Why earn points?

Earn points and get access to more site features. We want to encourage quality content! To avoid fake reports, comment trolls and sharing of illegal files we use a simple level system. To level up you’ll get points when adding forum threads, albums and updating your profile. Below are the different levels, points required and what you gain as a member.

Quick Guide

  • Add news/media = Requires 20 points
  • Add leak report (as “normal” user) = Requires 20 points
  • Add albums = Requires 75 points
  • Add leak report (as “trusted” user) = Requires 175 points
  • Edit albums site wide = Moderators only


How do I earn points?


20 Points – Adding an album
20 Points – Reporting a leak
20 Points – Reporting a stream
5 Points – Adding news & Media
2 Points – Leaving a comment on an album

-30 Points if your album is removed.
-30 Points if your album news item is removed.
-50 Points if your album leak report is deemed incorrect.
However, if you report a leak for a major release, and it turns out to be fake, you will have all your points revoked or possibly banned. And if we find out that you’re trying to promote a site, by adding or manipulating with the leak reports, you will get an instant ban. It is possible for us to ban users IP, so be cautious.


10 Points – Avatar/profile image updated
5 Points – New forum thread
2 Points – Completed Friend Request
1 Point – New forum reply

20 Points – Creating a new Group
5 Points – Joining a Group
2 Points – Uploading a Group avatar
1 Point – Group comment or reply

-40 Points if your Group gets removed due to community guidelines
-20 Points if your forum thread is removed
-10 Points if your forum reply is removed


1 Point – Logging in, limited to once per day
10 Points – Becoming a Member


Member levels

Level 0

Points required: 0. Newly registered members are not allowed to report album leaks or send messages to other members.

Points required: 20. Able to update albums with news & media. Able to send messages to other users. Able to add leak reports, but they need to be confirmed before they go live.

Points required: 75. Able to add albums and to add leak reports, but they need to be confirmed before they go live.

Points required: 175. Able to create groups. Prioritized moderation support.

Points required: 500. Do not need other members to validate leak reports.

Level 5

Points required: 1000. Get to highlight groups on the front page, or pick an album of their choice for us to promote.

Level 6

Points required: 2500. Full access to our upcoming features and products, including app versions of the site. Level 6 members are also allowed to request own site features, within moderations.

Level S

Points required: 15 000. Level S users gets a special invitation. Few have reach this far.

Level X

Points required: 50 000. The golden wonder. None have reached this far.