• Austin posted an update 11 years, 2 months ago

    MellowHype week is over. Please don’t add past releases just to get site points. The post has been deleted. @blink4400

    • I honestly wasn’t trying to get points It was originally MellowHype Mixtape and it was set for Sep. 11 I changed it due to it being changed to MellowHypeWeek. I never earned points off of it being MellowHypeWeek. So the delete was unnecessary. As the week went on all I did was add tracks as so all the tracks came out or “Leaked”. So again I found this to be unnecessary. I have big list of things I would like to say due to this because I waited… I figure two months Just so I could update everything. Then the whole event changed to MellowHypeWeek so I just updated it to that. Again I never earned points for the title “MellowHypeWeek”.