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As promised, Sigur Rós will return this spring with their sixth studio album. According to this month’s Q Magazine (via the band’s message board), the LP is called Valtari and will arrive in the UK on May 28th (and presumably the following day in the U.S.) Produced by frontman Jónsi, along with his partner and frequent collaborator Alex Somers, the album includes at least seven tracks, which you can find listed out below. In a previous interview, the band used adjectives like “ambient,” “introverted,” “floaty,” and “minimal” to describe the album’s sound. Speaking with Q, bassist Georg Hólm added that the the album lives up to its title — which translates to “steamroller” in English. “The music kind of just rolls over you. In a good way,” he explained. For his part, Jónsi described the album as “heavy and floaty” and also said “there’s more electric stuff than before… but don’t worry, we haven’t made a dance record.” He also revealed that there will be no English lyrics. Valtari (partial) Tracklist: Ég Anda Ekki Múkk Varúð Rembihnútur Dauðalogn Varðeldur Valtari

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