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    MOHABITAT | CRISALIDE (Self produced, April 2019)
    2. LE NINFE
    3. QUIETE
    4. MOSAICO
    7. OLTRE
    “Crisalide” is the title of the the first complete self produced album by the audio/video duo Mohabitat. It is the result of an experience which took root two years ago in Berlin and has matured through live performance, theatrical collaborations as well as collaborations in contemporary artistic spaces. It is the findings resulting from a search, a necessary shedding of one’s skin that inevitably brings one back to the starting point, that much the wiser and self aware with a need to seize the moment, the potential evolution, which is only a brief stop on the journey but, each time a new departure.
    It is there, in that state of change, a need existed, an urgency to hold that particular moment and give it a form, a shape, that which is their personal image now, through echoes, connected experiences and shared determination. The title of each track is tied to the concept of Crisalide; changing oneself and valuing the diversifying aspects and characteristics thereof. “We begin from ourselves, from that which we are.”
    Two souls. Two worlds: one compensating the other. As male and female. Black and white. Sound and visual. Analog and digital.
    Crisalide has been recorded live in their studio, without refining and alterations. The need to claim one’s own identity is felt in their breaking free from club productions which had confined them. In doing so, they gave space and breath to an atmosphere that only melody can fill. Their sound is a fusion of references. From composers as, Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm and Jon Hopkins to electronic trips such as Apparat, Rival Consoles and Loscil. The post-rock echoes are legacies from their past experiences, from Sigur Ros to the Port-Royals. The video productions are drawn from true and manipulated vintage film footage, video footage to digital visual imagery in geometric patterns which are typical in the electronic and contemporary art world.
    The artwork of this album, from the same Mohabitat, is the result of photo sessions and recorded video footage of the interior of an abandoned cave. It is this place, which has become a fascinating source of inspiration since their initial visit.
    The album therefore, will be presented on location, in places which are sought out because of their unusual Particularities. It is in such places where music and visual imagery weave and intertwine, each time creating a new experience.
    The calendar, a work in progress, will affect several European and Italian cities. First stop : Berlin.

    Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/mohabitat/sets/crisalide-album-preview