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    Mitch Lucker’s birthday is on the 20th of October, guys. He would’ve been 30 years old this year.

    His passing’s anniversary is on the 1st of November, 2 years since his accident. Let’s not forget, guys.

    By the way, if you guys love brutal death metal, Rings of Saturn’s new 2014 record just got leaked. For those who don’t know, Rings of Saturn was the only metal band Mitch listened to on a regular basis. Give it a listen, it’s called Lugal Ki En, and you can find the Has It Leaked link here:


    The record also has a cover of No Pity For a Coward as the last track. Rings of Saturn wanted to do this in memorium of Mitch.

    You only live once,
    Rest in peace Mitch Lucker.