so far, right? It’s not a matter of “every band is better in their early years” though

        • Yeap, that’s not the best album at least for me. But anyway, over time I found this record to be quite amazing.

  88. Praying for a leak, the forum has been down for a while and the track previews all sound delish.

    • the forum is down because all the traffic towards it costs way too much to maintain but it will be up soon.

  89. These are not in the album but there are 3 b-sides on the 3 singles released that I didn’t know about, so if anyone else didn’t know here they are:

  90. Everyday this doesn’t leak I die a little inside…

  91. The forum is back up…

  92. How is this thing 8 days from release, with known promo copies floating around and not leaked yet?

    • Domino are doing a really good job of keeping things under wraps. Hoping for an official stream of the album on Arctic Monkeys website tommorow.

    • As has been said before, promo copies are watermarked and easily traceable should they leak, which is why leaks are usually from retail copies.

      • Retail copies are out for a week too though. Truly mindblowing how it hasn’t leaked.

  93. I’m really surprised that this hasn’t even leaked on yet.

  94. So surprising it hasn’t leaked. I doubt it will now, I reckon they will stream it this week like they did with Suck it and See


  96. Arabella studio version has leaked!

  97. I hate alex turner tumblr for Arabella studio version.


  99. Arabella studio version has leaked. Don’t know if I can share the link but it’s on internet, I’ve just listened it.

  100. Has it leaked? Well, 1/3 of the album has leaked, sure.

    • 1/3?

      • 1/3 of 12 is 4.

        • 1. Do I Wanna Know?
          2. R U Mine?
          3. Arabella
          4. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

          • Yes, that’s my point…

        • lol

      • Do I Wanna Know?, R U Mine?, Arabella and Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?.

        • and aside from Arabella, the rest weren’t really ‘leaks’ :)

  101. On the Page of “Arctic Monkeys World Fans” ist a link. Just look at a comment of a posting which begins with “La versión de estudio de ARABELLA si se descarga!!!……”

  102. Arabella leaked!

  103. The ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’ splash page for the official website has disappeared. Maybe to make space for the stream splash page that’s on it’s way?

    Edit: The High splash page is back up.

  104. @everyone: no need to post the studio version of Arabella. 1394810481 people already did.

    • yes, but i can’t find a download link. its all been taken down


  106. WHEEEERE?

  107. Where’s the leak?

    • i’m pretty sure they can’t post where :(

    • I did too.

      • it says “scene release” leaked it but i cant find a website of that name anywhere

        • if you guys find it… cryptically post where :) haha

    • Search twitter.

    • If you google “Arctic Monkeys AM”, and search only within the past hour, the third link should be a download link.

    • It’s a new album release, isn’t it?

      • This is a pretty blatant hint ladies and gentlemen :)

    • got it.. hoping you guys did too!

    • itleaked……

  108. the album has just leaked (I have just downloaded it from a russian forum) !!!

  109. you can grab the album @rlslog, it’s a scene release which means it’s a grouprip in good quality.

  110. Leaked at

  111. finally it has leaked! THX :D

    • But “where?” is the question lol

  112. Download on All Leaks!

  113. The album is shit except the first 4 songs, which are all great. Knee Socks would have been good without that shit choir-section.

  114. The FLAC version’s leaked too if anyone’s interested.

    • What does FLAC mean?

      • Free Lossless Audio Codec.

      • It’s a kind of loseless music format. Size is much bigger than .mp3, but the quality is also better.

        But you can call me deaf – I can’t hear any difference ;p

      • It’s a lossless format that basically reproduces the sound perfectly with no compromises. The best bitrate an mp3 can be is 320kbps. FLAC files can be between 900 and 1400kbps. Simply put, FLAC = better quality.

        • Thank you for that brilliant piece of information.

    • Where can I find it?

      • Can’t leave a link but if you just search on pretty much any decent torrent site, you’ll find it. BriBerY’s the uploader.

  115. exystence has it in 320 & flac

  116. It’s out.

  117. Now that it’s leaked, anyone know where i can download the album?

  118. just connect the dots. google it: scene release.
    btw, flac version is floating around torrent sites. :)

  119. mp3 squid, thank me later, search track by track

  120. It’s out there everywhere, joy, joy, joy all around!

  121. full album leaked guys

  122. It’s quite different from their other albums… But still great! Glad that they steered away from the sick it and see course and to the R U MINE course

  123. Thanks

  124. if you have issues finding scene release as I did, its also at kickass torrents

  125. If anyone wanting the album still haven’t found it then just Google ‘Arctic Monkeys AM’ and change the date restriction to past hour. MP3 and FLAC versions floating round the internet. Hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am!

  126. really really hyped for this

  127. It’s on kingdomleaks.

  128. Awesome

  129. This is one that I definitely wanted to listen to before I decided whether or not to buy it. Now that I’ve listened through it a couple times, I have it ordered on amazon. I like it a lot

  130. its a bit shit isn’t it

  131. Wait for the 9th instead of waiting for a leak you cheap cunts!!!

  132. Jheeze guys, wait until the 9th and then buy the album you cheap cuckin’ funts!!!

  133. I’m gonna cover this on drums ASAP – subscribe to see it when it’s up :D

  134. Guys, it’s out on Kickass Torrents. Verified too. Go crazy!

  135. Yep, it’s everywhere. Brilliant piece of art, this album. Knee Socks is amazing,

  136. A great new album. love tracks 11. Knee Socks 10. Snap Out Of It 5. I Want It All

    my weakest song on the album 6. No.1 Party Anthem but not a bad song all said.

  137. As…expected…it’s AWESOME.

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