Welcome to Has it Leaked. We’re a music community and online magazine which discusses and reports all information related to upcoming albums. Our Articles and Review section aims to empower the most talented web voices, writers and journalists in order to publish exclusive reviews and insider information. We’re an award winning site, nominated to Best Site by Awwwards and chosen as Web Pick at Communication Arts. Our work has been acknowledged in the The Washington Post and Wired as well as being interviewed on BBC World, The New York Times and Metro. What’s unique about our site is the fact that it acknowledges album leaks as a big part of today’s music scene.


“Leaks are often linked together with copyright infringing file sharing sites, but that’s not what Has it Leaked is about.”


Leaked albums are albums being shared prior to its actual retail release. It started in the late ‘90s when the internet, MP3s and file sharing were combined and became the easiest way to distribute music. The leaks often consists of reviews or promotional copies ending up in the wrong hands; once a few fans have it, it’s only a matter of hours until it’s available for everyone who knows how to use Google.

Leaks are often linked together with copyright infringing file sharing sites, but that’s not what Has it Leaked is about. Our site is about waiting for your favorite band to release their album; discussing, speculating, anticipating, and wondering are the main elements that make our site tick. And if that album happens to leak out early, there’s simply no place for fans to discuss an unofficial album release except on shady download sites. But that doesn’t mean you should stop buying albums and support your artists and labels. Has it Leaked doesn’t provide, share or link to any copyrighted files, leaks or file sharing sites. Nor do we allow our community to share files or links to piracy sites.

The site has been officially online since 2012 and throughout I’ve learned that there are two different groups of people I need to address when discussing leaks, the ones who are looking to download music for free and the artists and labels.


Dear leak downloaders,

I know why some of you are here. You’re looking for a particular free download and your favorite search engine brought you here. And while I’m surprised and glad you haven’t hit the back button yet, you are going to be disappointed. This site has no downloads. Not even one tiny little Mediafire or torrent link. However, now you won’t have to get scammed, filling out so called “surveys,” or share your credit card for an album leak which doesn’t actually exist. Now you’ll actually know when your favorite artist’s album is unofficially out and we provide you with a nice pre-order link in the meantime. We are also getting really fast on reporting leaks, so you don’t have to search for a leak anywhere else but our website.


“most people rely on Google’s search engine to try and find a music blog or forum with a torrent or file sharing link”


And to the all mighty elite nerds thinking this site is useless because of torrent site X or blog site Y: not every leak originates from one single torrent site or the so called “scene.” And most people rely on Google’s search engine to try and find a music blog or forum with a torrent or file sharing link. Look at what happened in early 2012 with SOPA. Remember that file sharing sites like Mediafire, Rapidshare, Uploading and the rest of them are among the top 100 most visited websites in the world.

So while Has it Leaked won’t give you what you originally came here for, join your fellow fans and start speculating; alert people about fake downloads, leave leak reports, hype releases and enjoy discussing your passion for music without having to be off the grid.


Dear artists and labels,

I’m not going to argue that music should be free and I don’t believe artists can live on merchandise and touring exclusively. A common perception is that I as a site admin can’t understand the difficulties of being a struggling artists or label. That’s not entirely correct, I’ve been a professional artist myself; I’ve been signed to indie labels who constantly try to convince people that free isn’t always good.


“Artists and labels, here you’ll get a chance to discuss and talk to the people who are waiting for your work to leak out for free.”


But it can’t come to as a surprise that the industry has changed over the years and releasing and distributing albums is no longer exclusively done by labels or artists. The release dates promotional values have changed significantly. Albums are leaked in advance and have a much shorter life span. And trying to shut down each blog, Tumblr and torrent site… that’s going to take a while. But with this site you’ve got a chance to interact and communicate with the fans who are simply waiting for a free download. You’ll also get an upper hand if you want to try and stop the leak from being distributed since we’re sending out emails the minute it is out. Contact us and I’m sure we can help you out if you provide us with pre-order links, banners or other promotional material. And instead of hiring web sheriffs tracking down blogs, get creative! That’s what I did and it resulted in this site where I can promote my own music in a really nice way to a vast audience.

Want to discuss piracy, release dates, leaks or the music industry in general, both with us and others? Head on over to the forum. We hope you enjoy your stay.


Written by Staffan Ulmert.


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