Community Guidelines

Here at Has it Leaked, you’ll find a vibrant and growing community of music enthusiasts and smart, knowledgeable fans. Our goal is to foster conversations that are helpful, informative, and fun. To make this happen we have some simple guidelines and rules.


Has it Leaked allows the following...



… For people to mention site names, such as the Pirate bay, Kick Ass Torrents or MP3 blogs. But no links, or links to sites who in turn link to illegal and copyright infringing sites.

… People to voice their opinion! Don’t be afraid to rate albums and criticize others; just make sure to do it without being a drama queen. Constructive criticism goes a long way!

… Promoting your favorite band! Add albums with sound streams, Spotify links and Youtube clips; ask for people’s opinions and share ways to support the band with order links or tour dates. And why not recommend fellow fans similar music you think they might enjoy?

… Calling out the fake leaks, trolls and spammers! Simply send one of our moderators a message!

… site critiques! Have something to complain about? Or maybe a suggestion? We’re listening!



Has it Leaked site rules



Rule #1  Do not share links to sites which share copyrighted material

Has it Leaked is not a file sharing site. Do not link to sites such as Mediafire, Rapidshare, Upload or similar. And do not link to sites which in turn share links to illegal downloads. We will ban users who share these types of links instantly, and in some cases we will resort to blacklisting IPs. No warnings; we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to file sharing links!


Rule #2  Do not request or ask for copyrighted material

Asking someone to send you a link or a copyrighted file is strictly forbidden. If we see a “PM me” or your email address out in the open we’ll remove your comment and send you a warning.


Rule #3  Do not rant, flame, troll or be rude

It doesn’t matter if your opinion is different from someone else. Criticize, but do it constructively and if you feel someone is acting inappropriate, report the user to a moderator.


Rule #4  Don’t brag about having an album before anyone else

Bragging about having a copy of an upcoming album doesn’t really add anything to the conversation. It only sets off a firestorm of replies either calling you a fake or people asking for a download.


Rule #5  No unnecessary amounts of foul language

While we do allow the f-word, and a couple of others, you need to take it easy. If you can’t express yourself without having to resort to foul language we will edit out your comments and in some cases have your account removed if you are breaking our second rule as well. Most of the time we won’t approve your comment, or simply have it deleted.


Rule #6  Multiple accounts

Guess what? We don’t like it. Re-registering yourself using a new email will in the end simply end up in an IP ban.