Ethics Statement

The editorial team and our moderators have determined the following statement of ethics which all employees and freelancers agree to abide by.



1. We do not allow links to copyrighted files. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sharing illegal, pirated and copyrighted files through our site. We do our best to delete, edit and moderate our users and visitors comments and links to make sure they do not contain links to files or to sites who are known for sharing illegal downloads.

2. Requesting illegal downloads, torrents or invites to file sharing sites will be moderated. As with links to illegal files we do our best to delete, edit and moderate user comments, forum threads and messages which include requests to either illegal files, sites or invites.

3. We do not sell music. We do offer links to orders, pre-orders and third party suppliers of legal music but we do not sell digital music files or CDs.

4. We do not support piracy. While it’s a part of the music industry, the act of distributing copyrighted music is prohibited and illegal in many countries. We do not encourage or support any illegal activity. Has it Leaked is a music community, not a file sharing site.

5. Editorial opinions. Our editorial content is written by individuals, and each article represents the opinion or view of the individual writers. Any opinion expressed in content that appears on is the opinion of the writer – whether an editor, staff member, or other contributor, and should not be construed as an opinion formally approved or endorsed by as a whole or by as a company.