The Has it leaked team



Staffan Ulmert / Mojib
Admin & sometimes useful

Prakhar Kumar
Programmer extraordinaire

Tanja Stricevic
CSS expert

Muriel Carroll
Caring community manager

Sean May
Savvy writer

Austin Seale
Social media mastermind





@RTJ God

@WhatWentDown General moderator

@Expassion Metal moderator

@undefinedcolton Indie/alternative/pop moderator

@Erichaase Hip hop moderator

@mpiwosal Metal offsite contributor

@Audiobinge Social contributor




Guest Artists & Illustrators

Maria Hagejärd





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A special thanks to…

Guest writer Matt Doyle. And former writers Melissa Mueller, Justin Polce and Alyssa Mogil. Brian, who spent a year trying to get the code together in 2012 and Nishant for building the first version of the site’s plugin. EGPC for editing Flavor’s Ajax code. The Buddy Press team and its useful forum supporters. TorrentFreak who help introduce the site. Artists and record labels supporting our site and its cause. Vivino who has supported and sponsored us. And who contributes and shares our vision.

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