• Miss Lauren posted an update in the group Parental Advisory (Hip-Hop / Rap) 9 years, 8 months ago

    saw eminem 2 weeks ago. it was awesome as fuck but i can’t help but be disappointed. he did the same exact show in Detroit as he did in the other cities in the (small) tour.

    no surprise guests. no special songs like welcome to detroit.

    i saw a concert video of his entire show in another city and it was the same exact thing.

    that makes me so fucking disappointed.

    when i saw big sean in detroit in 2012, ticket said “big sean and surprise guests” or something. this guy brings out j cole, pusha t, common, mike posner, and kanye motherfucking west.

    eminem brings out nobody.

    • Thats the industry for you. Check out independent artists. I suggest Rittz he puts Eminem to shame all day and they never do the same show STRANGE MUSIC BABY!!!!!!