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We’re now allowing albums without an announced title as long as we know it’s on its way.

Sure you can, as long as you provide the source. But its easier for us to rank the album, notify other fans and reach out to the genre fans if you add your own facts, thoughts and multiple sources.
They used to, so you might see a few of them lying around. But since we’re a mediator between fans and labels, we took the labels side this time. I think it’s fair when labels says “Alright, so you downloaded and liked our album – If you pay for it, you’ll get these extra tracks as a bonus”.
If you add an album – and it doesn’t get removed by a moderator – You’ll get 25 points, which is a lot. With points you’re allowed to do a lot more on the site, apart from endless bragging. And if you’ve added an anticipated album, with interesting content, you’ll get other fans attention. You’re free to edit and present that album in any way you like from there on. But with power, comes great responsibility ;) And finally, if you go to Albums > My Albums, all your album additions are stored as a collection. This page is public and attached to your Has it Leaked profile.
Yes. But make sure those titles haven’t been added already. We’re not too happy about singles being added, so they’re only allowed if there’s lots of interest and hype surrounding the release.

Thank you! When you’ve clicked on Submit, it might take a few seconds before the album is saved. Once it’s saved, it’s also stored on your My Albums page. From there, you’re free to edit the album details.